Review – Here Kitty Kitty by Shelly Laurenston ( 5 Stars)

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Here Kitty, Kitty by Shelly Laurenston
Published by Samhain Publishing Limited on 2009
Genres: Paranormal
Pages: 300
Format: eBook

Angelina Santiago didn't think her life could get any stranger. Her best friend is a shapeshifter. Her other best friend is in love with one. And people are actively trying to kill her. But she never thought helpful hillbillies would kidnap her, drag her cross country, and dump her at the home of their eldest brother and gorgeous shapeshifter, Nikolai Vorislav, for safe keeping. Nik the Hillbilly Tiger never wanted a woman in his life for more than a night, but he never met anyone like the psychotic hellcat his brothers drop on his doorstep. Now he has every intention of showing his little house pet exactly how strange and sexy life can get.

FTC : I bought this book an age ago and have read it over and over again. I’m reviewing it as it’s been part of my re-readathon and cheered me up no end. This is a rather old book but I love it.

Book Tags : #PNR #Funny #Magnus-Pack #shifters #smexy-content #sweary-heroine

Content Warnings : Content warning for violence.

Heat Level – 5/5

Author-Style – This author creates sweary, irrational, OTT heroines who find themselves in romances with men who adore them. This is her first series but it remains one of my favourites.

Quick Scores –

Heroine – 5/5. Angie is a sassy, sarcastic heroine who is prone to violent outbursts but would do anything for the people that she calls her friends. It is because of her friends she finds herself staying (after being kidnapped) with Nik, the tiger shifter that she loves to hate. Angie is my favorite of all the heroines in the Magnus Pack series as I love her sarcastic banter with Nik; she is hilarious. From rowing with Nik to creating outfits for other shifters in the town, I laughed all the way through her scenes – I loved her.

She is my favourite type of heroine – beneath that sarcastic outer shell lies a very lovely woman.

Hero –  5/5. Oh Nik. a secret cinnamon roll hero who is playing a bad-boy. He falls for Angie but he can’t be that Tiger that does the unthinkable and stays with one woman. Watching him fall whilst protesting too much was hilarious… I loved him. I think my favourite part was the way he constantly riled up the wolf-shifters – he was so horrible with him that it was fun.

Plot – 5/5. These books are over the top – you could get away with reading it as a standalone but I would read at least book two.

Romance – 5/5. Angie and Nik are both sufferers from lust-at-first-sight but it is when they are forced to live together the real sparks fly. It is adorable.

Cover – 5/5. Yum.

Re-Read? – I’ve read it a million times. It never gets old.

Favourite Part – I honestly don’t know if I can pick! From the party where Angie brains a perv with a chair to the “wooing” I loved every second.

What didn’t work for me? – There were a couple of scenes that were bordering on a little strange because of the fact they were slightly sexual and they start with Nik as a Tiger (there is no beastiality guys – don’t worry). I got over it.


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