Scorching Reviews in 2015 : Resolutions, Changes and Future Events

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Hola and welcome to Scorching Book Reviews.

Last year was challenging here on the blog. I became the solo reviewer and, because of the pressure, I lost my blogging mojo. Well, I’m doing some changes and I hope that it will be different in 2015. I want to take a step back and learn to love blogging again so here are my blogging resolutions …


  1. I have deleted Stat-counter … no more focusing on how well (or how not so well) the blog is doing with the general public. I want to blog for me!
  2. I am on a book-buying budget! I have so many books I own that I haven’t read … I shall only be spending a small amount of cash per month on new books.
  3. Clear the review pile. I plan to do this by June.
  4. Expand my reading tastes. I want to try more dystopian and FF romances. I’d also like to try some books with characters with disabilities.
  5. Comment on more blogs … I am so insular on here! Must be a better part of the community.
  6. Read more Cowboys … I am so disappointed with myself last year!




One thing that was a massive success was the Sex Scene Championship. I shall be doing that again and we shall see if anyone can relieve Tessa Bailey of her crown this year! So what other events do I have in store?

  • Feb …. We are 4!! I honestly considered chucking in the towel last year so I’m going to celebrate this year. I’m thinking a big party on the blog with competitions, giveaways and excerpts. If you want to get involved, find me on twitter (or email me if you have it) and we shall talk ๐Ÿ™‚
  • May … LGBT month. It’s International Day against Homophobia, Biphobobia and Transphobia on May 17th and I’m tying in with this date. I want to celebrate ALL aspects of LGBT fiction (not just MM) and I *think* I’ll be asking bloggers aswell as authors to get involved this year. Again, if you want to get involved, find me at the usual hotspots or comment below.
  • August …. SEX SCENE CHAMPIONSHIP! Of course I’m doing it again, I love it! And again … just find me and we’ll talk ๐Ÿ™‚



5 responses to “Scorching Reviews in 2015 : Resolutions, Changes and Future Events

  1. Pansy Petal

    These sound like worthy goals for the coming year. Can I come and play with you? I don’t Tweet, I rarely blog on my own site, but I read voraciously, review some of it and enjoy sharing ideas. Thank you. See you around the web.

  2. Susan W

    I’m glad you didn’t Chuck it in last year! This year I’ll try to be better at commenting rather than just reading.

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