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cooltext129748819578231Firestorm – D.B.Sieders

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“I want to try something new. Something I’ve never done before. Are you up for it?”“Are you?” she quipped, reaching down to grasp his heated flesh.

“Oh, yeah,” he said. He lifted her up, wrapped her legs around him, and guided her body until he was poised to enter her.

“May I?” he asked.

“Oh, gods, yes!”

He glided inside her, filling her body and soul. She changed her mind. Being outdoors definitely worked for her.

“Good, he said, moving inside her. He placed his forehead hard against hers and whispered. “Do you trust me?”


He stopped moving and held her steady in spite of her effort to seek the friction she so desperately needed. Bruce laughed. Damn it, it seemed she’d exorcised more than enough of the demons he carried to unleash his wicked, stubborn, infuriating, “playful” spirit. He laughed harder, which worked to her advantage while still serving to irritate. Gods, he must love that!

“Little sparrow, I want to give you what you want, believe me. But I need to know if you’re on board with it.”

The wind danced over her body, igniting every hypersensitive nerve. “That’s ch-cheating.”

Then it occurred to her. Two could play at that game.

She let loose a couple of flames, bidding them to run over Bruce’s body in search of all his sweet spots.

After he caught his breath, he said, “Well done, little sparrow. Do you still trust me?”

She was ready to unleash another snarky comment, but was this an argument she really wanted to win? So far trusting Bruce had worked in her favor. Whatever he had in mind, it would likely prove worthwhile.

“Should I take that feeling as a ‘yes?’” he asked, moving enough to bring her right back to the edge of ecstasy.

“Yes, Bruce, I trust you. Now, what is it that you want to try?”

He kissed her deep, moving just enough to thrill without pushing her over the edge. “Do you know how eagles mate?”

A lick of fear went through her, but he chased it away with more kisses and caresses. “Don’t worry, Sera. I won’t let you fall.”

One more deep kiss, and he leapt off the ledge and took her with him.


Oh, gods, she might kill him for this, but he’d die a happy Sylph.

Surrounded by his element while buried deep inside Serafina, her heat suffusing him, all of the deep sorrows he’d collected over the longest few days of his existence melted away. He was whole. He was free.

He was falling in love. Something he’d thought would never happen again.

Following his own advice, he stopped thinking and focused on the creature in his arms, all passion and fire, flying with him and sharing the heights of pleasure, trusting that he’d see her safe. They fell faster and faster, the ferocity of their coupling keeping tempo with their rapid descent. Could they both find bliss before he had to pull them back away from the earth?

One way to find out.

He pulled her closer, grinding his hips against her and gauging her response. He’d always enjoyed sharing his lovers’ bliss, but making love to the Phoenix took the experience to another level—unpredictable, passionate and shy by turns, and that fucking fire? He wasn’t a masochist by any means, not in that sense. Well, not anymore. One couldn’t live for nearly seven-hundred years without dabbling. But something about pleasure with a lick of pain and the spice of danger proved irresistible.

“Come on, little sparrow. Just a little bit more. Open your eyes and show me your bliss. Let me fall into you.”

Her eyes flew open as she arched against him and screamed his name. He longed to follow her, but safety first. Conjuring wind power, he pulled them up before even the tallest blade of grass could graze her skin and rode the waves of her pleasure as they soared. So close, so close, he fought to make it last, wanting to stay in this safe haven forever.

He let the wind carry them, holding himself still as the aftershocks of her pleasure caressed him. She reached up with a trembling hand to touch his cheek, her gaze filled with wonder and affection that tightened his chest and pierced his aching heart. “Let go, Bruce. Let me see what I’ve done to you.”

He roared as his climax tore him asunder, pleasure bordering on pain. He couldn’t take it. He couldn’t get enough. She held his gaze all the while, glimpsing a part of himself he rarely revealed. Gods, he’d gladly share all of his secrets with her.

Spent and satisfied, he used his last bit of energy to transport them back to his bedchamber, reluctantly breaking their connection. He wrapped her in a warm embrace with arms and wings, finding a much sweeter, more profound link to his Phoenix. Her fire whispered across his skin as if to thank him.

“Bruce,” she said, voice low and dreamy.

“Yes, my love?” he whispered back.

“I like the way you skydive.”

cooltext129750505189949Stirring Up Glory – Kacey Hammell

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“I wanted to check my phone for messages. In case the hospital called.”He nodded. “Mine’s in the kitchen. I don’t remember you having yours.”

“It’s in the pocket of my jacket.”

“I’ll get it.”

“Oh, I can,” she started, but he was in motion, and picked up the discarded jacket. “Glad I didn’t drop it too hard.” He tossed the phone to her, awed as the sheet she’d covered herself with dipped low, baring her bountiful cleavage. He started back toward the side. “Shit,” he yelled as he stubbed his toe.

“Are you okay?” She moved toward the edge of the bed.

Drew frowned as he kneeled. “What the hell?” he dragged the open wooden box out further.

“Oh, no!” she exclaimed. “Drew, leave that, please.”

“I don’t think so, baby.” The lid fell open the rest of the way when he stopped towing it across the floor.

“Jesus,” he groused. “This is … so many cocks, Glory.” He lifted his gaze to hers, his brow arched.

Heat rushed over Glory’s face. “Um …”

“I’d have investments in batteries if I were you.” Hell, he’d watched his past girlfriends use dildos and loved every single second of it. To find a treasure trove of at least a dozen under their bed, well, it was a first.

“Don’t be sarcastic. I never leave it out. Shit.”

He glanced at the chest, baffled by the different colors and sizes. Her past words of knowing how to take care of herself came to mind. “You use these after visits to Controlled Iris, don’t you?” His dick hardened as he imagined her so turned on from being at the mansion that she’d undress and shove a vibrator in her cunt as soon as she returned home. Sweat dotted along his upper lip.

“I’m sorry you had to see that. Let me put it away.” She swung her legs over the side of the bed.

“Stay. Leave it,” he ordered.

Eyes wide, she halted. He picked up one, studied it, and picked up another. He didn’t comprehend the need for so many.

“Oh, for heaven’s sake. Sometimes a gal needs more than one,” she replied with feigned bravado.

Drew stared at her, his eyebrow raised as he lifted two of her particular favorite dildos in each fist. “What a variety. Have a favorite?” he asked as serious as possible, amused by her hidden goodies.

She pinned him with a narrowed gaze, annoyance and ire crossing her face. Oh, he loved to see fire building in her eyes when he goaded her.

“Well, if you must know, Mr. Nosey. The glass blue one there, with the small to large beads is exciting. It fills me easy at first, and as my arousal builds, I can take more of it.” Drew swallowed hard, thrilled at her response but unsure if he could control himself with the suddenly sexy and graphic images exploding in his head. “And, the red one, which I call Sticky Red, has the largest girth and takes the crown as the ultimate delight. It sticks to any surface, but to plastic the best. I ride it.” Drew breathed deep as she leaned closer to him, hovering at the edge of the bed. The sheet fell from her tits, revealing more skin, but not everything he wanted to see as she held a quarter of it against her. “I ride it hard. On that chair over there,” she pointed and his gaze followed. A dark green plastic chair sat at the small vanity table where makeup lined the surface. “I love the freedom to use it whenever I want.”
His gaze met the fiery blue of hers. She was breathtaking. And he needed to see her on the edge. Needed to see that freedom.

“Show me,” he ordered, and held the red dildo out to her.

Startled, she sat up, baring her to him. “What?”

Drew sidled the few feet to the chair on his knees, and turned the chair around to face him. He contemplated the dildo in his hand, and the puzzle pieces fit together quick. Licking his left hand a couple times, he dampened the suction part and slammed the dildo on the chair to stick. After tugging on the bottom of it a few times, ensuring it was a strong hold, he moved back to the side of the bed.

His hands clasping her around the waist, he hauled her to her feet, and cupped her tits.

A loud gasp rushed from her. “Drew,” she exclaimed, her heart racing.

He kneaded the boon in front of him, leaned forward and pressed his lips to her chest. The sweet and salty nectar from her skin filled his mouth. Delicious and potent, desire rushed over him.

He cruised along her skin, his lips finding every freckle and mole, his tongue savoring every lick and nibble. Shifting lower, he flicked her nipple. Glory purred, her back arching against his palm where he held her upright. His dick shifted behind his shorts, twitching in eagerness to be free. He suckled each nipple, moving from one to the other, his teeth biting and his tongue soothing the sting.

“Oh my,” she groaned as he flicked the bud. “Oh, Drew.”

He lifted his head. The light caressed her skin in a glow that took his breath away. A golden goddess from her blonde head to her cute toes. “Show me, baby. I want to watch you in ecstasy.”

“But—” her gaze dropped, downcast, and she tried to scoot away from him.

“It’s okay, I promise. Don’t think, just imagine. Has anyone ever watched you pleasure yourself?” God, he prayed she said no.

Her gaze searched his until she shook her head. Drew breathed a sigh of relief.

“I promise I’ll keep your secrets. What happens in here will forever stay between us. Call it fulfilling a fantasy for me.” Drew waited, his heart pounding as Glory glanced at him, toward the chair, and back again. Uncertainty and fear clouded her eyes.

“Show me what you enjoy most. Show me what it takes to please you,” he crooned.

Air rushed from Glory when she nodded. Drew’s heart thudded in his chest as he helped her stand. On his knees, he hooked his fingers into her thong, and inched it over her hips. He lifted each leg free of the material and gazed up at her. “You take my breath away.” Such an exquisite beauty. Long and lean, her breasts high and firm, and the black thong she wore was sexy as hell on her hips. He grinned up at her as his hands skimmed up along her delicious skin.

Her chest rose and fell as her breathing hitched. Her pussy was bare and so tempting. His mouth watered. But he held himself back, knowing when he tasted her, his cock wouldn’t take long to get inside her when he finished his feast. For now, he wanted to watch.

As for touching, well, he couldn’t resist. He brushed his fingers up her thighs, closer to her center, up over her navel and down again. Goose bumps covered her skin in the wake of his touch, and her harsh breathing filled the bedroom. Fixated on the bounty before him, he watched his fingers trail over her golden curves to her pussy.

She shifted on her feet as his fingers slid through her lips. One hand spread her open while the other found the sweet clit hiding. A moan escaped him as it glistened with her wetness in the light. “Fuck, baby,” he breathed, his fingers circling the swollen flesh.

“Wait. Hm, wait,” she ordered, and moved back. Her body trembled. Drew clenched his jaw, unsure if his heart could handle it if they stopped now.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. It’s okay, but if you do any more of that, it’ll be over before you get your fantasy.”

Drew grinned. Yeah, this was what he wanted to see. Her eyes alight with merriment and passion entwined. Excited. He loved seeing that shine to her. A woman at the heights of desire.

He settled on the floor, his back against the side of the bed, and watched the exquisite globes of her ass when she walked toward the chair. She dragged it over a few feet, centered it to his angle and beside her dresser, and glanced over at him.

Drew’s gaze never wavered from the delectable sight as she lifted her left foot onto the chair, raised a hand to her mouth and licked her fingers. His cock hardened as her tongue darted out along her upper lip. His gaze shifted to her hand as she lowered it to her pussy and spread the moisture over her flesh.

His hands curled into fists as she straddled the chair, hovering over the dildo, and locked gazes with him. Excitement swirled around her irises. Drew sat mesmerized by the svelte magnificence in front of him, his heart thumping hard and his shaft throbbing, as the dildo disappeared inside her.

Glory’s guttural moan washed over him. Her long legs straddled the chair, and her hands rested on her thighs as she rose and fell again. Drew tried to control his breathing as he watched her move. Her deep sighs surrounded him, striking him in the gut. She was an amazing enigma. His preconceived notions of her were far off the mark. He never considered her so charged with such a sexual side. Seductive, yes, always. So eager and responsive, no.

His gaze followed her cunt sliding over the cock, the plastic glistened with her juices. Drew licked his lips, hunger curling within him. In his entire life, nothing amazed him more than this lady.

“Drew.” His name fell from her lips in a gasp.

“I’m here, baby. Tell me how it feels. Is it good?”

“So good,” she groaned as she slid again, pausing to shift her hips back and forth, the dildo snug inside her. Her head fell back on her shoulders and she sighed blissfully. Her nipples were tight and erect.

“Come closer,” her whispered plea surprised him. Her eyes beckoned him, calling to his soul.

“This is just for you, babe.” No doubt he’d die from the hardest dick he ever had in his life, but he wanted this for her. “I want to watch you come.”

“I want you to touch me,” she gasped as her cunt swallowed the dildo once again. “Touch me, Drew. I need you.”

He shuffled closer. Those words on her lips were sweet and satisfying. Unheard of.

And he loved it.

In front of her, he kneeled and clasped her hips, halting her movements. His gaze caught hers, mesmerized as perspiration dotted her forehead, and sparkled along the column of her neck. Fuck, he’d give every cent he had to taste her mouth right now. But he’d follow her lead and respect her wishes.

His hands gripped her waist and leaned forward. He flicked her nipple with his tongue, pleasure filling him as she gasped and pushed her fingers through his hair. His teeth grazed her nipples, and they beaded harder. Back on his heels, he raised her up and brought her down again.

“Oh, god,” Glory whimpered above him.

Drew smiled as he dropped his gaze to the sensational display in front of him. “You’re fucking spectacular.” Her juices slid along the dildo. He glanced up at her as her fingers dug into his scalp. “That’s it, babe. I got you. The cock’s so wet. Your pussy’s dripping.”

Glory closed her eyes, head forward and hung on to him as he moved her faster. “Drew,” she moaned, breathing heavy.

“I want to watch you come all over it. You prefer a cock deep, don’t you?”

Her nod was frantic as she drew in harsh gusts of air. His hands tightened on her sweaty hips, helping to keep her steady as she worked over the cock. His dick tightened behind his shorts and his blood boiled as the dildo slipped inside her wet pussy over and over. How could he be so jealous of an inanimate object? Was he so pathetic?

Hard as a rock and turned on is what we are.

Drew wanted to laugh at his thoughts, but dammit his cock could break through a wall right now. How he’d reached his forties and never watched a woman riding a cock, positioned exactly as she wanted to find her perfect pleasure. He’d done many exciting things in bed with women, but this was the most erotic.

And while most men might be emasculated over their lady having a dildo, he relished the vision his made. To watch her juices dripping along the length of it and her body hot and sweaty, riding it uninhibited hypnotized him. He wanted to watch her for days. Sinful and delicious. Luscious and sexy as fuck.

“Ah, yes. Oh, I’m so close. Oh,” Glory keened, breathless above him.

He raised one hand to his lips and wet his fingers before he reached between her legs. His fingers slid against her swollen clit.

Glory’s hips jerked. “Oh, mm. Yes,” she exclaimed, surprised. “Oh, Drew.”

He wanted to hear her moan his name over and over. He kept his left hand tight on her waist as she rode the cock, faster and harder, and rubbed her bud with his right. A tremble swept over him as her juices slid from her, making it easier to slide over it, and wet his fingers. He moved his hand faster and her hands clenched in his hair.

Raising his head, he watched her face as he worked her clit while she enjoyed the hard dick inside her. She licked her lips, drawing in one labored breath after another and he wished they were wrapped around his dick.

Cheeks flushed, her hair damp and her skin shiny from sweat. “You look beautiful. Oh, babe, I am in awe. Such a hot body behind those dresses and suits. Tits so perfect and cunt so hot and juicy. Hmm, I can’t wait to fuck you, Glory.”

“I want you to fuck me,” she gasped, eyes closed, ecstasy filling her face.

His fingers swirled her clit, and he felt her body tremble. “Soon. I can see the orgasm building. Your nipples are so hard and your clit, oh it’s so fucking hard.” He pressed his fingers hard against her as she rode the dildo faster, and her back arched.

Feet firm on the floor, her release erupted from her as he watched her move faster. Her pussy slammed on the shaft one last time, and a wild scream wrenched from her. Drew continued rubbing her clit as she jerked. Her fingers dug into his scalp.

He leaned forward and pressed his lips against her stomach, his fingers moving away from her clit. His arms around her waist, his forearms under her ass cheeks, and held her close while he dropped kisses on her flesh in great admiration.

Glory’s breathing slowed, and she dropped her hands to his shoulders. His heart pounded so hard he thought it might fall out of his chest. Jesus, she was hard on his heart, in more ways than one.

If exhaustion and pleasure flowed through him from watching her ride a dildo, he wasn’t sure how he’d survive being inside her.

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