Random Post : Why I’m not replacing my Kindle Fire

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So, as most of you know, someone stole my Kindle Fire at my day job. As someone who uses my eReader everyday, I was upset. Since that point, I’ve been reading on my phone. This isn’t ideal as its a small screen and it kills my phone battery.

This week, I bought a new eReader. I decided not to replace the Fire and instead have gone with the paper-white.

So, why am I not going back to the tablet version? There are actually a lot of reasons.
  1. The battery-life is awful. The Kindle Fire has to be charged every other day. On long transport journeys it just about lasts.
  2. I don’t use the other functions. I read on it, I used Twitter and FaceBook and that was it. There was no need to have a Fire for all the use I made of its functions.
  3. There is no way to organise it into collections. This drove me bat-shit crazy and is the main reason I am not replacing it. I have hundreds of books, but I had to look at them in one big list. I like to have “shelves” to help me organise my books so I don’t have to peruse them all when I’m picking something to read. 
  4. It stores bought books and DL/emailed books into different parts of the kindle. As a reviewer, there are times I get lucky enough to be given an ARC for a series I’m already reading. The bought books will be in the “books” section of the series, but the review copy will go into the “docs” part of the kindle. The “docs” part is completely disorganized and, unless I take the time to put all my books onto Calibre and change the labeling of the file, it takes and absolute age to find anything on there. I had around 400 books in this part of the kindle and it was a nightmare. 

Do you have a Fire or Paper-White? What are your thoughts?

6 responses to “Random Post : Why I’m not replacing my Kindle Fire

  1. I hear you. I wanted to get my personal emails and messages while at work. (restrictions) Now I could have got a smart phone but I really dont like texting nor talking on the phone and the only people I text are my teen kids and husband.

    So I decided to get an iPad. Now admittedly I really like the iPad but let me tell you, every reason you listed above do drive me bat shit crazy. Why

  2. About the only extra thing I use my Fire for is when I find a recipe online that I want to try I can go online on the Fire and prop it up on the counter while I'm cooking/baking. Or when school is in session I can use it at work while the kids are on their iPads. Para's don't get iPads but still have to work with the kids using them so it does make that easier.

    To deal with

  3. I have the Kindle Fire and the Kindle Keyboard. I do use my Fire for email, play a few games, and even watch Netflix in bed but I still love my Kindle Keyboard also. I have a cover that has a light built into it that runs off the battery so that makes me able to read in the dark with it. But I am like you, I don't like that I can not organize my books on the Fire. Very frustrating when you

  4. I have had my Fire for less than a week and am considering sending it back. my keyboard had a fault and as they didn't have any in stock I thought I was being clever taking the refund and upgrading. HUGE MISTAKE

  5. I hear you too : short-lived battery and no collections, plus it's hard to get books by Netgalley most of the time. But since I also use the photos and the music… I'm keeping mine so far 😉

  6. I had something interesting happen to me on my Kindle Fire the other day. I had bought a book on ARe that wouldn't go through Send to Kindle app on my computer so I had to connect the Fire and drag and drop into it. I've done this a lot without any problems. This time after hitting the disconnect on the fire I checked Docs before unplugging the Fire from my comp. Right before my eyes ALL

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