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Yes, I am doing it again readers…. In October, I will be hosting the Sex Scene Championship. I’ve done 4 of these comps and I love it. I’ve found so many new authors on this and I know you all have too!

So what is the Sex Scene Championship? Well, authors get to pick a sex(y) scene and submit it for reader votes.

EDIT – I am adding a bit more to explain what it is …

  • I put everyone’s name in a hat and draw them out randomly.
  • Each scene will be put up against another authors scene (randomly pick)
  • Readers vote & the winner goes through to the next round.
  • There may be a Final 16, Quarter Final, Semi Final & Final round
  • The winning scene is the one that wins all their rounds.
  • I’ve linked the 2014 index post below so you can see how it panned out!

Click here for all of 2014 years post .


  1. The only scenes I will not accept are ones containing illegal sexual contact.
  2. It’s a competition so there is a possibility you won’t get through to the next round (but, it is publicity and the stats can get crazy)..
  3. If you do get through, you may have to promo your post through 4 rounds (Quarters, Semi Finals, Finals)
  4. I usually cap the scene length at 750 words and I’ve noticed that shorter scenes garner more interest.
  5.  Prizes/Giveaways are greatly appreciated but not necessary
  6. All posts are available on the site for as long as it’s up. Some of the rounds get views even now!
  7. I will need a graphic to post with it … if you give me WIP, please give me something to go with it!
  8. The STATS for the 2015 event were approx 35,000 individual hits with the semi finals and finals getting approximately 5,000 of thoseI have no idea how that relates to sales.
  9. The final round has received hits every month since that event (including 1000 in the month after the event had finished).

Below are the final rounds for 2014/2015 to give you some more idea of what we do (I didn’t do it last year!)…


Mia West

Wendy Qualls

Am Arthur

Sorcha Mowbary

Angela Snyder

Cari Silverwood

J. Hali Steele

Erin McLellan

Rebecca Grace Allen

J. J. Lore

Setta Jay

Jeffe Kennedy

Noell Mosco

Kryssie Fortune

Christine d’Abo

Kate Meader

Dominique Frost

Kate Allure

Whitley Cox

Cailin Briste

Erica Lynn

Amelia James

Jeanne St. James

Roxanne D. Howard

J.D. Lexx

Allie Ritch

Brighton Walsh

Serena Akeroyd

Leela Lou Dahlin

Cecilia London

Jaymi Hanako

Regina Kammer

Eden Bradley

Elizabeth Varlet

Samantha Ann King

Gail Kogar

Michelle De Winter

Amy Adams

Sharon Kay

Eve Pendle

Eve Dangerfield

Amy Andrews

Cari Quinn

Katee Robert

Erin McRae & Racheline Maltese

Jody Wallace

Vanessa North

Karen Stivali

Maggie Chase

S.A. McAuley

Kelly Jamieson

Lane Hart

TL Watson

Rebecca Crowley

Kacey Hammell

Sionna Fox

Safyre Starr

Kel O’Connor

Chessela Helm

Jae Moran

Erica Taylor

Dakota Gray

Kelly Maher

Lulu M Sylvian

D.B. Sieders

Hudson Lin

Lia Violet

Ginger Leone

Sarah M.Anderson

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  1. Wendy Qualls

    Have I mentioned I’m excited about this? Because I’m really, really super-excited about this.

    *polishes smut pencil*

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