#RombkLove Day 29 : Ménage and Polyam Romance

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Hello and welcome to Scorching Book Reviews. My name is Nix and I do enjoy a good ménage story.

The stories on this list are about relationships with more than just two people; whether it be for a month, a year or forever, the love story is about how they make it work together and, in my opinion, the best ménage stories are the one where we see the relationship beyond the sex.

I’ve had to really be mean with myself for this post. I had a million and one books to recommend and, I’ve managed to get the list down to 15. I’ve cheated a bit (a lot of these are series books) but I think I’ve managed to cut it down to a list with a wide range of reads.

I have tried to only mention each author once – they probably have written more than one ménage story! All covers are clickable back to Goodreads for the blurb if you want to read it 🙂

Polyam Romance

So, I’m starting here. For me, a poly romance is not a straight triad; There are relationships within the triad and, where there may be sexual play between the three, the separate relationships within the triad are clear and obvious.

In outside the Lines by Anna Zabo, Simon is married to Lydia when he falls in love with Ian. This romance focuses mainly on the MM relationship between Simon and Ian (which is lovely) but Lydia plays a major role in both the development and maintenance of their love story. It is a wonderful story of love outside of the lines I fully recommend (5 stars from me – especially for all the Geekdom in it!)

In mischief and the Masters, submissive Uzuri starts a relationship with cousin Doms Alastair and Max. Although there is sexual play where all three of them are present, the author clearly shows the developing, and separate, relationships between Uzuri & Max and Uzuri & Alistair. I adore this series and this was a fantastic addition (Another 5 star read – hot as hell BTW!)

In the Siren, the core relationship is between Nora and Soren. It is there throughout the series however Nora is clearly Polyam. She has several meaningful relationships that are outside that relationship – I adore how positive these books are about sex (CW for blood play in this one – I winced!)

Tied Up, Tied Down (Rough Riders, #4) Unridden (Studs in Spurs Book 1) Gift from Carolina (Storafalt Stories #3)


Sinfully hot MMF/MFM Ménage

These are triad romance’s with two men and one woman. In some, there is MM action (honestly, I prefer romance where there is contact between all of the parts of the ménage) and in some the woman is always in the middle. These are the most popular books and the most easily available –  could recommend a hundred more but I’ll stick to three 🙂

Beyond Jealousy is a MFM ménage set in the dystopian, violent realm of Sector 4. The entire series is awash with sexual freedom but this is one of my favourites. Tortured Ace starts a fraught, sexual relationship with Rachel and Cruz, but will he sabotage the developing bond between them all in his misguided attempt to protect their hearts? This relationship is building towards MMF by the end of the book – I gave it 5 stars.

In the Virgin’s Queen’s Men by Holley Trent, which is MFM. Tess has to pick a mate that will complete her psychic map (she is a telepathic viking) and she can’t decide between Harvey and Oliver so she choses them both! This series is funny, sexy and romantic – I gave this one 4 stars.

Rocky Mountain Freedom is a MMF ménage set in a small western town. This second chance romance is full of angst and drama as Travis, Ashley and Cassidy struggle to accept their own relationship and to deal with the perceptions of the small town. Hot, angsty and full of cowboys – I adored it. Also, everyone has sex with each other which is my FAVOURITE type of romance.

The Outlaw Bride Tangled Past (Tangled #2) All Jacked Up (Rough Riders #8)


Scorching hot FFM/FMF Ménage

This genre is the hardest to find. I have no idea why as I LOVE it.

The Space Between Us by Megan Hart centres around the story of Meredith as she enters into a relationship with Charlie and Tesla, a married couple. It was a hard read, the characters sometimes unlikable as they attempt to navigate this relationship between the three of them. It is fantastically angsty and I did not predict where it was going (PS, I did not like Meredith – neither did half of GR :D)

The Dom with a Safeword is the first book in a FFM series and it is amazing. The representation of ployam relationships is incredibly positive and the FF relationships are lovely. In this one Q, a bi-switch, embarks on a relationship with Dom Jude and submissive Sabrina in a journey of love, sex and self-discovery. I adore every book in this series.

The Lovers by Eden Bradley contains the hottest FF scenes I have ever read. Although this one does not end up as a permanent triad, the story of these romance authors on retreat finding love, lust and sexual awakening, was a fabulous 4.5 Star read for me.

Rocky Mountain Angel (Six Pack Ranch #4; Rocky Mountain House #4) Untouched (Silver Creek, #2) Saddled and Spurred (Blacktop Cowboys, #2)


Starts with a MM or MF relationship

Oh, this one can go either way for me. If both parties are looking for a third? Hell yes. If they aren’t? Angst alert!

In Chains and Canes by Katie Porter, Daniel and Naya have been engaged for years and, although on the surface they look happier, there is something very broken at the core of their relationship. Naya is a masochist and Daniel can’t mete out the punishment that she needs. Remy is the man to give them what they desire but they need to convince him he is not just a disposable boy toy. This MMF is a hot, angsty, sexy read that needs to be picked up -NOW!

Rough, Raw and Ready broke me the first time I read through it. Chassie and Trevor are happily married when the storm that is Edgard turns up. He was Travor’s old roping partner but, when he arrives, it is clear they were more than that and it is also clear he has no intention of letting Trevor walk away again. Trevor’s torment at chosing between his wife and his former lover was nearly as heart-breaking as Chassie’s torment over the whole thing. I cried buckets at this MMF ménage.

Beyond Eden is another book which made me cry. The story of Danny, Eve and Paul is not an easy one (and CW for BDSM and rough sex) and I was torn throughout as they both wrecked and completed each other all the way through the book. It isn’t a nice read, the characters are not likeable, but it works so well.


Tobias (Circle Eight, #6) The Tin Star (Ranch Series, #1)


Sibling Ménage

These books generally contain ménage where two or more of the players are siblings. There is no sexual contact between them (Obvious reasons) however, they just love to share! I haven’t read a lot of these however the one’s below are fun examples.

In Glutton for Pleasure, Devi starts a sexual relationship with twins Marcus and Jace. This book is centred mainly around their sexual relationship and there are A LOT of sexual scenes. I enjoyed this very early book from Alisha Rai.

Three to Ride is the first of many bat-shit crazy books by Sophie Oak in the Bliss series. The bat-shit part is that, in Bliss, there seems to be some unwritten rule that all participants must be involved in a BDSM Polyam relationship of some sort – it’s hilarious. In this one, twins Max and Rye find Rachel when she arrives in town, running from a stalker, and they MUST have her as their partner. I adore this series as it truly is banana’s.

In Rules of Desire, another Bat-shit crazy town that can only come from a Siren line, Erin, who is town just visiting, ends up in a relationship with 3 brothers (yes, I needed a diagram at one point). These books are crack-tastic and they really are a fun

One Night with a Cowboy (Oklahoma Nights, #1) Raising Kane (Rough Riders, #9) Stars & Stripes (Cut & Run, #6)


What ménage recommendations do you have for me?

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  1. Amy R

    Thanks for the recs., in ménage books I prefer where all parties are together and it’s MMF. I have read at least one book in each of your recommend sections and enjoyed them.

  2. Nicki S

    Once again I’m unable to “like” your post. Apparently WordPress hates me even more than Goodreads does, lol.

    I’m new to manage, having recently moved more toward erotic PNR in general, so this post will be a Keeper for me to refer to when I’m ready to dive in. Thanks for the recommendations!

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