Review Post – Have Mercy by Shelley Ann Clark (4 Stars)

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Have Mercy by Shelley Ann Clark
Published by Random House Publishing Group on 2014-07-01
Genres: BDSM, Femme-Domme
Pages: 224
Format: eBook

In Shelley Ann Clark’s seductive debut novel, two damaged souls discover that when they’re together, their bodies hit all the right notes.

Rock diva Emme Hayes already broke up one band after sleeping with the lead singer, and she swears she won’t let sex screw things up again. The problem is, her new bass player—a lean, muscular, tattooed mystery man who makes her want to demand his absolute attention—has her so worked up she can hardly carry a tune. Emme promises he’s off-limits. She just doesn’t know how she’ll be able to confine the heat to her love songs.

The moment Tom McKinney lays eyes on Emme strutting around the stage of his blues bar—all curves, eye liner, and teased blond hair—he knows she’s one of a kind. So when she offers him a two-month paid gig to tour with her band, Tom can’t say no, despite family troubles and the bar’s precarious finances. Onstage and off, the music they make thrums in his soul, but Tom has too much going on to get involved—even if he burns to let Emme play his body like a fine-tuned instrument.

FTC : I bought this for the July Challenge.

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Quick-Scores :

  • Plot – 3.5/5
  • Romance – 4/5
  • Characters – 4/5
  • Smexy scenes – 5/5


Emme is still struggling with her last disastrous relationship with a fellow musician when she decides to take a new bassist on the road with her band. She has no intentions of ever putting herself in a similar position but Tom calls to something in her and she finds it hard to resist.

Tom lusts after Emme as soon as he lays eyes on her. When it seems that she likes to be in charge as much as he likes to be controlled, he can’t seem to help himself.

As the chemistry burns between them, the intense sexual play in the bedroom threatens to suck them deeper into a relationship. However, Emme has been burned once before when a relationship sours in the limelight; will she allow herself to be drawn into a relationship again?

What I liked

The romance was fantastic. Emme and Tom were absolute dynamite and I loved watching them take their first forays into BDSM together. They were learning each other whilst discovering what they actually needed from a sexual relationship and it was awesome. The sex scenes were smokin’ (the mutual masturbation scene …. *fans*) and I routed for them throughout the whole book.

I honestly thought the author did a fantastic job of developing the protagonists characters. Both of them changed during this book, growing stronger in themselves and making changes in their lives that needed to happen.

What didn’t work for me

Every other character in this book was a complete git. I hated every single one of them and every interaction Emme or Tom had with them pissed me off. I think that was the point but there was just too many idiots for me to cope with; I could have done with a few less.

It did finish all a little to abruptly for me as-well … not the end of the world but I find an angsty book has to be satisfactorily resolved for me to be happy.

One Line Summary

A very very strong debut novel from this author. A newbie Domme finds just the sub for her in this angsty tale of two musicians trying to mix business with pleasure to the displeasure of everyone else in the bloody book.


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