Review Post : Firewall by Sonya Clark (5 Stars)

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Firewall by Sonya Clark
Series: Magic Born #3
Published by Carina Press on 2014-12-01
Genres: Sci-Fi
Pages: 209
Format: eBook

She was the only Magic Born to ever escape the Rangers. Now there's a ten-million-dollar bounty for her return.

Trancehacker Tuyet Caron could have left New Corinth for good, but instead uses her magic and risks her life on a daily basis to help the Magic Born. She's been careful to avoid capture, but a careless glance at a video camera brings her face to face with the Ranger who let her go.

Captain Dale Hayes let Tuyet walk away once, but he won't make that mistake again. When faced with the ultimate choice, however, he chooses her with barely a thought. But that also means siding with the Magic Born and becoming a fugitive in the eyes of the law.

Tuyet and Dale plan to flee, but are caught in a deadly riot that kills innocent people. Outraged, the pair vows to bring an end to the Magic Laws, regardless of what that means for their own safety.

FTC : I requested this book from NetGalley for a fair and honest review.

I enjoyed the last installment to this series. The series was a complete surprise to me, a compelling look into a sci-fi world for the digital age. This will definitely be a reread, as I enjoyed the world-building almost as much as the romance, but I’m not going to focus too much on the overall arc in this review for fear of spoiling the previous two books. All I’ll say is I loved the ending, even if I wanted a whole lot more for the romantic leads of this particular book (kudos to the author here BTW…it’s so easy to succumb to an “all-is-now-rosy” ending and she refrained).

This is a reunited lovers book; I knew I was going to love it! Tuyet and Hayes walked away from each other when he refused to give up everything to be with her. I loved this angle from the author; I always wonder, in books where characters decide to give up everything for love, whether or not love will turn to resentment further down the line. Anyway, Hayes has tasted life without Tuyet and found it to be wanting. When he is given the opportunity to go find her, and arrest her, he has a decision to make. When he finds her, does he hand her in and further his career or try to make amends for walking away all those years before?

I absolutely adored this couple. Both such strong characters separately, together they are happy as well as strong. We readers get to see them as they are without each other (Hayes jaded and Tuyot focused only on the Magic Born) and then again when they are reunited; it is clear which is better. From the start of their reunion, both characters seem more alive. They don’t fall straight into bed with each other (as if it will be that easy!), but it is clear that there is hope for a reconciliation. Tuyot is still using the glamour she used when she played his wife for an undercover mission and Hayes wants nothing more than to turn the clock back. It seems inevitable but the timing of their reunion couldn’t be worse … the Magic Born have never been more persecuted and violence threatens their happiness at every turn. Can it work out for them as the world literally implodes around them?

There are so many questions answered by this book. Will the Magic Laws stand forever? Who is the mysterious Silver Wheels? Will people still support laws that force them to exile their magic born children to a live within the zone? It’s just such an action packed book!

This is my favourite couple of the series set in my favourite book of the series. I read it in one sitting and it has been quite a while since I stayed up late to stay reading ‘cos I couldn’t wait to see what happened next. This series has gotten better and better and I have enjoyed the hell of it. If you like a sci-fi edge to your romance, or are willing to try something a little different, I recommend the Magic Born series.


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