Random Musings : The future at Scorching Book Reviews (For now…..)

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As Sheldon states, I do, in fact need to get a life.

Between work, the blog and reading for the blog, I am actually struggling to get a balance. I don’t want to stop blogging but things need to change. I do have the option of asking if another blog wants me but I’m still kinda set on running Scorching Book Reviews so I’m going to change things up a bit, get a bit more scheduled and a bit more organised and maybe take a few guest reviews if people want to do them for me.

So, what’s changing? Well, I have decided to do a “bare-minimum” approach. I’m going to decide what I HAVE to do each week and, if I have a lax week at the mortgage paying job, add to it if I can and not stress too much if I don’t. I haven’t accepted review requests on the blog for around 2 years but somehow my TR pile still resembles a mountain… that needs to change too! I have also been trying to write something of my own for a very very long time ; I know, I’m a fucking cliche but I’m not sure you can read as much as bloggers do and not want to try your hand at it (I stress, I don’t think I’ll be any good … I abuse the comma terribly for a start!)

So here it is, what you can expect from Scorching Book Reviews. If I add anything to it, the post will be scheduled to go up at the same time as to not annoy my email subscribers.

  • Monday – Hot Cover
  • Tuesday – Review
  • Wednesday – Waiting on Wednesday
  • Thursday – Review
  • Friday – Nix Musings
  • Saturday – Price Drop Post
  • Sunday – Top Picks

There will still be guest-posts, there will still be giveaways and there will still be events … I just need to start putting my family a bit further up my priority list!

3 responses to “Random Musings : The future at Scorching Book Reviews (For now…..)

  1. Carol

    You need to put you and your family first. I love your blog and I, along with your other readers, will look forward to each post! Hope you have a good week!!!

  2. June M.

    Completely understandable. Trying to force yourself to keep at a certain high pace is one way to burn out completely. Even if you need to take some time off, it is better than getting completely frustrated and just quitting all together 🙂

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