Scorching Christmas Fantasies Day 5 : Cari Quinn Shares a Sexy Excerpt & Offers a Giveaway

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Hi everyone! I’m so happy to be here today! When I heard the theme of this event, I decided that I’d share a fantasy scene from Jingle Ball, book 1 in the More The Merrier series. It involves a Christmas party at work with extra added kink – and spice! – so beware, the following scene is X-rated. Oh, and those clothespins? Christmas tree ornaments. Got to keep everything festive!

Want to be entered to win a PRINT copy of A Very Naughty Xmas anthology (which includes my novella, Jingle Ball) and some fun author swag (US only)? Or if an international winner is chosen, an ebook copy of Jingle Ball? Just comment and let me know what Christmas tree item YOU would repurpose during smexy times (and yes, this story includes creative usage of a candy cane—don’t say you haven’t been warned!) Happy HOT holidays! 🙂

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“What the hell is going on?” Cole sounded as bewildered as she felt.

“This is between me and my secretary, Warner.” Even in the shadowy darkness, the weight of Des’s stare burned Wendy’s skin.

“Then why I am here?” Cole snapped.

“Because you’re the one who’s going to discipline her for touching herself in your chair.” Before Wendy could pick her mouth up off the floor, Des stepped forward and wrapped his hand around her jaw, tilting her face up to his. His nostrils flared and she had the errant thought that he could smell her arousal, now trickling hotly onto her thighs. “You have the choice to leave now. If you do, this stops here. Otherwise go kneel where I told you.”

Her heartbeat reverberated in her ears. She couldn’t process what was happening, especially since she could still hear the animated voices and cheerful Christmas music just outside the door.

Out there, life was still normal. In here, nothing made sense.

“Des, you’re scaring her.” Cole laid a restraining hand on Des’s shoulder, which he promptly shook off. “Perhaps you misunderstood what you saw.”

“Did I?” Des asked quietly.

She wanted to lie so badly. To make all of this end. But part of her…didn’t. That part of her yearned to see what lurked behind door number two.

“No,” she whispered.

“You chose to do that in here, in Cole’s chair. You must’ve wanted to be caught. Was that your plan? For Cole to catch you?”

She averted her eyes to the floor and wished the thick carpet would just swallow her whole.

“Either leave or go kneel by his chair. It’s your choice, but you need to make it now, Wendy.” Her boss’s voice lashed against her flushed face like a whip. “We don’t have much time.”

“T-time for what?”

Cole snagged a handful of her hair, gently tipping her head back. “You heard the man. Either leave this office now or go kneel by my chair, love.”

“But my job—”

“This has nothing to do with that, and you know it.” Cole’s breath blew warmly over her temple and this time when she shivered, it wasn’t from fear. “Go.”

She went.

They walked around the desk, one on either side, and she cast her face down to keep from revealing the extent of her excitement. She hadn’t read every line in the employee manual, but she was pretty sure their behavior wasn’t following protocol.

Even so, she trusted them. They weren’t just her bosses, they were her friends. Somehow she’d unleashed this.

Des sat in the chair and spread his legs, drawing her gaze to the thick bulge at their apex. Even in the moonlight, his girth dried her throat. She wet her lips and startled at the needful sound he made.

“Yes. You’re going to use that tongue and those lips, you tease. But first, you’re going to take off your top for me.”

When she froze, Cole tugged up her shirt, making his own sound of approval as she willingly lifted her arms. She’d stopped thinking entirely. He set her top on his blotter and hooked his fingers under the straps of her bra, offering more praise while he drew them down her arms.

“Just push down the cups,” Des instructed.

She expected Cole to argue. Normally the two men shared a mutual balance of power, though technically Des owned a controlling interest of the business. But Cole didn’t hesitate. He flicked his fingers over her nipples and they peaked, seeking his caress. He stroked them without shame, first through the lacy cups then her bare flesh.

Both men made noises at the baring of her breasts, like animals circling bloody meat. “Pull those pretty tits up,” Des grated.

Cole tugged her breasts by her nipples, plumping them over the tight band of her bra. The swollen tips jutted outward, asking for their mouths. Begging for them.

Des showed her the items he’d hidden in his hands, pink clothespins with heavy teardrop crystals. She cried out in surprise as he clipped them with swift efficiency on her nipples.

Vision blurring, she stared down at the agile fingers now swirling around her areolas. Was this really happening? Did Des really have his hands on her breasts?

Her drenched sex said hell yes. So did her soaked thighs and quivering belly. She shifted forward on her knees, squeezing her legs together to try to get some friction where she needed it. “You stole those off the tree.”

Des’s trademark grin flashed just long enough to steal her breath. “It’s my tree. My ornaments.” He shifted the clips, their teeth scraping her stiff nipples, and she closed her eyes from the bite of pain the dangling crystals caused. “I knew you had beautiful tits. Tell me how wet your pussy is.”

He didn’t frame it as a question. He merely assumed it was so.

She whimpered, not able to reply. She’d fantasized occasionally about a lover talking dirty during sex, but she’d never gotten that explicit even in her own head. Which was pretty pitiful since it turned her on beyond belief.

“I’m wet,” she murmured, scandalized by both the admission and the flush stealing over her cheeks. Today aside, she wasn’t a blusher, and she wasn’t into kinky stuff with ornaments and…whatever the hell this was.

It was Des. Des. Finally.

“Stand up and take off your panties, then get on my lap. Quickly,” Des added at her stare. “There’s a party going on.” 


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This year, rocking the office holiday party has taken on a whole new meaning.

All receptionist Wendy Stanton wants for Christmas is a chance for a relationship with her sexy, sweet, dominant boss, Des. When that chance comes, she finds herself getting a whole lot more from the bargain than she’d anticipated—mainly a few steamy, mind-blowing encounters that include her other equally sexy boss, Cole Warner. Her body enjoys every bit of their attention, but her heart still wants more. She wants Des outside of the boardroom and the bedroom and in her life for good. But he’s hiding secrets and she’s hiding her feelings, and sooo they’re drifting farther apart instead of growing closer.

But if anything can get them to come together, it’s Christmas Eve…

Jingle Ball is a 24K novella that was originally published in A Very Naughty Xmas anthology. It has been re-edited and now includes an epilogue.

Warning: Sex with candy in this case is not an euphemism. And some of the ornaments from the tree have more than one use…just sayin’.

11 responses to “Scorching Christmas Fantasies Day 5 : Cari Quinn Shares a Sexy Excerpt & Offers a Giveaway

  1. Michelle A

    I would repurpose garland. What a pretty way to wrap or tie up your special packages. 😉 Really enjoyed the excerpt.

  2. Susan W.

    The garland’s the best thing to repurpose because it could be used multiple ways. Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. barbara

    Garland and tinsel to wrap around and tie things up perfectly. 😉 Thanks for the giveaway!
    bimmergrlmd at gmail dot com

  4. elaing8

    I would say a string of lights 🙂

    Thanks for sg=haring that hot excerpt. can’t wait to read this;

  5. Christine LaCombe

    holy smokes, that was just so darn hot, thanks for the except. I had just recently got the story in anthology but I haven’t had a chance to read it yet, but now I will, lol 🙂

  6. Sue Sattler

    Really? You want me to think what I would use on my tree after an excerpt like that??? Holy wow! I think my brain just melted.

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