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cooltext129748819578231Beyond Love – J.J Lore

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“You need to be on the bed before you fall. Face the headboard and stay on your knees.”His cool demand made her shiver with hot arousal. Yes, she would do this because it was going to be wonderful. She moved to comply, losing sight of him immediately as she turned and crawled across the bed, discarding the hairpins heedlessly on the sheet. Face to her plain upholstered headboard, she felt the bed shift and dip as he followed her. His broad hands caressed her thighs, her ass cheeks, and finally gripped at her hanging breasts. Her skin pricked with each anticipated stroke, and a little groan left her as he again pinched at her nipples. She felt the fabric of his clothing brushing against the backs of her thighs and momentarily wondered why he was still dressed. His knee pressed to hers to encourage her to widen them further and she complied.

He drew away again, rubbing along her back and cupping her hips until she tilted them, and she glanced over her shoulder to see what he was doing. Eidan knelt behind her, his gaze riveted to her exposed pussy. Awareness that he was staring at her most private flesh, now wet and swelling again just from his nearness, made her flinch and try to draw her knees closer. He quickly slid his hands up her inner thighs and held them apart. Her clit pulsed, and a small, agitated voice in her head pleaded with him to run his fingers against that throbbing bit of flesh, to slide a thick finger inside her up to the final knuckle. He did neither of those things.

Eidan inclined his head to one side and pressed a wet kiss to one of her ass cheeks. She jolted at the unanticipated contact, and jolted again when he bit down softly on her tender flesh. She couldn’t hold back an agonized whine, and closed her eyes tight, falling in to herself as all her awareness centered on the warm, wet caresses he was giving her. She didn’t talk, didn’t wonder why or what he thought, but instead concentrated on his tongue, his teeth, his warm breath centered on flesh that had never experienced such attention.

She shuddered again when he slid two fingers up and down her slit, the slick sound of her body and his movement seeming to echo in the quiet room. Slow strokes, some of which circled her opening, spread her tingling folds, others that framed her swollen clit, all brought her to a panting agony.

“Please,” she begged, arching her back and inclining her hips in as clear an invitation as she’d ever given. His hands retreated, and she screwed her eyes up even tighter and bit her lip.

There was the soft swish of fabric moving, a metallic clink, and then the warmth of him pressing close behind. His fingers rubbed lightly at her opening, then eased her wider for the press of his wide, smooth cock head. He pushed in, not nearly fast enough, and her legs trembled with the strain of waiting. More and more of his hard cock filled her, and she exhaled, trying to relax some of the incredible tension filling her so his way was easier. His harsh breathing accelerated as soon as he was fully encased within her. One of his hands slid up her back and threaded through the hair hanging in a loose hank at the back of her neck as the other cupped around her stomach, two fingertips squeezing either side of her aching clit.

“Hold steady for me, alati,” he gasped, and she locked her knees and elbows. The first thrust nearly sent her toppling into the headboard, and she shifted one hand to press against its firm surface as he pulled back his hips and pushed home again. “That’s right. Hold me tight.”

His rough-voiced encouragement energized her, and she rocked her hips to coincide with his movements, not even thinking of her own arousal, only wanting to give him the most erotic sensation she could. She managed several coordinated movements, but lost all focus when he began to flick two fingertips across the edge of her throbbing clit. Eidan’s thrusts increased in tempo, and he groaned out loud with each. Unable to draw a deep breath or move her head against the firm grip he had in her hair, Teah gave herself up, waves of pleasure slamming through her as he worked himself deep inside.

With a howling grunt, he shuddered against her, his cock pulsing against her tight sheath. A gasping sigh of pleasure and triumph burst from her as he stroked in and out a few more times, then curled around her, drawing her back against his legs as they half sat in the bed. She wrenched her eyes open and looked down to see his reddish, wide cock still buried between her bright pink and slick lips. Drawing in a shuddering breath, she brushed her fingertips along the strained flesh where they were still joined, easily sliding from hers to his and back again.

Eidan heaved out huge breaths and tightened his arms around her. “You aren’t going anywhere.”

cooltext129750505189949Act Your Age – Eve Dangerfield

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In bed with this big stranger, Kate gave herself permission to pretend. She teased Rugby Boy and imagined him growing frustrated enough to force her to comply with his demands, to lay her across his lap and blister her backside. She was so lost in her fantasy that when a heavy hand descended on her head she yelped.

“Enough,” a rasping voice said. “Suck it.”

Kate frowned. “What?”

“Happy to play with it, weren’t you? Well, my dick’s not a toy. You’ve wound me up, now it’s time to finish what you started.”

He pulled his t-shirt over his head, exposing a ridiculously defined chest, then yanked down his briefs. His cock slapped down onto his bare stomach, as thick as Thor’s hammer. “Put your mouth on it.”

Kate body thrummed with nerves. Was this really happening? Was she finally in bed with a man who could give her what she wanted? She edged forward, brushing her mouth across his shaft, testing him. His palm became a fist in her hair. “I told you, we’re done playing. Wrap your hand around my cock.”

A shiver went down Kate’s spine. She cupped the base of his shaft. “Like this?”

“Harder. Tight as those little fingers can go.”

Kate complied, knowing she probably couldn’t hurt him without a utensil in her hand.

“Very nice.” Rugby Boy’s said in a rasping tone. “Now, put your lips around me, I need to come.”

She shivered. It was hard to tell if he was playing her game or just being a dick, but she decided she didn’t care. It felt real and that was all that mattered. She opened her mouth and leaned down to start sucking when Rugby Boy put a big palm in her face.

Kate paused. “You don’t want me to anymore?”

Her nameless lover lay there, breathing hard, his cock throbbing in her hand. Even in the darkness, she could see a pearly drop was welling at the tip. She bent around his hand and sucked it away. He hissed like a cut snake. “Fuck it.”

His rough hand cupped her cheek and urged her mouth onto his cock. Kate swallowed as much as she could.

Oh, Rugby Guy’s penis, she thought, sucking hard. I’m sure you have an illustrious career of making women happy in front of you, but tonight, please let it be my turn.

“Deeper,” he growled. “More.”

She slicked him down with her tongue and, inhaling deeply, tried to take him deeper. He was so large she was practically unhinging her jaw.

“That’s it, that’s a good girl.” Rugby Boy sounded tense, almost pissed off.

Kate thrilled that the way a normal girl might thrill over gentle kisses. She began to experiment with her grip, using both hands and her mouth. Her mind, as it sometimes did in these moments, wandered to Tyler Henderson. She didn’t know if any real dominant tendencies lay behind his commanding attitude, but the idea that they might did stuff to her. Whenever she was struggling to finish herself, she slotted him into her fantasies and she was there within seconds. Unable to help herself, she did it now.
“You horny little slut,” she imagined him saying as he thrust into her throat. “You like imagining me fucking your needy little pussy? This is what you deserve.”

Kate moaned, the razor blade of wrongness grating oh-so-pleasurably against the whetstone of her arousal. She felt kind of bad for pretending Rugby Boy was someone else, but who was to say he wasn’t picturing the Hadid sisters or something? She moved her mouth and hands even faster, needing him to finish, needing to be a good girl.

Rugby Boy’s fist tightened in her hair. “You like suckin’ dick, huh?”

Kate confirmed her liking-ness with a moan.

“Tell me you like it. Say my name.”

Uh oh.

Kate sucked deeper, hoping to override the question with sheer blowjob excellence, but Rugby Boy pulled on her hair so that she released him with a ‘pop.’ “Is something wrong?” she asked.

“You tell me you like it, right now and you say my name while you do it.”

Oh geez. Kate began flipping through a mental Rolodex of possible names. Sean was a common name. Statistically, there was a good chance he was called Sean. Should she call him Sean? No, she shouldn’t call him Sean. Maybe she could give him a cute epithet instead. ‘I like sucking your cock, babe.’

No, not babe. ‘Handsome,’ or ‘sexy’ didn’t seem right either. But what the hell did that leave? High Commissioner? Lord and Saviour? Mine Führer?

“I’m waiting,” he snarled.

As panic rose in her gut it occurred to Kate that this was a one-night stand; she could call Rugby Boy what she always wanted to call men she was in bed with. It might freak him out, but she wasn’t going to see him again. She smiled up at what she assumed was his face. “I like sucking your cock, Daddy.”

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