A Nix Review – Tequila Makes her Clothes fall Off by Cara North (4 Stars)

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Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off by Cara North
Published by Lightning Source Incorporated on 2007-01-01
Genres: Cowboys
Pages: 291
Format: eBook

Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off is a fun contemporary erotic romance about two people needing each other for different reasons and finding out that together they are one insatiable force.

Bethany Dodson is running from her past and her fianc. She needs a new last name and to get lost fast! Jack Johnson needs to marry a woman to get his inheritance so he can stop working on other ranches and rebuild the one he shares with his two older brothers and younger sister.

When he meets Bethany, his goal is basically to get some action then get on searching for a wife. But Bethany kills two birds with one stone and the next thing he knows he's the one getting drug down the aisle! What they discover is more than just surface needs. They take each other to new heights in and out of the bedroom, push boundaries, and even fall in love!

“Why didn’t you tell me you were a virgin?”

“What makes you think I was?” Bethany continued to lazily stroke his head.

“You had a maidenhead. There’s probably blood between us right now.” He watched her easy smile fade; then her face screwed up in defiance

“What the hell is a Maidenhead?”

(Yes this is an actual line from our Hero…..Surprisingly he grew in my estimations over the course of the plot :D)

So I decided at my blog to do a month dedicated to cowboy’s to fit in with the fact I WILL be reading Lorelei James new book:D This book had been on my to-read pile for a while; the title appealed to me and I had heard some good things from reviewer’s whose opinion I have come to trust. Bethany visits Vegas on her Hen party. After finding out her husband to be is a lot of an idiot, she decides that what she needs is out of the toxic relationship. Deciding that she needs to find “a real man” and have some hot sex she heads to a bar. There she meets Jack, a tall and dark Cowboy, who needs to be married in order to gain his inheritance. He doesn’t bother to tell her they need to be married until after lot’s of steamy sex (in a lift, in a vending area, in a hotel suite…….it was surprising they didn’t end up with friction burns by the end of this book) and a shot-gun wedding. With a new last name, and husband, Bethany ends up as far away from her upper class upbringing as is humanly possible when she agrees to remain married to Jack for the 3 month period required by his Grandfathers’ will. She ends up with 2 new-brothers in-law as housemates, 2 great dane puppies and a husband who seemingly doesn’t know what to do with her. He end’s up with an insatiable sex addict who wriggles herself into his family and turns his preconceptions of love and marriage upside down. Neither expect, or want, to fall in love but, of course, they do.

Honestly I started this book and thought it was the biggest pile of tosh I had ever read. The writing didn’t flow and the e-copy I had was full of typo’s and formatting errors. By chapter 2 I was hooked. The writing started to flow better, along with being incredibly entertaining, and the characters were slowly worming themselves into my heart. Jack is a gruff cowboy who doesn’t know quite what to do with Bethany or his feeling’s toward’s her. She didn’t tell him she was a virgin, she is completely sexually unihibited, she is smart enough to sort out his finances and he enjoys himself when he’s with her. He can’t help but start to fall for her which, of course, means he starts to push her away. She has agreed to stay for the 3 month’s but, as far as he is aware, that is all she is staying for. He has a shining example in his gruff (yet adorable) brother Heath of what can happen when one person is in love and the other isn’t. Bethany has no such fears. She falls for Jack quickly, and tells him so at one point, but is willing to take this one day at a time. After several mis-understandings (including Bethanys ass of a fiance showing up) they of course get their HEA.

The main part of this book is sex. There is lots and lots of sex. There is lift sex, outdoor sex, a blow-job scene(which completely obliterates the laws of the road), a shower scene, role-playing games, anal sex……….she went from virgin to Little Miss Kinky in around a week! The scenes are absolutely smoking. The author doesn’t shy away from the graphic detail, but laces it with enough emotion to make the pages sizzle. I particulary enjoyed the dirty-talk that punctuated all their sex scenes and the apple-thief sex-fantasy…..I don’t think I have read book where there was so much FUN in sex for two characters. Normally it’s all dark and intense with sweat and groaning but these were two people who enjoyed the variation and experimentation aspects of the bedroom.

The side-characters were engaging and played a their own part in pushing the story forward. Rafe (who is described by Bethany as like a “girlfriend”) is the charming brother who is basically actively stalking a female who isn’t giving him a lot back. Heath is the gruff brother whose wife left him on their wedding day (I see his book being brilliant :D) We see a little bit of his sister and her husband, although I think because they don’t have their own book, we will probably learn more about them as the series progresss.

I loved this book but the typo’s got on my nerves. Because of this, and the opening scene which didn’t work for me, I have to give it 4 stars. Do read it…..It’s a fabulous read and a good example of how a book can be erotic without being meaningless, mechanical sex!

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