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cooltext129748819578231His Contract – Rebecca Grace Allen

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“Look at all the pretty toys I’m going to use on you.”With his free hand, Jack touched his paddle, then his crop. He stroked down the spreader bar as if it were his cock and read the subtle moves of her body, her hitched breaths of anticipation.

“I will be using many, if not all, of them on you. But some will have to wait until you’re ready.”

He opened the drawer and felt her breathing pause as he fingered the blindfold, nipple clamps and the sharp spokes of the Wartenberg wheel. He was purposely showing her things she disliked while she was pressed against him. He needed to remind her it would be different with him. That he would protect her as well as push her.

Still holding her face captive with one hand, he brought the other to the stiff tip of her nipple.

“Because you will be ready, my needy little girl.”

She jumped when he rolled the tight nub between his thumb and forefinger. He pinched and her legs shifted, caught somewhere between frustration and bliss. Jack moved to the other breast and repeated the motion.

“When it’s time to dress these pretty nipples up in clamps, you’ll be ready.”

She huffed out a strangled exhale. Jack slid his hand down her belly.

“When I want to see the spikes of my wheel crossing your flesh, you’ll be ready. When it’s time to cover those eyes and plunge you into darkness—” His fingers brushed along her slick opening. Pressed. Slid inside. “—you’ll want it too. Badly.”

She flexed against his touch, grinding down on his fingers.

“And when I fuck you, you’ll be begging for it. I promise you that.”

Jack tipped her head back and licked across her lips. Her mouth parted and she welcomed the teasing dips of his tongue. He nipped and tasted, all the while listening to the changes in her breathing. When he focused his attention on her clit, he pulled back to watch her react to the sudden onslaught of pleasure. She shut her eyes. Her body arched into his touch. She was on the edge already, and Jack held her down, his forearm wedged between her breasts, surging with the knowledge that only he could do this to her.

“Does my poor girl need to come?”

She answered by bucking her hips, trembling as Jack worked her faster, his finger swirling in tight circles. At the first hint of her body’s spasm into orgasm, Jack stopped. Her bound hands clenched into fists. She was shaking when he turned her around to face him, her pleading expression full of agony that he tauntingly mirrored, shaking his head.

“I know. You need it so bad, don’t you?”

She nodded and panted.

“I’ll let you come, but not yet. First we have to see how good you can be.”

Jack dragged down the fly of his jeans, freeing his hardened flesh. She watched the motion of his hand, her stare hungry.

“Last time, you were practically begging for this,” he mocked, stroking himself.

Lilly’s face was pained as she watched Jack’s hand twist over the tip. He walked backward to the armchair and tugged down his jeans. She stayed put, pouting mournfully from her spot a few feet away. He smiled calmly at her, sat down and resumed the slow path of his fingers.

“You want to suck me, little girl?”

Her brisk nod was her only answer. Chuckling, he crooked a finger at her. Lilly rushed over, and he pointed to the floor between his open legs. She dropped to her knees, her mouth so close he could feel her hot breath. God, he wanted it, but he had to make her want it more.

“Stop.” Jack slipped his fingers into her mouth. “Suck.”

She obeyed, enthusiastically drawing his finger into her mouth, enveloping them all the way to the knuckle.

“Look at you, craving me. Craving this.” He was prying out her wild side, clawing past the walls she’d been hiding behind. “I don’t know if you’ve earned it, though. I could make you suck my fingers while I get myself off.”

His threat was empty, but Lilly whined loudly in protest and then froze, her eyes going wide.

Jack’s stare turned cold. He pulled his fingers free and held her by the throat. “That was a sound, wasn’t it? Didn’t I tell you to stay quiet?”

She nodded, repentant. A tear danced at the corner of her eye. Jack grabbed her by the hair and jerked her forward until her mouth hovered above his length.

“Show me how badly you want my forgiveness. Give me that mouth. Let’s see how fast you can make me come.”

Lilly exhaled in relief. Keeping her eyes on his, she kissed the tip of his cock before licking over it, and then lapped greedily down the shaft. Jack’s head fell back with her first slick pass because goddamn, it was so fucking good. He glanced down a second later, compelled to watch as she licked her way up. She dipped her tongue into the slit before taking him in again, her eyes on his as she sucked all the way down.


A hint of a smile appeared on her lips, but vanished quickly as she continued to work him. Determined, Lilly hollowed her cheeks, teasing rhythmically at the crown before plunging back to the base again.

“That’s it,” he choked out as she repeated the move. “Just like that.”

He was telling Lilly what he wanted, but even with her hands bound and her voice silenced, she was the one driving him out of his mind. Her mouth was so hot and sweet that he could barely bark out orders over his own labored breaths. Jack shuddered when he nudged the back of her throat. It felt so good, and it had been too long, and he wasn’t going to last.

cooltext129750505189949Game On Askole-Gail Koger

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A wicked smile curled my mouth. Sam had taught me a way to bring a man to knees without ever physically touching him. I cradled Tihar’s face between my palms. “Using just my mind, I’m going to show you Earth’s version of a thousand delights. I’m going to give you the blow job of the century.”

“Blow job?”

I quickly scanned for kids. Yay! They were under the bed, sleeping. “You’ve never heard of a blow job?” Color me amazed.


“You’re in for a treat.” I wrapped a mental hand around his penis and squeezed.

Tihar’s eyes widened in surprise and his tentacles stood out from his head.

Using my psychic talents, I stroked his long, hard length faster and faster; while simultaneously licking his testicles like they were my favorite chocolate ice cream. Following Sam’s directions, I worked him into a frenzy by simply swirling the tip of my psychic tongue around his scrotum.

Tihar threw his head back and howled.

For the piece de resistance, I simulated ramming the tip of his dick into the roof of my mouth and gently manhandled his balls.

Shazam! Tihar’s body bowed and shook violently as I launched him into an orgasmic tsunami.

Were his eyes crossed? Kind of looked like it. God, had I maimed him?

For the longest time, Tihar stared blankly as tremors continued to shake his body.

Had I put him into sensory overload? Or a sex coma? I patted his face. “Hello? Anyone home? Gonna add blow jobs to your thousand delights?”

“Yes.” His voice was a harsh whisper. “Who taught you that?”

“My cousin Sam. You met her, remember?”

“Yes, Rho took her.” Tihar’s tentacles moved restlessly.

Whew! His eyes were back to normal. “Sam said she learned the technique from a holy woman in India.”

“I cannot believe a holy woman would know of such things.”

I shrugged. “You could be right. Personally, I think Sam picked up that little trick from Jed, her low-down snake of an ex-boyfriend, along with a bad case of genital herpes. He was a big-time man whore.”

“A man whore?”

“Yep, not only did she catch Jed in bed with another woman, he betrayed her to the Coletti. Sam blew up his prized ’68, canary yellow Mustang. Sam’s got a nasty, vengeful streak and so do I. If I catch you in bed with another woman, I’ll cut your pecker off.”

Tihar winced. “You are my chosen. No female can replace you.”

“Good answer.”

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  1. Sherri

    Gail Koger’s sense of humor permeates her writing. To me, that humor elevates her sex scenes to more than just sex. It is that humor that sends the “hotness”of her sex scenes through the roof. The scenes are that more enjoyable when you can laugh. There is no “darkness”associated with her scenes

    • Michelle

      Totally agree, romance and sexy times enhanced by humor and over the top characters and situations!

  2. Sally

    I love the way Gail writes her love scenes..she has a wit that keeps me laughing even during sex..What a ride!

  3. Cassondra

    Aggravating!!!! I wanted to vote. It said it ends October 9th. Today is October 8th!!! When I clicked the link, it says the contest is over. By the way, it was only 1:45 in the afternoon. It’s not like it is 11 at night. I LOVE Gail Koger’s writings!!! She looks at things in a new way. So I totally would of voted for her!!!

  4. Emily W.

    I would have voted for Gail’s book as well since I thought it was open until today. Oh well.

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