Review Post : Tangible by Jody Wallace (3.5 Stars) (A short review)

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Tangible by Jody Wallace
Series: Dreamwalkers #1
Published by Samhain Publishing on 2013-05-28
Genres: Fantasy, Fiction, Urban
Pages: 135
Format: eBook
Amazon USAmazon UK
Dreams don’t come true, but nightmares do.

When Zeke Garrett is reactivated to mentor the next dreamer that pops up on the Somnium’s radar, he’s sure it’s a mistake. The covert organization is still struggling to conceal the fallout from his last assignment, a fatal catastrophe. From the first blast of her pepper spray, he realizes this neonati, whose nightmares manifest vampires straight from the pages of pop-culture, is more than he bargained for—a potential dreamwalker. But before her training can begin, he has to convince the stubborn, mouthy woman she’s not dreaming.

Maggie Mackey hasn’t slept well in a month, but that doesn’t explain how the monsters from her nightmares suddenly seem so real. Or why, when a team of intimidating, sword-wielding toughs rescue her, their leader captures her mouth in a swift, knee-weakening kiss.

Once he tears himself away, Zeke’s mental forehead smacking begins. Their embrace has confirmed they have a rare tangible bond, a phenomenon which fooled him once before. Somehow he must tutor the woman of his dreams without getting attached. Otherwise her nightmares could become his own.

Warning: Contains lots of cussing, pop culture references and monsters with nasty, big, pointy teeth.

FTC : I bought this.

Overall feelings : I went out and I bought the next one immediately. It had its flaws but the premise intrigued me enough to want to read the more.

Would I recommend it? : Yes. To people who love Sci-fi, this could be one you like. Be aware that there is no HEA in this book.

Quick Synopsis : Maggie can manifest her dreams and she dreams up some pretty odd shit. Zeke is the man assigned to train her and make sure that she doesn’t become a danger. All should be fine but it starts to go very wrong when he starts to have strong, sexual feelings towards the woman that he has to share a bed with every night (training is in the dream-scape and to enter the same one, there has to be physical contact). Can he control himself whilst helping her to control herself?

What did I like? : I loved the premise. The whole manifesting dreams into reality was really fun to read about and the fact that Maggie also dreamed up Whedon monsters satisfied the geek in me. I quite liked Maggie too. She was spunky and didn’t doubt herself even when everyone else did.

My issues? : I don’t know how I felt about them sleeping together in the same bed when the feelings were so strong between them. He was her mentor in a new and unfamiliar situation and it just didn’t sit well with me. I knew he couldn’t pass her over and give her to someone else (so they had little choice) but it just made me feel a little icky whenever I thought too hard about it. Zeke had his moments of being an A-Hole too …

Was the romance any good? : I was torn. On the one hand, the chemistry was great. There were some sizzling moments and some very well written sex scenes. On the other hand, I really struggled with the Mentor/Mentee relationship … I think this is my quirk.

Three word synopsis : Fast, imaginative and fun



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