Random Musing – My name is Nix and I have a book buying problem…. help!

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I have a problem …. a book buying problem.

I know, I know, you all expect me to say that I have a book related problem but I think that you possibly imagined it would be a reading related issue. I could cope with that. If I had read all of the books thatI had bought, I would be a happy lady. But I haven’t and the problem is getting worse. No, I am not spending all the household food budget on Contemporary romance or anything, it’s more of an “I have no idea where to start” kind of problem with a side of “if OH and me ever get a joint account, he will be very mad and (attempt) to stop my one-click habit” (we all know that is one fight he shall never win!).

My “Have-bought-to read” shelf on GoodReads says I have 323 books on my mountainous to-read pile. It isn’t that. It isn’t close to that number as I never update that shelf unless I have to. Sometimes, I genuinely forget to update the shelf. Sometimes, I look at that 323 shelf and refuse to add anymore until I make a dent in it. I’m slowly beginning to realise that will never happen as I have had a book on there since 2010 (Covet by JR Ward). I think I have a problem and am slightly concerned that I will, in later life, end up on an episode of hoarders (it’s a good job Amazon owns most of my collection).



I often joking refer to my “One-Click” addiction on twitter but that isn’t the whole scope of my issue. I have 3 shelves of paperback books I’ve never read, nearly 100 books in my library on All Romance and over 300 books on my kindle with the label “haven’t read yet”. These books aren’t all ones I’ve decided never to read (I have a shelf for that too!), these are books I’ve heard rave reviews about on GR or have wanted to read. I have some amazing authors on the list, some favourites of bloggers whose opinions I trust. Problem is, there is so many now, I have no idea where to start and have kinda forgotten about the earlier additions to the list in lieu of the ones that are recent additions. I know there are some awesome books on the list that I’m missing.



No matter how I sort these books on GR, the ones that come out first don’t strike my fancy. If I sort by average rating, Dan Brown comes out first (don’t ask). If I sort by date published, one of the first is the Merry Gentry series and I’m just not in the mood to read that (remember, I’m a mood reader :D). Long time readers of the site (hola to you all by the way :D) know me well by now, know my reading habits so here’s what I’m asking; help me!! I’m going to pick some that do take my fancy and ask for your recommendations…which one do you think I’d enjoy the most?

Here are the ones that, at first glance only, take my fancy….

  • A Rush of Wings – Adrian Phoenix
  • Warrior’s Cross – Madeleine Urban
  • On the Edge – Ilona Andrews
  • Unholy Ghost – Stacia Kane
  • Marked – Elisabeth Naughton
  • Blade Song – J.C Daniels

Help readers, which one shall be my next in-between review read?

6 responses to “Random Musing – My name is Nix and I have a book buying problem…. help!

  1. Susan

    OMG! You could have written this post about me!! I have so many books on my Kindle that I haven’t read and I keep adding because I don’t want to miss or forget about a new one that sounds sooo good. I have several that I’ve won and need to review and others I just want o read that I have no idea where to start. I also have Marked to read so I’m thinking it sounds like a good one to start with.

  2. We all have this. I have it too as well. Now I have stopped buying unless it’s something that I have to have or I’m going to a signing. So don’t worry about it. I take a deep breath and organize my shelves by genre, and pick a genre and start reading something.


  3. Amy R

    I feel your pain, I’ve really been struggling with my reading picks as well. I enjoyed both Blade Song – J.C Daniels and Warrior’s Cross – Madeleine Urban in fact I read just finished Broken Blade by J.C. Daniels yesterday.

  4. Tina B

    Hi, my name is Tina and I also have a book-buying problem. Lol.
    I love Elisabeth Naughton, so I would go with Marked, but I also love Dante and Adrian Phoenix, so I would be stuck between the 2. You may want to go with Marked if it’s an in-between because A Rush of Wings is the start of the series and continues with the same main characters, though secondaries are added through-out. Marked and all of the Eternal Guardian series have different H/hs within the same world. 🙂 Good luck to you! If it makes you feel any better, I have over 1000 books on my Kindle that I have not read yet and continually buy more. :/
    And…nobody in my real (not online) life understands my love of books! I am so happy to have all of you!!!

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