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cooltext129748819578231On his Knees –Eve Pendle

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They were a tangle of limbs and her clothing, her thighs over his and arms across each other’s. Refusing to relinquish her hold on his hardness didn’t help, but he was hers and wouldn’t let him go.

When they were chest to chest, Rosina’s back on sand, their bare legs protected by the fabric of her petticoats and skirt, she guided him to her entrance. He held there above her, his cock against her slick folds, braced on arms she wouldn’t be able to span with her hand, waiting for her approval.

“Yes,” she instructed him, tilting up her hips as he surged forward into her wetness. It was a sudden invasion, stretching her out. He was scorching and thick and he was oh, oh, so good.

“More.” She pressed upward to bring him deeper, so her clit rubbed against him.

Slowly, he obeyed, thrusting deep and steady at first, then at her whispered urges, faster and longer, with a solid rhythm. The feel of him deep inside her was that of a long-forgotten satisfaction, so much more than that which her fingers could do on their own. The push of his width on the sensitive spot inside her and the brush of his skin on her clitoris, forced incoherent words from her mouth.

He lowered his head to hers, and their lips met in a gentle kiss that immediately deepened, their mouths opening to each other. This was the first time, she realized. No sweet first kiss on her hand, or chastely on her face. Immediately it was a frenetic kiss, tangling tongues and knocking teeth. Not pretty or elegant, but passionate and messy. His lips were cool compared to the burning heat of his cock inside her and the fine roughness of his stubble rubbed on her cheek.

He was a big man and he was doing her bidding, and that thought chased arousal down her torso. She was so close. Just a little more and she would tip over.

“Harder.” Reaching around, she dragged her fingernails across his buttocks and he gasped in response.

“Yes,” he whispered, shifting his face into the crook of her neck, pounding into her. She smoothed her palm across the straight ridges she’d made in his skin. It was beyond her to resist the temptation to touch him. The smoothness of his skin called out for her.

His wide cock pushed against that sensitive place inside her, while his hand inserted between their bodies. He stroked her from the outside and inside simultaneously, a sensation almost too good, too much, mounting pleasure in her. Just a little more, just a spike to push her over the edge.

Raising her hand, she smacked down hard on his ass cheek. An indistinct sound of need came from him and she could feel him swelling inside her. The pleasure nearly overwhelmed her. She brought her hand down again onto the warmed skin of his ass, stinging her own hand as well as his flesh.

It spiked at her and the orgasm rolled across her body, from nipples to toes, so strong she shut her eyes against the perfect matching blue of the sky and his irises.

cooltext129750505189949Husbandry-Allie Ritch

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Papers and files hissed and crinkled as he yanked me closer, positioning me so my butt rested at the very edge of the desk. I didn’t need to feel the business documents sticking to my back to remember where I was. The distant chirp of office machines and murmur of voices beyond the door kept me constantly aware of my surroundings. I was completely exposed here, and my husband was about to screw me on his desk as promised.

With my feet positioned at the corners of the desk, I had my legs spread wide. I didn’t have to see Charles to know he was staring at the drenched folds of my pussy, which had blossomed open for him. I had never felt so powerful or so vulnerable in my life.

“This is mine too.” He dug his fingers more deeply into the flesh of my hips. “Mine to take.”

I groaned long and low at the first kiss of his cock against my quivering opening. The blunt head was as hard as the tabletop beneath me and ten times as hot. His first thrust was like a battering ram. I was so slick he had an easy glide, but I was far too swollen for him to seat himself in one go. A series of forward lunges followed, making my sheath contract around him as he forced his way past the responsive tissue.

On the fourth stroke, he bore down and finally sank to the hilt. He held still long enough to sweep his hands over my breasts with a touch so possessive I had no choice but to surrender. Then he returned his grip to my hip bones so he could hold me still for his pleasure.

I was at his mercy, and he showed me none. He pounded his hard cock into me with all the focus and determination he was capable of. The plump head felt like polished stone as it raked back and forth, causing my pussy to constrict around the shaft in mind-numbing waves of pleasure. I could feel the desk rocking beneath me and heard a pencil cup take a fall somewhere above my head.

He was as unpredictable as he was skilled. Hard, staccato bursts of humping were followed by long, deep strokes that had my sheath clutching and dragging at his cock. I never knew which I’d get next. My pussy kept clenching like I was already coming, but I could tell this was only the beginning. The tension was still coiling. I hadn’t reached the greatest height yet.

He began to take me harder and faster, the slacks he hadn’t bothered to remove chafing the insides of my thighs. Just when I thought I couldn’t take any more, something hard and smooth licked my distended clit. I thought at first it was his finger, but it was far too cool for that. He pressed the bulbous cap of a metal fountain pen against the erect bud.

The clash of cool metal and hot cock against my most sensitive nerves managed the impossible. It sent me spiraling up to a higher tier of sensation. Though I was still blindfolded, I could feel Charles staring down at where he was taking me. I could picture the gloss of my juices shining on his dusky shaft beneath the overhead lights.

That image was the last one in my head as my orgasm broke free. My lips peeled back for a silent scream, and I arched like I was having a seizure. Ecstasy pounded through me with each contraction of my pussy around his solid length. He held his cock high inside me until the last pulse faded.

Breathless and wrung out, I flopped uselessly on the desk when he pulled out. I didn’t even bother wiping the tears from my eyes when he undid my blindfold so I could see. In an impressive show of strength, he plucked me up and set me on my feet. He then turned me around so he could strip off the sticky note stuck to my derriere. I would have laughed if I’d had the energy.

Awareness returned in a rush when I felt his hard, cream-covered cock against my backside. I should have known he wouldn’t finish the first time. Charles was all about power and mastery. He didn’t come until he wanted to, and he controlled my orgasms just as ruthlessly.

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