Scorching Christmas Fantasies Day 17 : A Guest Post from Ron “The Don” D’Amico (By Cassandra Carr)

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I’m a self-confessed Christmas fanatic. I’m also a professional hockey player. Sometimes those two things are at odds with each other, since hockey players are supposed to be tough and tumble dudes, not ones who enjoy spending hours hanging garlands on railings and putting up a fifteen-foot tree. But I don’t care.

Because I love Christmas.

Think about it. How many times through the year do people really subscribe to “good will towards men”? I know whenever we play Toronto there’s not much good will to be had, that’s for sure. I can think of a million other instances where good will isn’t important, but at Christmastime at least people seem to try.

So while I love decorating and all the different parts of Christmas, what I really like is people being decent to each other. There’s not enough of that in the world today. Even though I throw down on the ice to protect my teammates, I’m also one of the biggest supporters of the game itself and the players in it, no matter if they’re my teammates or not. We’re all here for a common purpose, whether we’re professional athletes or something else — to spread love. And Christmastime is a great start to remembering what’s really important.

I hope you check out my story, Underneath It All. I gave my poor creator Cassandra Carr fits because I insisted on being funny throughout the entire book. I’d like to say I feel bad about that, but really, the story is entertaining because of me. And yes, she made me modest too.

So in order to provide her with money for vodka, since I drove her to drink, please consider purchasing my story or any of the other stories Cassandra’s written. Without alcohol I fear the book Cassandra’s writing now, Man Behind the Mask, will end up pretty dreary.

To learn more about me or Cassandra, go on over to her website at

Thanks, and Merry Christmas!


Rob “The Don” D’Amico 

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Professional hockey player Rob D’Amico is confused when he’s chosen to take part in a reading program for inner-city students. While athletes are role models, he tends toward the gregarious and playful side, rather than a studious bent.

Despite the lack of funding plaguing her inner-city district, every day kindergarten teacher Alaina Rossa ensures her students learn something to prepare them for life. At first she’s unsure how a hockey player will help her achieve that goal.

When Rob visits Alaina’s class for the first time, they welcome him with open arms, despite the lack of even the basic supplies for their education. He takes it upon himself to get the students what they need, sweeping Alaina up in the excitement.

As time goes by and she learns more about Rob, Alaina finds her heart opening to him. Is it possible her soul mate could be found in a world so different from her own? And for Rob, the last person he thought he’d find forever love with was an elementary school teacher wearing clothes permanently stained with finger paint. But when you’re playing for keeps, sometimes you have to get a little dirty.

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