Review Post : Shelly Laurenston delivers in this hilariously out-there Viking PNR (5 Stars)

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The Undoing by Shelly Laurenston
Series: Call of the Crow #2
Published by Kensington on 2016-03-29
Genres: Paranormal, Paranormal Romance, Romance
Pages: 400
Format: eBook

A risk worth taking…

No one would ever accuse Jace Berisha of having an easy life—considering her husband…you know…killed her. But that was then! Now she fights for mighty Viking gods with the spectacular and vicious Crows.

But things are turning very bad, very quickly because a vengeful, ancient goddess has come into the world with just one thing on her mind—ending it. And the only way they can hope to stop her is if the Crows join forces with their one-time enemies, the Protectors. A Viking Clan created to do nothing but kill every Crow they see.

Thankfully, Protector Ski Eriksen is a peace loving kind of guy. Because the woman he is desperately trying to get close to is the beautiful and not-very-chatty Jace. Battling Nordic clans? Unkillable goddesses? Jace’s mean-spirited dog? None of these things would ever get in the way of a true Viking!

FTC : I got it from NetGalley.

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Quick Scores :

  • Plot – 5/5
  • Romance – 5/5
  • Sexy Times – 5/5
  • Characters – 5/5
  • Chance of a re-read? – High! Whenever I need a smile, Shelly Laurenston is my auto-read.

What I liked

Shelly Laurenston is one of my favourite authors. The worlds are bizarre, the characters are larger than life and the dialogue always makes me laugh. These characters are loud, brash and totally in your face; I adore them.

So, what do I like about this book? I love the world; it’s brilliantly imagined. The series  focuses on a world where Viking God’s run rife and they gift a second chance of life to those who want to serve them and put them into clans. The two clans that are focused on this are the Crows and the Protectors which is where our Romeo and Juliet situation arises (well, without the poison and suicide).

The Crows are loud, brash and totally unpredictable. Jace is an exception to the rule because, as a complete introvert, she mostly hates everyone in her clan except the dogs. They are too loud, too nosy and they seem hell-bent on making her socialise with people. In fact, Jace struggles with most people apart from the Protectors.It is with these Protectors that she finds Ski and their romance begins. The Protectors were hilarious. So stoic, so totally anal about the books .. I just laughed from start to finish.

What else did I enjoy about this book? The characters; all the characters. Jace is one of my favourite heroines from all the Laurenston books. She is so blunt that all of her dialogue had me snickering or straight up laughing out loud.  Ski’s determination to find out how to talk to Jace was adorable. He was so different to the type of hero that I am used to from Laurenston that it was both a novelty and a pleasure. Their romance was funny, cute as hell and actually quite heart-warming.

Also, massive shout out the cat. I loved the cat.

What I didn’t like

There were a few characters that were just thrown in there for no reason other than to make a crazy statement or be annoying as hell. I enjoyed the dialogue but they felt pointless and didn’t really drive the story forwards.


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  1. Pansy Petal

    Good review. Thank you. Sounds like I need to unearth this from that tbr mountain and get it read.

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