Sex Scene Championship 2017 : The Opening post! #SSceneC2017

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Hello and WELCOME to the Sex Scene Championship 2017. With 70 authors involved, this year looks set to be HUGE.

So, for all you newbie’s out there, what exactly is the Sex Scene Championship? Well, I love steamy books and I love celebrating steamy books and this event does just that. Authors, some who are my favorites and some who are new to me as well, have kindly given us their hottest sex scene (from books new and old) to compete with in a championship competition that is ALWAYS NSFW (that’s your warning guys!). All scenes are welcome so you will find scenes from all genres up for votes.

So how does it work? All authors have been told the dates of their first rounds and the name of their FIRST competitor (randomly picked BTW). All you have to do is to vote for your favorite using the rafflecopter form 🙂 The winning author will progress on to the next round with the hopes of taking that crown.

To sweeten the pot (and to give you incentive to vote) there is an EVER expanding prize pot and each vote you cast gives you a chance to win something from it. First out of the raffle gets first pick of prizes and so on until all the prizes are gone. So far, prizes include….

  • A $30 Gift Card from an online book retailer of choice.
  • A variety of smaller Gift Cards from Amazon and Barnes and Noble
  • Signed books from our lovely authors
  • Lots of eBooks from our lovely authors
  • A Pre-order of your choice from a retailer of your choice
  • A crocheted peen (thanks Jody Wallace! )
  •  Swag including Bookmarks

So who is up? The list of authors is BELOW. Four the first 13 days there will be 3 rounds a day; they will be scheduled at (IN GMT) 00:01AM, 08:00, 16:00 (apart from today). I’ll be tweeting out the rounds as they go live (no schedule for the first rounds as it’s too damn complicated) with the hash-tag #SSceneC2017. I will only post using this hashtag … just click on the link to see everything we got and miss nothing!

Pot A Championship Rounds look like ….


Pot B Championship rounds are ….


Vote, enjoy and stay sexy 🙂 


The Authors names/websites are

Vanessa North

Karen Stivali

Maggie Chase

S.A. McAuley

Lane Hart

TL Watson

Kacey Hammell

Sionna Fox

Safyre Starr

Kel O’Connor

Chessela Helm

Jae Moran

Erica Taylor

Rebecca Crowley

Kelly Jamieson

Katee Robert

Cari Quinn

Erin McRae & Racheline Maltese

Jody Wallace

Eve Pendle

Eve Dangerfield

Amy Andrews

Dakota Gray

Kelly Maher

Lulu M Sylvian

D.B. Sieders

Hudson Lin

Lia Violet

Ginger Leone

Sarah M.Anderson

Brighton Walsh

Serena Akeroyd

Leela Lou Dahlin

Cecilia London

Jaymi Hanako

Regina Kammer

Eden Bradley

Elizabeth Varlet

Samantha Ann King

Setta Jay

Jeffe Kennedy

Noell Mosco

Kryssie Fortune

Christine d’Abo

Kate Meader

Kate Allure

Whitley Cox

Cailin Briste

Erica Lynn

Amelia James

Jeanne St. James

Roxanne D. Howard

J.D. Lexx

Allie Ritch

J.Hali Steele

Rebecca Grace Allen

J.J. Lore

Erin McLellan

Gail Kogar

Michele De Winton

Amy Andrews

Sharon Kay

Mia West

Shae Connor

Wendy Qualls

A.M Arthur

Sorcha Mowbary

Angela Snyder

Cari Silverwood

4 responses to “Sex Scene Championship 2017 : The Opening post! #SSceneC2017

  1. Nicki S

    Wow, LOTS of authors! Can’t wait to read the smexy scenes. This is how I find new authors and books. Thanks for your hard work putting this together! This reader appreciates it.

    • Nix

      Hey Kilby! We have a sign up form live when we are open for volunteers 🙂 Anyone can enter as long as they have at least a WIP.

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