Random Musings : My name is Nix & I only read eBooks now…

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I’ve come to a conclusion with my reading habits; I am a eBook girl at heart.

I’ve tried all the different ways to enjoy a book (Paperback, Hardback, reading on computer, audiobook….) and I just prefer eFormat. It used to be that I would buy the paperback of a book that I really loved (a solid “keeper” shelf if you will) or I wouldn’t break up a paperback series with an eFormat. I don’t anymore.

There are many reasons why I’ve converted, why I haven’t bought a physical book in a year. Some are personal choice and some are practical; I’d love to know your reasons in the comments.

  • Space : I read over a hundred new books in a year and I reread about the same amount. I have a two bedroom house and, due to to my love of rereading feel-good books, I cannot physically house all the books I keep. I can store hundreds of books on one kindle and it fits in my bag … win for the Kindle 🙂
Just a small, small section of my physical collection. This cannot continue!


  • Longevity : eBooks do not wear with age. I can reread it over and over (and in the case of the Jill Shalvis series and over :D) and it is the same as when I picked it up. This year, the cover fell off my favourite Terry Pratchett book and the glue in the spine of another reread melted on holiday. I don’t get this shit with my eBooks.
  • Publishers messing with the format of physical books : Yes, it is a big deal for authors for their books to be changed, half-way through the series, from paperback to trade or hardback but to me, as a reader, it just plain fucks with the appearance of my book shelves.  The JR Ward series is a prime example. I first started the series, they were teeny paperbacks. Then Rehv’s book went trade. Then the last two have been hardback and I had enough; I have those two in eFormat and I’ll be sticking with that format. No one can change the appearance of an eBook.
It’s just so messy …. I hate it!


  • Impatience : If I decide to read a a book, I can DL it straight to my kindle without changing out of my PJ’s. I really hate physical shopping… and getting dressed to leave the house when I’m not working.
  • Attention span : I don’t have one. I tried to listen to a new release on audio and I could remember NOTHING  about the story. I zone out without even realising it and then I forget the plot; it’s really fricking annoying. I have an audible subscription but I only listen to print favourites now.


  • Price : It’s cheaper to buy eFormat and the sales are more frequent/easier to track. I read a lot so price is important.

Of course, as a UK reader, there are many problems with only reading eFormat.

      1. Amazon owns my soul/reading collection : As a UK reader, kindle is the best eReader for me. Nook is ridiculously expensive and doesn’t seem to get the books that amazon does (mainly romance). Amazon is going to continue to own my soul whilst romance is my preferred read.
      2. Geo-restrictions :  Don’t get me on my soapbox here. Do you know I can’t read Molly Harper unless I buy them in paperback? Seriously pubs, sort it out!

So what is your preferred format? Why?


12 responses to “Random Musings : My name is Nix & I only read eBooks now…

  1. Mzcue

    Ebooks are my preferred format by far, with my laptop the preferred device. I agree with many of your reasons for the preference, but for me the more important features of digital books are the ability to highlight and search items as I read. When I see something I don’t recognize, like place names or foreign words, I look ’em up. Also I tend to get secondary characters confused or overlook details that become important later in a story. I love how easy it is on my Kindle to do a quick search without losing my place. Plus I like to be able to pause and check email or other things I’m monitoring while I read. It’s digital for me!

    • I actually used the search function for the first time to try to figure out where a secondary series arc started too. These are definite pluses to eFormat!

  2. OMG your list is practically MY list! 99% of what I read is in ebook format. I have to add one thing to your list. Another reason I prefer ebooks over print is because it’s technologically convenient. The ‘search’ feature, built in dictionary, being able to highlight passages, and making notes. I can’t tell you how many times I have put my finger on a word in a PRINT book waiting for the definition to pop up. LOL

  3. Melanie

    Ebooks, for about the last 2 years. I’m on my 2nd Kindle (plus a fire that I don’t use for reading). I think the breaking point for me was the last time I went on vacation, prior to purchasing my first Kindle (a Kindle Keyboard that I still have as a back-up) I was gone for a week and took six books for me, while on vacation I had to make a trip to a local Walmart to buy books to read on the plane ride home. I don’t have to worry about that anymore. I have all my books literally on me at all times and if I can’t find something I want to read on my Kindle I can connect to the store and buy something off my expansive wishlist or whatever catches my fancy.

    • I find that, as a mood reader, I honestly can’t predict what books I’ll want to read on holiday! Kindle takes away that pressure as I have hundreds in one teeny device!

  4. Oh, I feel your pain! Thousands of print books, and far too little space here, too!

    I’ve found that I only buy print books anymore if they are a book I really love and wish to highlight, reread, and easily share with friends (friends, for example, that do not have an ereader, or for books that are not “lendable”). I still get the occasional ARC or gift print books, and I have a few hundred I’ve collected over the years that I have still NOT read yet, but as far as new books, when I buy them, I buy in ebook first, usually because of price and space issues.

    I do use Audible for my daily walks, and I find that it all depends on the narrator and book. Sometimes I zone out, true, but I’ve had some pretty good luck this year, both with favorite rereads and some new listens!

    I started with a NOOK, and I still have it, and the few hundred books (mainly freebies) that I bought for it. But for my birthday this year, I bought myself a Paperwhite, and well, Amazon now owns a good aprt of my soul, too, which worries me at times . . . but not enough to stop one-clicking it!

    Great discussion — and I’m jealous of your neatly organized shelves up there! Mine are . . . so not like that! lol.


    • LOL, I’ve got so many print books that I haven’t read too … I should really get onto that.

      PS the only reason those shelves look neat is there is no actual space left on the shelves!!

  5. I love my Kindle – music, movies, games, books, photos and I can slip all that into my handbag ! When i went on holidays before, my bag was half full of books and weighed a ton – it doesn’t any more. I still read on paper but only practical, non-fiction books (some cooking, crafting, art, books on computers and so on). I chose kindle because it was supposed then to have the longest lived battery but it could be better. Now I think if my apartment was on fire, the first thing I would grab would be the damn kindle lol !

    • I agree on the battery life … I thought it was suppose to last months but that must be for an average reader and not a read-a-holic! 🙂

  6. Leonora

    I LOVE eBooks. I use iBooks on my iPhone. I’m not a big fan of Kindle.
    I would never dream of reading a printed book again in my life. I gave all my physical books to a friend. Me and my boyfriend are totally digitized now. We sold off our CD/DVD-collection as well.
    I love Audiobooks though. I have an Audible subscription that I use frequently.
    Except for Audible, I only use iTunes for the rest of my entertainment.
    I love books. But I would never dream of touching a paper book again in my life.

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