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cooltext129748819578231Worth Searching For – Wendy Qualls

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“Quick!” Lito swung Dave around and pinned him to the nearest wall. “We’ve only got seven hundred and fifty words to do this, and I want to blow you.” I want to blow you was a near-constant state, truthfully, but the time limit gave a good excuse.Dave arched an eyebrow at him. “Mouthy little shit tonight, aren’t you?” He allowed himself to be manhandled, though, so fuck the commentary.

“Shut it.” Lito dropped to his knees and unzipped Dave’s jeans with an ease that gave away how often they’d been doing this particular activity since the happily ever after in their book “WORTH SEARCHING FOR,” available February 2018 from Kensington Lyrical Press. They’d settled into a nice dynamic: Dave let Lito be bossy as often as he wanted, and Lito let Dave get his own back on occasion. Since they both got off in both scenarios, it hardly mattered. “If you want to shut me up,” Lito added, “you know how.”

“Oh, I’m not complaining.” Dave leaned back against the wall and smiled lazily down at Lito, who gave up on subtlety and jerked Dave’s belt, jeans, and boxers all down in one big tangle instead. “If you want me to fuck your face, all you ever have to do is ask.”

“I’m asking. But warn me before you come.” Lito gave Dave’s cock one long, experimental lick–damn, that taste was starting to haunt his dreams–and then got down to it. For all Dave was practically twice his size in other respects, the man’s dick fit in Lito’s mouth like it was made to be there. Thick enough to feel it, big enough to gag him when he tried to take the whole thing too fast, but just the right length for Lito to swallow it to the hilt as long as he controlled his breathing and got the perfect angle. There was something incredibly powerful about taking a man as big as Dave was, bossing him around, and then making him positively howl with pleasure.

Dave, for his part, was doing an excellent impression of a… the right metaphor wasn’t coming to mind, given how Lito’s mouth was full of cock, but someone who was having his brains sucked out through his dick and loving every second of it. Dave was holding onto either side of Lito’s skull and letting out the sexiest little moans already. Not directing, though, just being gentle. Stupid gentlemanly… Lito put his hand over one of Dave’s and bobbed forward sharply. Dave took the hint and started snapping his hips to meet Lito’s face.

“Fuck, your mouth,” he panted from somewhere far above Lito’s limited range of vision. “I don’t know about your seven hundred fifty words, but not sure I can last that long if you keep that up. Fuck.”

He couldn’t, and they both knew it, which was what made reducing Dave to a gibbering pool of want so much fun. Lito loved getting fucked and he loved getting his face fucked, but what he loved most of all–besides Dave, which you’d expect in a happily-ever-after vignette, even a smutty one–was the moment when Dave gave up on dignity entirely. He was normally so collected…

“Close,” Dave groaned. “God, so close–”

Lito pulled off and shucked his own jeans in record time. The sudden lack of constriction felt like heaven to his poor, neglected dick. “Come on me,” Lito urged. “Watch my hands, that’s it.” He pumped himself with one hand and aimed Dave’s cock at his shaft with the other. The contrast in friction between Dave’s spit-slick cock and his own dry one was fascinating–something to store away for further study later, maybe. Right now all he wanted was to see Dave shudder.

It didn’t take long. Lito kept a steady pace, one pump of Dave’s cock for every two on his own. He swayed inward until he had his forehead propped on Dave’s right shoulder and the tip of Dave’s dick was nearly touching his flying grip. The position still let Dave see, let him watch what just tasting him did to Lito’s dick–

Dave tensed and groaned, long and low. Lito’s fingers were immediately coated in come–more than enough to lubricate the slick slide of his dick through his fist. Dave’s hands made their way to Lito’s hips and stayed there, urging him through it, until Lito pressed his face into the side of Dave’s neck and came too.

“How’d we do?” Dave asked, his voice a rumble through where Lito was slumped on him.

Fuck. “758.”

“In that case, since we’re over by a bit anyway…” Dave pushed Lito away just long enough to kiss him, then pulled him back to lean against his chest. “I love you, Lito Apaza, and I don’t care who knows it.”

Lito sighed against his ridiculous, wonderful boyfriend. “I love you too, my big idiot.”

cooltext129750505189949Sex, Heat and Hunger: Part 2 (The Dark and Damaged Hearts Series #4)
by Whitley Cox 

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His hands came up, and he cradled my ribcage, his fingers fanning around my back. Big strong thumbs grazed my peaking nipples. “I-I don’t know if I can take it slow,” he swallowed. “I need you so badly. It’s taking every ounce of my energy to keep it together and not fuck you until you can’t walk for a week.”

“Then don’t,” I whispered. “I need you, James.”

“I just don’t want to hurt you.” His handsome face a riot of dueling emotions. “I’m afraid I’ll crush you. I tried getting off in the shower but I couldn’t, you’re the only thing I want, I haven’t come since our Skype date.”

I slid my hands between us and started to unzip his shorts, releasing him from his cotton confines. “Well, we definitely need to fix that then don’t we?” I was already turned on, but he licked his fingers anyway and slipped them under my skirt. His eyes flashed lambent in the bright sun when he realized I wasn’t wearing any panties. I thrust into his fingers, knocking them against my clit.

Fear clouded his face. “I… I just don’t want to hurt you.”

“You won’t, just let me stay on top and set the pace.” I reached behind me for a towel and placed it under my stitched leg.

“Oh God,” he growled, driven by a primitive urge his hands came up to my head and he crushed his mouth against mine; teeth grazed and nipped at my lips with feral passion while his tongue licked and tasted. He needed this just
as much as I did, possibly more.

I lifted up slightly and hovered over his engorged length, rotating my hips so that the head of his cock swirled at my wet and waiting entrance.

“Oh fuck, Emma…” he said with a groan, pushing up with futility. I continued to swirl and dip, allowing only the head to enter me, exquisite torture I just couldn’t get enough of. Eventually, I decided to put him out of his misery and sank down onto him; we both moaned at the divine feeling of finally being connected. Bodies as one, hearts as one, souls as one. I felt full and consumed, whole once again — James was home.

He snarled against my neck. “Y-you’re so fucking tight… so fucking tight.” His hands made their way back down to my waist, his fingers dug painful trenches into my hips as he pulled me down hard onto his shaft, knocking my cervix with each measured thrust.

Realizing that he wasn’t going to hurt me he picked up the pace and gripped me even harder, urging me to move faster, pulling me down so I could take him deeper. I smiled and closed my eyes, lifting my chin up towards the sky, tilting my head back and letting my hair fall behind me, reveling in the feel of him inside me again at long last.

Yes, finally!

He licked his fingers again and then wrapped his left arm around me, ruffling up my skirt and sliding a finger into my sensitive flesh.
I melted into him. “Oh God, James… yes.”

He nipped and bit at my lips, trailing kisses down my neck and collarbone, offering small and gentle pecks to each of my bruises and scratches. Cupping my breasts, he used his free hand to release them from my bra so he could suckle and bite. I whimpered as he flicked his tongue back and forth quickly over my sensitive buds until they pebbled and ached. The canoe rocked with our thrusting and bucking and the water gently sloshed about. I wasn’t sure how much longer I could hold on, it’d been so long, too long.

“I’m close,” I said breathlessly. “I’m going to come.”

The sun was beating on us hard. Sweat trickled down my back and between my breasts. The sheen of perspiration on James’ forehead and neck glowed like diamonds on his tanned skin. I leaned forward and licked the vein that throbbed down his throat, enjoying the salty taste of him and the way his pulse beat hot and fast beneath my tongue. Reaching behind him, I grabbed his butt, feeling the cheeks clench with each awkward thrust up. Shamelessly and without hesitation I pulled him against me, forcing him to bury himself deeper, causing his pelvic bone to graze my clit just right. I was but a breath away from an orgasm; I could practically see it, hear it, taste it.

He moaned and hammered harder, grinding his pelvis against me.

It was more than I could handle, I came undone, screaming his name; frightening a flock of ducks in the process, their feathers flapping in a frenzy while they honked and quacked like perturbed diners in a restaurant. Moments later James stilled, grunting and groaning against my shoulder as he clamped down to muffle the sounds of his release, his cock pulsing inside me, spilling his hot seed.

We sat there for a while. Sated and content under the hot sun. Our bodies connected. Our hearts connected.

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