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cooltext129748819578231Perfect Pitch – Cari Quinn & Taryn Elliott

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The second Ethan pulled out of the spot, Luc pounced.

His mouth came down on hers hard, and he gripped her upper thigh to haul her closer. She gave back as good as she got, thrusting her tongue into his mouth, grabbing a handful of his hair. Her long-ass legs wrapped around his waist and he bent over her on the seat, getting her on her back even if it was more than a little awkward considering the space and the fact that Ethan was taking the corners at approximately seventy miles an hour.

“Goddammit,” Ethan muttered from the front, tilting the rearview mirror all the way down. “You better let me see exactly what you’re doing back there.” He waited a beat. “Or you can tell me.”

“Right now?” Luc slid his hand under her skirt and between her damp thighs, groaning as his fingertips brushed her swollen slit. “I’m touching the hottest, wettest pussy in the freaking universe.”

She fisted her hands in his hair and instead of bringing him to her mouth, pushed him down. All the way down until he was shoving her skirt out of the way to get to the heart of her, to taste what he’d sampled at the table in the diner. Now he’d get to sip from the source.

He stroked his tongue over her, holding her thighs wide open. She was already quivering, her body like the strings of a guitar. Tight and waiting to be plucked.

Streetlights flashed over her face before plunging them into darkness again. The car rocked from side to side as he fought to make enough room to thoroughly eat her out. The sweet smell of her…

Jesus, he was gonna be dead before they made it to Ethan’s.

“Now he’s licking me,” she whispered, the words barely audible.

Luc rubbed his thumb over her tight clit and she bowed up, scrabbling the leather with her nails. Ethan squealed the brakes as he shot into another parking lot, this one covered.

“How? What’s he doing?” Ethan slammed on the brakes as he took a corner, sending the car into a fishtail that didn’t stop Luc from sucking on her swollen flesh.

Goddamn, she was burning up. Her soaked pussy sucked at his tongue as he speared it inside her, thrusting in and out as he cupped her ass and lifted her off the seat. One of her legs wound around his body and the other bounced beneath him, her ragged breaths all he could hear other than the occasional screech of the tires as Ethan searched for a spot.

Up a level. And another. The climb was endless. Beneath him, Molly writhed wildly, her hips incapable of staying still. The taut muscles of her ass flexing in his hands as he squeezed and flicked and sucked.

“Tongue,” she panted, banging her head against the window as she fumbled above her for the oh shit handle. She was sort of half laid out and half propped against the door, and her tits bounced with every jerk of the vehicle. Diamond-hard nipples poked obscenely through her tank and he couldn’t keep from touching. He balanced as much of her generous ass as he could in his palm and grasped her breast with the other hand, thumbing her nipple roughly while he circled her clit over and over with his mouth. “He’s sucking on my pussy. I’m gonna come.”

“Not yet.” Luc turned his head and scraped his teeth over the inside of her thigh, tasting her need there too. He wanted to drown in her.

Shifting her upward on the seat so she was sitting up more—and so Ethan could get a better look with the rearview—he licked his fingers and thrust one inside her. She cried out.

“Pull down your shirt,” he demanded, punctuating each word with the movement of his finger. Then a second finger. Her body clasped him, her swollen flesh greedy. “Show us your pretty tits.”

She fumbled with her tank, pulling it down beneath her bra. She shoved the cups down too and then her breasts sprung free, those rosy tips way too much of a distraction. Still finger-fucking her, he leaned up to capture one between his teeth, smiling around her nipple as Ethan growled in the front seat.

He’d effectively blocked his view. Oops.
he car careened into a space, but Luc wasn’t through. He twisted his fingers inside her, adding another layer of friction and drew her nipple deeper into his mouth. Almost carelessly, he rubbed his calloused thumb over her clit.

And she went off.

Her body shook under his, her chest rising and falling as she struggled to haul in air. Her contractions around him made him curse and rub her clit that much harder, desperate to make them continue.

He just never expected the back door to open and for Ethan to shove him out of the way.

His target wasn’t her pussy or her exposed tits. No, he went for her mouth, kissing her in a way that left her reaching up for him weakly, her nails streaking along his scalp as Luc kept up the pressure between her legs.

“Can’t. Oh God, not again. We’re outside—”

Ethan lowered his mouth to her other breast, tugging on her nipple again and again with noisy little wet pops of flesh. He reached down between her legs, his broad thumb brushing her clit while Luc kept his fingers pumping in and out. Luc moved down again, swearing at the creak in his knees and the worse one in his neck. Didn’t matter. He licked her over and over, his tongue sliding over her slick skin and Ethan’s knuckles. The other man made a sound between a grunt and a groan, but Luc didn’t stop.

He couldn’t.

cooltext129750505189949Dark Rooms – Sionna Fox

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He ran his hands up and down her back, over the curves of her ass cheeks, and she sighed and relaxed farther down into the bench. He secured the cuffs around her biceps and her thighs, ghosting his fingers over her pussy on his way back up. She was hot and wet, and as much as he wanted to bury his tongue or his cock in her liquid heat, he was going to beat her ass red first.

He slid his belt from the loops and doubled it over his fist, stroked the worn leather across her skin. “Are you ready?”

“More than, sir. Green.”

“Good girl.” He gave her three quick backhand snaps over her left cheek. She moaned and arched her back, reaching for it. He passed over her right cheek a bit harder; she shivered and groaned and scooted toward him as much as her bonds would allow. “On a scale of ‘did you even hit me’ to ‘safing out now,’ where are you, Aimee?”

She looked at him over her shoulder, her eyelids at half-mast with one eyebrow raised and a wicked grin on her lips. “Did you even hit me, sir?”

As he worked her over, increasing the force of the blows, settling into a steady rhythm, he watched the arch of her back, the even rise and fall of her ribs, listened to her moan. Her skin flushed beautifully as he laid the belt across her shoulders and raised red welts on her ass. She kept stretching into it, kept taking it, her pussy getting so wet she was dripping down the end of the bench. He backhanded one to her left cheek and stepped back to watch it roll through her, to watch her pussy clench and moisture slide down her leg.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck. I’m close, sir. Please.”

He stroked the hot, reddened skin on her ass as she whimpered and wriggled. He could make her wait, could bring her back from the edge and torment them both, but his patience was running out as quickly as hers. “What do you need to come, Aimee? The belt?

Fingers? Tongue? Cock?” He let another strike fly, for good measure.

“Fuck,” she sobbed, low and long. The belt, apparently. Her hands and feet flexed as her hips rolled and her thighs tensed in orgasm.

“Do you want more?” One hand was already at his fly, pulling his cock out of his pants.

She shook her head. “Fuck me. Please.”

He dropped the belt, grabbed a condom from the bowl on the side table, and rolled it down over his cock. He slicked his fingers through her folds, found her clit, and stroked it while he fitted himself to her pussy. He pushed into her, unable to hold back a long, low, “Fuck,” of his own as her heat engulfed him. He put his hands on her hips and thrust hard, bottoming out with her flushed, red ass cheeks pressed into his hips. He stayed there for a second, reveling in the feeling, then he fucked her. Hard and fast, racing toward the orgasm that had been waiting for him, a shadow on the horizon since the moment she led him out of the dining room.

Aimee pitched and rolled under him, thrusting her hips back against him, whimpering and moaning. He gripped her hips harder, pushing and pulling her onto his cock. Her cunt clenched hard around him.

“Are you going to come for me again, Aimee?”

She nodded and moaned. “Getting there.”

“What can I do?”

“My clit.” She gulped in breath as he leaned forward, slid a hand under her, found it, and stroked his fingers over the tight knot.

“Fuck. Yeah. Squeeze.”

He slipped two fingers around it and pinched them together; he felt the resulting clench of her muscles on every inch of his dick. “You do that again, I’m going to come.”

“Do it. I’ll come too, sir.”

He squeezed her clit again, she squeezed back and he was lost. The orgasm rushed all the way up his spine to the base of his skull and he collapsed on her back as it rocketed through him. He was vaguely aware of her grinding against his hand and her pussy clamping down, wringing another few seconds of mind-numbing pleasure out of him before she went limp.

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