Sex Scene Championship Day 3 : Eden Bradley Vs Melissa Cutler

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Excerpt One 
Eden Bradley : Sanctuary 

He began a slow pumping rhythm, fucking her with his hand, and at the same time he began to spank her.

It didn’t hurt at first—she was too full of pure pleasure from what he was doing to her needy pussy. But soon he began to smack harder, and it became more difficult to keep quiet. But she would do it. For him.

He kept up the spanking, raining blows over her ass, her thighs, and all the time fucking her with his thrusting fingers. She was lost in pleasure—even the pain was pleasure. Lovely.

And then he hit her with something.

She smelled the leather even as she felt the wide strap across her bottom. She was too shocked to cry out.

He hit her again with the strap, and this time she did yelp.

“Come on, Devin. You can take it.”

And she could. She felt a certain pride well within her as he smacked her ass over and over with the leather strap, as she felt the welts rising on her skin. She knew she could handle the pain. And somewhere between the hurting strap and the lovely sensation of his fingers plunging inside her, the line began to blur. Sensation became one thing—pleasure and pain—and her service to him, that she was doing this to please him, but as she’d said, it was what she craved most now, as well.

It went on and on, until she felt her pussy swell with need, felt her climax trembling in her body, waiting, waiting.

Shaye must have felt it, too.

“Hold it back,” he ordered. “Don’t come until I tell you to.”


He began to fuck her harder with his hand, really slamming into her. At the same time he kept smacking her sore and stinging skin with the strap. Something about the sharp scent of the leather was driving her crazy. Needing to come was driving her crazy. Her legs began to shake.

“Oh, baby, this is beautiful,” he told her, his voice a little breathless. “You can do it. Hold it back for me.”

He hit her harder, and pleasure surged, making her pussy ache, her clitoris hardening until she could barely stand it.

“Shaye…I can’t.”

“You can. And you will. Because I need to be inside you when come, baby. I need you to come all over me.”

She groaned as he slipped his fingers from her—at the loss of sensation. At the knowledge that he would fuck her now.

In moments he was behind her once more, and she felt his strong, naked thighs against hers, the slight tickle of the fine hair there. Then his sheathed cock was poised at her entrance. She surged back against him, trying to take him in.

A low, rough chuckle from him. “Little Devin, you are not the one running this show, are you?”

“No, Shaye.”

“I like that—the way you say my name. I want you to ask for it.” His voice was rough with desire.

“Ask me by name, Devin.”

“Please, Shaye.”

He pressed his thick cock against her, the tip just slipping inside. She could feel the cool metal of his piercing even through the condom. “Please, what?”

She groaned. “Please fuck me.”

“Say it again. The right way.”

“Oh…please fuck me, Shaye.”

Excerpt Two 
Melissa Cutler : Cowboy Justice

A bowline knot came fast for Vaughn’s practiced fingers. Sliding his hand down Rachel’s arm, he waited for the resulting shiver to leave her body before taking her wrist in hand.

“Other wrist too,” he commanded.

She brought it to meet her right wrist and held still, allowing him to slip the loop over both. He jerked the end of the rein, removing the slack, binding her arms together. She whimpered, the little mewling sound she almost always made when she was close to orgasm. If she were that close to coming already, then maybe she needed this even worse than he’d suspected.

“Turn around and face me.”

His cock pulsed as she obeyed. There was no more battle in her eyes as she looked at him. Arousal had won the day.

“Lie back.”

She hitched her ass on the edge of the lid and reclined. He grabbed hold of the knot binding her wrists to support her weight as she lowered. When she’d settled, he kicked her boots as far apart as her legs would go. The end of the rein in hand, he walked to the far side of the box and threaded the leather through the handle, pulling it tight, stringing her torso across the box.

She watched his face as he secured the rein to the handle with a second bowline knot, breathing hard. He brushed hair away from her eyes, then traced over the cinnamon freckles of her cheeks. She was so damn pretty, and the fire of life and intelligence in her eyes glowed so damn bright. His flame. His beautiful, complicated flame, gifting him with the power to command her pleasure.

“Stay,” he growled.

His senses dazed, he stumbled away from her and snagged a rope hanging from a nail in the wall. He threaded the rope through the door handles and knotted it. No one would get through the door now. Unless lightning struck, or the world collapsed beneath them, nothing was going to interrupt what he was about to do to Rachel.

He stopped by the washbasin to scrub his hands again, deliberately slow, letting her lie there, letting the tension build between them until he couldn’t stand it anymore. Then he advanced on her, adjusting his rock-hard erection to run diagonally along his hip within his briefs.

He stopped at her side, then pulled her shirt up and her bra down to gain access. Her freed breasts jiggled beneath nipples drawn up so tight, hardly any areola remained around it. He set his mouth over one nipple, curling his tongue around her taut flesh. He flicked it with the slightest touch, knowing she preferred it harder.

She shivered and arched up to him, but he stayed with her, adjusting his pressure to her squirming, desperate body. Again, he brushed her nipple with his tongue as gently as a feather might. When it was good and wet, he lifted his mouth and blew on it.

She groaned.

He fixed his mouth on it again and captured her nipple in his teeth. But instead of flicking it with his tongue, he simply held it there and breathed on it until her groans became a panting cry. Then he pressed a hand between her legs along the seam of her pants until his fingers were over where her clit would be, two layers of fabric below. With his fingertip, he tapped hard and rhythmically against the warm denim. Though she squirmed and arched, she remained silent until he wound his hand back and unleashed a single, forceful throttle against her crotch as he sucked her nipple as hard as he could.

That brought up the mewling whimper from her throat.

Steeling his hand into a flat paddle, he let rip with another hard hit right into the seam of her jeans.

“More,” she begged.

So demanding. He unsnapped the button of her fly, then flipped her to her stomach and yanked her jeans and panties down as far as they’d go with her legs spread. Taking her soft, willing flesh in his hands, he parted the cleft of her ass to catch a glimpse of the secrets her body protected. The places he was going to sink his fingers and tongue and cock inside. When he got around to fucking her, it was going to feel out of this world. It was going to blow his fucking mind.

First things first.

She wanted him to spank her again. Harder, And that was one demand he was happy to oblige. He unlatched his belt one-handed…

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  1. WOW this is only Day 3 ***fanning self*** sooooo Scorchin' Hot…but I do have to admit, Eden Bradley always sends me to a cold shower after reading one of her Books 😉 WooHoo!!!
    Take Care & Stay Naughty,
    PaParanormalFan (Renee)

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