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cooltext129748819578231Desiring Lacey – Erica Lynn

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“What’s he doing to her?” Cameron asked as his hands made their way down to her chest, and his long fingers massaged the tops of her breasts over her dress. He applied perfect pressure, squeezing them just right, and her nipples hardened beneath his touch.“He’s going down on her.”

Cameron chuckled and allowed his hands to travel to her waist. “Going down on her? Please. That’s what guys do when they feel it’s something they have to do. Like it’s a chore.” He removed his hands, then made his way around her chair until he was in front of her. He placed his palms on her shaking knees, his thumbs still massaging, and ran his tongue over his lips. “Open your legs?”

Lacey watched her legs tremble as she parted them slightly, allowing Cameron to slide in between them. The feel of his body and his heat against her center had her helplessly trying to grind into the chair. Anything to get some friction where she needed it most.

He leaned in until their lips almost touched, but stopped just short of kissing her. “What he’s doing, Lacey, is eating her pussy.” He ran his mouth across her cheek and to her ear, his hot breath sending chills up her spine as he spoke. “Watch him. He’s devouring her. He wants to feel every ounce of her wetness on his tongue, then he wants to swallow it down. Do you see? Can you tell the difference?”

Lacey watched, transfixed, as the man’s tongue disappeared in and out of the woman. She heard him moan as he used his fingers to fill her up. Every now and then, he’d place one of them back into his mouth and suck off her juices, then he’d grab her thighs or hips and push her down farther into his mouth. Onto his face.

“Oh!” Lacey threw her head back as Cameron used the palm of his hand to push against her center.

“Mmm…I can feel how wet you are. Tell me, baby, do you need to come?”

“Yes…yes please.” She clumsily attempted to remove her stockings, but he took her hands and placed them on the armrests.

“No need,” he grabbed the middle of her pantyhose, right above her sex, and ripped them open.

Her center throbbed from both her need and the cool air that now caressed her sensitive skin. She could feel her wetness on her inner thighs, and she attempted to rub them together to get some sort of relief, but it proved impossible with him kneeling between her legs.

Cameron leaned down and hovered just above her sex.

Her legs shook, her fingers dug into the armrests, and her hips continuously rose off the chair involuntarily. Just when she was ready to beg for him to put his mouth on her, she felt his tongue softly skate over her lips.

“Keep looking at them,” he whispered against her. “Watch them while I eat you.”

She opened her eyes as the couple changed positions. The man climbed his way up the woman’s body and ran his fingers over her nipples. She arched her back beneath him, filling his hands with her full breasts. Their sounds of pleasure filled the room when he finally thrust into her. Lacey saw the exact moment the man pushed his dick deep inside the woman, and it sent a shiver through her body and into her sex, where Cameron’s mouth gladly absorbed it. He moaned, no, growled, against her wet flesh, and she couldn’t help but run her fingers through his hair and scoot a little closer. He pulled away just long enough to grab her, his fingertips pressed firmly into her hips, and yank her forward until her ass hung off the chair. He positioned her legs over his shoulders and lifted her, then slid his fingers inside her while his tongue softly massaged her clit. Back and forth, in and out, back and forth…

“Oh, God. Cameron, I…I think I’m going to come. Can you do it faster, please?”

“Do what faster, sugar?”


“Say it.” He pulled away and looked at her, his eyes dark and hooded, his lips wet from her center. “I’ll do anything you want, I promise you. Anything to make you come. Just tell me what it is, baby.”

“Eat me faster, please.” Lacey whimpered.

“Eat what, sugar?”

He was toying with her, the little prick, and she wasn’t about to let him get away with it. Fake it till you make it. She took a deep breath as she gathered up every ounce of courage she had, looked him straight in the eyes, and spoke with a confidence she wasn’t aware she possessed. “Eat my pussy faster. And harder. Please.” She curled her fingers into his short hair and gently pulled him down as she shimmied her sex beneath him, just out of reach of his mouth.

Cameron did exactly as she requested. His tongue pushed with more pressure against her clit and through her folds in small, fast circles. Then he went down and wiggled it into her opening, lapping her up from the inside, fucking her with his mouth.

The pressure began to build deep inside her. Her engorged clit pulsed with the need for release, and she continued to raise her hips and circle her center against his mouth. He took everything she gave.

His moans vibrated against her skin as he licked every inch of her, his fingers flexing against her while his tongue pushed her toward her release. She felt his hands curl around the tops of her thighs, then he pulled her aching clit into his mouth and swirled his tongue around it, his lips massaging as he kissed and sucked.

Lacey’s entire body went stiff as she came. The sensation rolled through her, over and over, and the second she thought she couldn’t possibly come anymore, he used his fingers to spread her lips and lick her again with the flat of his tongue. Slowly and incredibly softly, intensifying her orgasm.

He continued to tenderly kiss her center as her breathing returned to normal, his lips applying the gentlest of pressure to her folds. Finally, he ran his hands up the back of her thighs until he cupped her ass, gave it a squeeze, then pushed her back until she sat in the chair again.

cooltext129750505189949Someday It Will Be – S.A. McAuley

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Isaac lingered, taking his time with Poe—touching, licking, tasting. Teasing. Poe curled his fingers into Isaac’s hair and gently pulled, silently begging for Isaac’s lips to envelop him completely. Isaac laughed, low and throaty, and licked at the base of Poe’s cock, then swirled his tongue up and around the head. Poe arched into the touch without thought, pushing himself deeper into Isaac’s mouth.

This feeling wasn’t new—getting lost in the hot, wet heat of another man’s mouth—but somehow it was more. So much more since it was Isaac pulling those needy moans from his throat, Isaac wrapping his hand around the base of his cock and spurring him forward, careening him toward that edge with abandon. Isaac stilled Poe with a hand to Poe’s hip, fingers digging into Poe’s skin, teeth catching on the head of his cock, alighting every nerve in Poe’s body until all he could think about was Isaac.

Poe was already oversensitive, his hole stretched from Isaac driving inside him only moments ago. But he didn’t want Isaac to stop or ease up on him. He needed to be taken by Isaac over and over again until every memory of every other man was wiped away into a long-forgotten haze, more dream than reality. He stifled a cry as Isaac took him deep and swallowed around his shaft, Isaac’s throat vibrating with moans of pleasure.

Isaac slipped a lubed finger into Poe’s ass and pumped it slowly in time with the movement of his lips and tongue. Poe surrendered to the moment, to the languid swipes of Isaac’s tongue on his cock. Isaac was torturing him. Knowing that the slowness with which he fucked Poe’s ass and tentatively bobbed his head along Poe’s length would drive him mad.

Isaac sucked Poe in deep, hard, and found that spot inside him that blackened his vision and stole his breath, catapulting him to the edge, then Isaac withdrew completely, leaving Poe a writhing mess on the rumpled sheets.

“Fuck, Isaac. I need more. Please. More,” Poe begged, his grasp on Isaac’s head pulling his lover back to his aching cock.

More. He needed so much more. More heat, more friction. More of Isaac’s touch. More reassurance. It was only in these moments—so intimate, so overwhelming—that Poe could believe Isaac’s return to him was real.

Isaac swallowed him down to the hilt and Poe arched off the bed, unable to hold back the oaths of worship that fell from his lips. Isaac was everywhere around and in him all at once—his scent, his skin, his breath—and Poe was wholly alive. Free and yet owned completely. Loved.

He was consumed by Isaac’s touch. A willing slave to Isaac’s command. Isaac sped his pace, added another finger, sinking them deep into Poe’s ass until Poe could no longer restrain the bucking of his hips. He was so close, a scorching fire racing through his veins, a burn that only Isaac could stoke to uncontrollable heights. He was breaking apart, deconstructed with Isaac’s hands, with his mouth. With Isaac’s reverence of his body. There was no way to fight the assault and he didn’t want to. He craved this loss of control and trusted Isaac to shatter him then bring him back from the brink. He knew Isaac would have the power to pick up those pieces and resurrect him into something stronger.

Poe chased the contrasting sensations of Isaac’s fingers and tongue, Isaac’s hand on his hip branding him with pain and possession. He was Isaac’s. His. How could he have ever doubted that?

Poe cried out Isaac’s name and let himself go, spilling into Isaac’s mouth, his hands gripped firmly in Isaac’s hair, his body wracked with the intensity of the release. Isaac didn’t pull away until Poe was still again, his body sated and mind wiped clean of everything except the man entwining his fingers with Poe’s as Isaac slumped onto the bed next to him.

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