Review – The Alpha and his King by Kiki Clark

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Review – The Alpha and his King by Kiki ClarkThe Alpha and His King (Kincaid Pack Book 1) by Kiki Clark
Series: Kincaid Pack #1
Published by Independently Published on 2020-02-05
Pages: 368
Format: eBook

When Kai flies out of a shed, swinging a rake, Rick's life flips upside down.

As alpha, Rick's dedication to his pack has never wavered-until Kai. The pull he feels toward the younger man is more than a simple distraction, but Rick won't let himself lose focus. Not while a hidden enemy is drawing near.

Moving in with the grumpy alpha who saved him is a big change for Kai, and it isn't long before he begins to ache for something he can't have. As a half-human shifter responsible for his three younger siblings, he knows he can never be Rick's mate.

Pushing aside their doubts and insecurities, they grow closer. But when the pack's enemies strike, bringing their fears to fruition, Rick and Kai have to decide if they're willing to risk it all to be together.

The Alpha and His King is the first book in the Kincaid Pack series and features a quick-tempered and possessive alpha; a sweet and feisty alpha-mate; shifters, seers, and witches galore; massive amounts of hurt/comfort; and a happily ever after.

CW – Content warning for previous abuse of one protagonist.

Book from – KU

GR Shelf Tags – mm, pnr, wolfies, previous-abuse, previous-trauma, alpha-male, pack, forced-proximity, family, shapeshifter

I picked up this book as it caught my eye on KU. I am so glad that I did.

This book is so good. I was dubious around whether I would get past Rick being the rescuer of the King family (including Kai) but it was handled well. There was space given, councillors recommended, explicit consent … the list was endless and I truly could see that this wasn’t just a case of Kai being grateful; he was given so many options to get out.

Rick and Kai are well-written characters outside of the romance. Kai is a wonderfully protective big brother who parents the younger children and constantly puts himself in harm’s way to protect them. He thinks so little of himself that he made my heart hurt, but I loved the way he was so protective of the ones that he considered family.

Rick, much like Kai, also puts everyone else’s needs before his own. He cares so much for his pack, often to the detriment of his own well-being, that it kills him that he doesn’t know about what is happening for the King siblings. He is one of those “thinks he is omnipotent” Alpha heroes….

I loved the romance between Kai and Rick. It was sweet, sexy, and so fulfilling. Although Rick is the Alpha, he never Alpha’s Kai (you know what I mean by that). He tries to please him, to care for him and to be his partner…. it was lovely and well-done.

The book is set within a pack and so is filled with interesting secondary characters. Each plays a role in showing us more about our main characters, however there is a magical-suspense series arc being laid out in this book which requires the participation of everyone too. I loved each of the King siblings (can’t wait for Sam to get a story) and each of the Enforcers were also much fun to read about. I think this series will be one I enjoy.

A well-written PNR with fully fleshed characters and intriguing world-building. I will re-read so it gets 5 stars from me.


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