Scorching Book Reviews Events Sign Up : In Feb, we will be 4!

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So, at the end of February, we will be 4 years old! I know, it’s gone so fast and, due to the spectacularly shitty year that was last year in blogger land, I’ve decided that I will celebrate.

The theme (because what good party would be without a theme?) centers around a Fairground.

I want to have games, competitions and even a random raffle. There is so many ways that you can participate and the one’s that I have listed below are just a few. You can be involved just to donate swag and books, you can get involved in the author led competitions (I would LOVE someone to send me a pictionary drawing of their favorite book or film) or you can get involved in the character competitions.

EDIT : After a few questions from authors, I’m adding a bit more detail on the below form.

  • Contributing by giving prizes for the Tombola. A Tombola is like a raffle. Everyone enters and then names get picked at random. The only difference is, they get to pick the prize they want out of a prize bag rather than have it assigned to them.
  • Participating in the game activities. You set a challenge (for example, you draw a picture representing your favourite book) and entrants have to guess what it is to win a prize.
  • Being a judge in one of the competitions. People enter in some way, you judge which entrant is the best. 
  • Dirty Limerick. You compete against other authors and entrants participate by picking their favourite.
  • Character competitions. This could be the “Alpha off” or hottest side character or something. I set some questions, you answer as your character and entrants to the competition judge who is the best character.

I hope this helps!!

Anyway, this is form to fill in  … I’d love to have you all on-board 🙂


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