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Yes, it’s that time again.. it’s Sex Scene Championship Sign Up Time! This event is held in August and is always incredibly popular 🙂

So what is it? Well, it is a Sex Scene Knockout tournament where authors put up the favorite out of all their sex scenes to be voted on against a randomly drawn competitor (picked at the start of the tournament). Who does the voting? The readers of course 🙂 Want to see a round in action? Click here for all of last years post .

UPDATE – (In no particular order) Author’s currently signed up are…

Tessa Bailey
Jenna Bayley Burke
Misa Buckley
Setta Jaye
Holley Trent
Shari Slade
Kacey Hammell
Lane Hart
Jody Wallace
Vanessa North
Jess Dee
Sarah M. Anderson
Carrie Ann Ryan
Alyssa Cole
Jeffe Kennedy
Noell Mosco
Kate Allure
Krystal Shannan
Kate Canterbary
J J Lore
Jessica E. Subject
Regina Kammer
Lucy Felthouse
Laura Gonzales
Jillian Neal
Lisa Marie Perry
Jaymi Hanako
Kate Lowell
Scarlet Day
August Kert
Heather Long
Maren Meriel McCaffrey
Skye Callahan
C.W. Nightly
Piper Trace
Samantha Ann King
Heather Long
Danube Adele
Nikka Michaels
Brighton Walsh
Julianna Keyes
Julie Rowe
Kat Latham
Michele Mannon
Anna Richland
Jennifer Bray-Weber
A.M. Arthur
Eden Bradley
Mona Karel
Ana J. Phoenix
Jackie Ashenden
Cecilia London
Jennifer Leighton
Joan Kilby
Amy Andrews
Naima Simone
Kate Meader
Rebecca Grace Allen
Mia West
Kelly Jamieson
Isabel Winsor
karen stivali
Cara Bristol
Serena Akeroyd
Evelyn Shepherd
Leela Lou Dahlin
Tara Lain
Qwillia Rain
Roz Lee
H.S. Lane
Tina Christopher
Samantha Cote
Cari Quinn
Elizabeth Shore
Cari Silverwood
J. Hali Steele
Allie Ritch
Marie Lark
Gail Koger
Chie Alemán
Eliza Madison
Nancy Holland
Danni Price
Elizabeth Varlet
Jenn Burke
Amelia James
Brenda Huber
Christine D’Abo
Raccheline Maltease & Erin Maltease
Madeline Moore

So, want to sign up? Fill in the google form below and I’ll get back to you!

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