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cooltext129748819578231 Oria’s Gambit (Sorcerous Moons #2) by Jeffe Kennedy

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“Pleasure me, Destrye,” she demanded. “Prove your worth to a sorceress of Bára.”He breathed a laugh. “Sweet captive bride, you will writhe for me and, before we’re done, you’ll scream my name in pleasure.”

She wanted to already, convulsing when he drew the silk across her taut nipples. They’d never been so sensitive, her breasts swelling like molten glass, full of breath and fire. Lonen dragged the silk over and around the skin of them, teasing her, while her breath grew ragged.

“These are my lips on you,” he told her, picturing it so she would, “licking all this delicious flesh.” He stepped back and flicked the ends of the silk against her, drawing incoherent cries in response. “I might use my teeth, too. Do you like that?”

“Yes. Oh, yes.” She nearly sobbed the words, unable to take and keep a decent breath. “Whatever you want, warrior.”

“Because you belong to me.” He loomed large before her, fierce and feral.

Only one answer. “Yes.”

“These are my hands on you.” Tying the scarf around her rib cage, he knotted above and between her breasts, crossing it up and over her shoulders, then bringing the ends around and beneath, tying them off to the center knot. He took his time, teasing her nipples with the free ends. Picking up her container of mask ribbons, he tied them to the scarves, meticulously making sure not to brush her skin with his, tightening them around her breasts with nearly painful pressure. “I have big hands,” he told her as he worked. “Barbarian hands, rough from fighting and manual labor. They scrape your soft white Báran skin and you love it.”

“I love it,” she agreed, longing for that very thing. “Touch me, Lonen.”

“I am. I’m squeezing your breasts. Do you feel that? Taking my fill of you, as is my right.”

He tightened the ribbons and she cried out, writhing against the bonds.

“Hold still,” he ordered in a harsh voice. “Don’t make me bind you further. All your pleading won’t save you.”

Understanding, she did her best to hold still, transfixed as he made a loop with a thin strip of ribbon, then slipped it over the tight peak of her nipple. His eyes caught hers. “Your teeth chewing your lip—that’s me, devouring your mouth, your nipples.” Slowly, he tightened the little noose and she gasped at the intensity of it. He smiled, a cruel, ruthless enjoyment of her predicament. “See? Many uses for those ribbons you squander so freely, Princess.”

He did the same to her other nipple, all the while describing what he’d be doing to her, until he’d reduced her panting and begging. “Please, Lonen,” she chanted.

“You want me between your legs?” he asked, leaning close so his breath caressed her cheek. “Touching you there, making you pump those pretty hips until you can’t hold back.”

“Yes, yes, yes.” She ached there as never before. “Touch me please.”

He dropped to his knees, eye level with her sex and she watched him, rapt, abruptly aware that he’d never undressed. “Take off your shirt,” she told him.

With a half-smile, he complied. “As you command, Princess.” He picked up another scarf, threading it between her ankles and holding the ends in each hand, one in front of her and one behind. Working as slowly as before, he wisped the silk up the inside of her thighs, tantalizing her into edging her feet apart. When he reached the apex of her thighs, he dragged the scarf between her slick nether lips, sliding against her so she whimpered at the intensity of it.

“This is my hand, parting your folds,” he whispered. “There, yes?”

She had no words, only moans of encouragement as slipped against her, making her move her hips with it, just as he’d promised. “That’s it my hot little princess,” he crooned, “take your pleasure from me. My hand stroking you. You feel so good. Here’s my mouth on you.”

He imagined it, inhaling her scent, and she groaned at the sight of his dark curls between her thighs as the silk worked her. The tension built and she struggled against the mounting pressure. “I want,” she panted. “I need.”

“Take it then,” he rasped. “Let go. Let go of all of it.”

cooltext129750505189949Leviat – J Hali Steele

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Another hundred years without him would feel as if her heart were encased in sisal rope cutting her spirit in two leaving Sinalia to cringe with knowledge they’d never have more than what they had at this moment.

“Don’t, Sin. Don’t think about anything but the few days and nights we have before us.” His fingers slammed inside, touched and teased her pussy as only he could.

Sinalia begged, “Harder.” She’d been with human men as he’d been with women. None ever knew how to please without constant instruction, constant prodding to make her body soar. None captured her soul or heard whispered words of love. Agony. “Treat me as if dragon skin encased my body.” She raked his chest. Removing his fingers from her canal, he pinched an engorged clit, tugged it until she rose on tiptoes and keened, “Oww…unnhhh!” The eerie sound bounced from walls. Bats, much more afraid of remaining in darkness with a creature who’d eat them alive, twittered nosily into daylight waiting beyond the cave’s entrance.

Sliding her hands around him, nails dug into his ass, drew blood as they pulled him closer smashing his hand tight between them.

One final tug at the nub hidden between moist folds, he moved hands to her waist and with extraordinary strength, Leviat lifted her and walked to the nearest wall where he slammed her into cold, wet rock. “Mine,” he murmured against her belly. Sin’s legs were raised and placed over broad shoulders as a hot tongue licked a wet path to the swollen lips of her pussy. “Sweet.” His teeth nipped her clit, nibbled there until satisfied. Allowing his dragon’s tongue freedom from the man’s mouth, he dipped inside her.

“Yes, yes, yes!” Sin urged him on. He swept every inch of her vagina, stole warm cream hiding there. Sharp stone cut into her back, caused lust to blossom through her as she wriggled on his face seeking more. “Fill me up.” The tongue grew even longer, thicker, felt like a cock stabbing back and forth stretching and preparing her. “Make me ready for you.” No longer able to stand the teasing pleasure of his tongue, Sin wanted his cock. She wanted it long, fat, and painfully ramming inside her. “Take me, Leviat.” Fingernails pierced mortal skin on his back, the smell of blood, his blood, triggered an emotion she lived without over the last century, one she dreamed about every night.

Love. For her dragon. Her man.

“Leaving you is no longer an option.” Leviat’s mouth nestled in her belly button, “I promise you that.” Moving from the wall, he placed Sinalia gently on the edge of a crystal-clear pool formed by water cascading down cavern walls. Large hands splayed the width of her stomach. “Spread your legs.” Sin’s eyes glittered as she did his bidding. Grasping his dick, he shoved it in to the hilt, impaled and locked her beneath him. “Shit…shit,” he snarled. Heat enticed dragons, had her tiny tattoo-like creature slithering and dancing around her left breast. It drew her beast to the surface allowing it to feel all Sinalia felt pinned under him. His cock began to swell and lengthen filling and stretching her pussy to accommodate his size. Cream that would feel hot to a human bathed his dick so he could stroke with ease.

“Make me come for you,” she coaxed.

Leaning over, Leviat took a plump nipple in his mouth, bit until he tasted blood. Mixing with his, her life blazed through him, scorched a lusty path toward his very soul. Slamming into her again and again, he licked tiny circles around her areole teasing the peak. Having his fill of one bud, he ministered the other. Teeth bared, he released a growl causing rocks to slip from their perch and slide noisily to the cave floor. Not enough. More. Leviat wanted more. “Yours, Sin. Yours forever,” he cried above her arching body. Each thrust pulled her ass from the ground as she shoved upward meeting his plunge. Liquid pulsed around his dick. Slick, yielding, Sin spiked hips into his taking everything he offered.

Strong legs lifted, wrapped tightly around his waist, and Sin’s soft, human fingers teased his tiny nipples. Gripping shoulders to hold her in place beneath him, Leviat’s nails pierced human flesh. The trickle of blood down slender arms tempted his dragon into a dangerous dance over his heart. “Sin…Sin… I need to feel you inside me.”

He waited.

Sinalia struggled to hold her creature at bay as she loosed just its tail. It slithered across his back, slipped into the crevice of his ass until the point found the tiny opening there. “Now,” he bellowed as he gazed into her eyes. Blue arcs of light from his fought with golden beams from hers as she delved into his darkest place. Her tail pushed in so far, he growled, “Fucckkk, yessss!” Lifting his ass high, Leviat took more inside and loved every inch. The tail thickened as it slid in and out pounding his hole until he almost came. Not yet. Instead, hips swiveled and slammed more male cock mercilessly into her pussy and more hot cream surrounded his thickness. Her scent wafted into the air, called to his beast, “I want my dragon.”

Both of their bodies began to pulse as dragons came to life. Layers of scales took place of skin, forked tongues flicked every reachable part of each other’s body. Leviat’s tail searched out her pussy and joined his dick in fucking the beast that belonged to him more than the woman ever could.

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