Review Post : I just couldn’t get into Boys and Toys by Cara Lockwood

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Boys and Toys by Cara Lockwood
Published by Harlequin on 2014-07-15
Genres: Contemporary, Romance
Pages: 85
Format: eBook

Every girl has a goody drawer.

Sex toy party hostess Liv Tanaka has a collection. Vibrating purple rabbits, cherry-flavored edible underwear, flavored oils… Hey, wearing a leather corset and stilettos (while selling dildos) pays the bills. Just don't tell her very conservative parents. Because if they discovered Liv's sex-toy-selling "Asian Elvira" alter ego, her parents would disown her.

So far, Liv's doing a bang-up job of keeping her two worlds separate…until Porter Benjamin shows up at her party. Tall and too-tasty-to-resist Porter, who works for her father. Porter, who wants Liv to host a party just for him.

And oh, she's tempted. But getting involved with Porter means mixing those two worlds that Liv desperately needs to keep separate. And now Liv's Naughty Toybox is starting to look a lot like Pandora's box….

FTC : Got it from NetGalley …. I haven’t got any relationship with the author.

What I liked :

Honestly, I did quite like the authors voice. I would possibly try another one of her books.

What I didn’t like : 

Full disclosure; I didn’t finish this book. I couldn’t. The characters were just… unlikeable.

I didn’t like the fact that Parker treated Liv (a sex toy seller, NOT a prostitute) as if he could buy her (private party? skeezy innuendo? ewwww!).



I didn’t like the fact that he basically blackmailed her into going to his house (alone) to give said “private” party (and this is a hero I’m supposed to like?) with the implication that her family could find out about her job if she said no. The thought of causing shame for her family created a genuine fear and that is the main reason that Liv started a relationship with Parker. He held all the cards and this power imbalance was never addressed in the book which bugged the hell out of me.

I loved this series. It was fun, sexy and fresh but this installment was anything but for me. Every sex scene was tarred with the memory of how it all began and I just couldn’t engage. In the end, I had to put it down.


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2 responses to “Review Post : I just couldn’t get into Boys and Toys by Cara Lockwood

  1. Nicki

    Thanks for your honesty, and explaining your reasoning . Not every book can be 4 stars.

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