Scorching Christmas Fantasies Day One : Introducing Aidan Flynn from Melting Ms Frost by Kat Black

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Released on 28th November, the ebook edition of Melting Ms Frost is already setting the Festive Season ablaze.  Here, Aidan Flynn tells us what’s top of his wishlist for Christmas Day this year.


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If you’d asked me as recently as a month ago to describe my perfect Christmas Day, I wouldn’t have had to even think before answering. As the Flynn family is both large and Irish, Christmas for us has always been about the craic – with big, rowdy, laughter-filled gatherings celebrating the coming together of loved ones.But since taking on this new job at Cluny’s, I find I’ve become absorbed by the idea of spending the day with one person in particular: my new boss, Annabel Frost. She of the ice queen attitude and the strict all-work-and-no-play ethic. A woman who gives every impression of suffering a violent allergic reaction to the merest whiff of Christmas spirit.

Talk about going from one extreme to the other.

What makes my preoccupation even more surprising is the fact that, while Ms Frost and I will indeed get to spend the day together, it’s not going to be in a way which comes anywhere near to the private, intimate celebrations constantly being concocted by my lust-drenched imagination. Those fantasies all focus on a day spent quietly – just the two of us, tucked up in my apartment, locked away from the world and its myriad distractions. A day where I get to have her all to myself.

Because I can think of nothing I’d like better than to light the fire and set about melting away that icy armour she wears – uncover more of the heat I’ve sometimes glimpsed sparking in her green eyes. For reasons I’ve yet to understand, Annabel Frost seems to have buried her true nature away and I’m committed to stripping back every protective layer, every bristling barrier, until all her secrets are laid bare to me. Until I find out what it is about letting people close that has her so very afraid.

Funny how my perfect day is one she’d absolutely hate.

Luckily for her, reality gives her at least a temporary escape. For the first time in my life I’ll be working Christmas Day, doing my bit as part of the slick Cluny’s team to provide a sumptuous festive feast to a restaurant full of customers who’d prefer to pay for somebody else to spend hours slaving in a kitchen. Although it’s set to be a long, busy day with virtually no opportunity of any privacy, I have to admit I don’t really mind. It’s enough to know that Annabel Frost will be there too – for me to look at, if not to touch. For the time being, that’s as near to perfection to suit me.

Melting Ms Frost is available now in ebook and from 30th January 2014 in paperback.

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Book info:

Melting Ms Frost by Kat Black

Published by HarperCollins Mischief

Ebook release 28th November 2013

Paperback release 30th January 2014


Kat Black’s website | Amazon UK buy link: Link | buy link: Link


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  1. Susan W.

    I haven’t seen this book before and the post makes me want to get it to find out if Aidan gets to live out his fantasies. Thanks for the giveaway!

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