Review Post : Unravelled by Lorelei James (5 Stars)

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Unraveled by Lorelei James
Series: Mastered #3
Published by Penguin Group USA on 2015-03-03
Genres: BDSM, Erotic Romance
Pages: 456
Format: eBook

In this sizzling continuation of the Mastered Series by New York Timesbestselling author Lorelei James, a man will find the domination he's always craved . . . .

Knox Lofgren is asked to run the martial arts program at Black Arts with Shiori Hirano, Ronin Black's sister, while Sensei Black travels. Publicly, Shiori cooperates with Knox, and the two highest-ranked belts appear as a unified front - but in private, they butt heads constantly, despite the undeniable attraction between them. Soon their power exchanges start to make for a sweltering dynamic in the bedroom . . . .

At first, Knox is shocked to be living out his submissive desires with the sexy Domme, but Shiori sets out to prove to him that embracing his true sexual nature doesn't make him a weak man. But even while their sexual relationship grants him a power and fulfilment he finds surprising, there's no training regimen for the fight that comes with loving a strong woman . . . .

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Genre-Tags : Fem-Domme, BDSM, Bondage, Alpha-Male, Masochism, kick-ass female, sexy-as-hell, amazing, must-read

One Sentence Review : A gripping, sexy BDSM novel that that shows you don’t have to be a bitch to be a Domme and you can be an Alpha sub.

Quick Scores

  • Romance – 5/5
  • Plot – 4.5/5
  • Heat level – 5/5

What I liked

I love Fem-Domme books. Seriously, I think they may be amongst the genre’s I consider my crack. I have to say that this may be up there with one of the best I’ve read. I have always had a love of Lorelei Jame’s books and her writing. Ever since I was introduced to the Rough Riders series. she has been at the top of my auto-buy list and this book just cemented the fact that the woman cannot write a book I hate.

I don’t hate Het Fem-Domme books that feature a weaker submissive; I just prefer an Alpha-sub. Call me greedy but I love the weak-at-the-knees moments I get with Alpha-hero’s seduction and then the absolute rush I get from seeing him hand over all that power to one woman. I think it the power exchange is more breath-taking in Femme-Domme books such as these (there is no way I believed that Shiori was physically capable of subduing Knox unless he allowed it) and it just works for me. That kind of trust is amazing to read about and is so damn sexy. I have to say, because I have a perverse pleasure in watching literary characters angst-out, some of my favourite parts of the book were the scenes where Knox kicked back against his submissive nature, struggling to align the Alpha side of him with his need to be sexually dominated by Shiori.

I’ve enjoyed the entire set up of the series and that continued for me here. I love the backdrop of the club and family politics; I can’t wait to read the next one.

What didn’t work for me

I think I’m not as mature as I like to believe. I though that the resolution was too neat and adult with all the discussion and what-not … where was my drama!! 🙂


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  1. Oya

    I’m trying to branch out both reading and writing-wise, and after reading a sample, immediately clicked the download link, hoping no one else could hear the sizzling noises coming from my laptop. Looking forward to reading the rest!

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