Review – Exotic Indulgence (Bandicoot Cove #1)

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Kylie is having a having rather a stressful week.  In-between setting up the brand-new, exclusive Bandicoot Cove resort for a “soft” opening, she has to contend with her feelings for the three separate men she is sleeping with on the Island. All the men are colleagues; Brad is the gorgeous harbourmaster, Hemi is the rough Maori diving instructor and Finn is the smooth, laid-back bartender at the club. The men know that she has been seeing them all and have no compunctions about sharing her. Unfortunately, she feels that she has to choose.  Her feelings are affecting all of their relationships, how can they prove to her that she has no need to pick one of them?
This very short read sets up the future books. This story is centred on sex, pure and simple. In the space of this uber quick read Kylie shows us the different side to each of the men in a very carnal way (I’m a Brad fan ;D)  and then they show us exactly how the men intend to “share” her. It’s an unapologetically kinky read and I loved it! There is very little character development due to the length; it didn’t bother me in the slightest.  I got to know Kylie; I didn’t really need to see her change. If I had one complaint, it would be I know very little about the men aside of their feelings towards Kylie. The sex scenes were steam-up-the-windows hot; for such a short read, it did a good job on my pulse rate! I have always been a fan of ménage (hence why I love this series) and this is certainly a good example of that genre.  

Well, there’s no Maori, but the numbers are right 😀

Exotic Indulgence is the starting point to the Bandicoot Cove story and its FREE people! Go get it and have a taste of what’s to come! I was very impressed that three authors wrote this one tale; it was pretty seamless.  I would recommend you take the time to download this one, as Kylie is pivotal to all the other books (who do you think invites the other guests :D).
If you like your romance hot and your men in multiples, this series is a must-buy. This quickie introduces us to our hostess and her men…they certainly are a fun bunch  😀

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