Sex Scene Championship Round 11 : Amber Belldene vs Katriena Knight

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Hello everybody and welcome to our Sex Scene knockout Championship!

The guise is simple; vote for your favourite out of the two scenes and the winning author will progress to the next round and be in with a chance to win the Sex Scene Championship Crown. Each person will be in with a chance of winning prizes from our prize bag. At the end of the event, all of the entrants will be collated and then I’ll use random generator to pick a top winner (who will get their choice of 8 prizes from the prize bag limited to one GC), a second place winner (who will get their choice of 5 prizes from the prize bag limited to one GC) and a third place winner (who will get their choice of 3 prizes limited to one GC). I will then randomly draw names until all the prizes are gone.

You have to vote through the rafflecopter form for your vote to count. You can do this using FB or an email address … none of these are visible to anyone but me and I will not use them. 

We have 50 eBooks to giveaway (some of which are listed on the Intro post here), 2 signed paperbacks, 2 INT paperbacks, 4 Gift Cards (Amazon & All Romance, a necklace, some pens and more swag to give away.

So for our second round, we have Amber Belldene and Katriena Knight

Execerpt One –

Amber Belldene – Blood Reunited ©

Amber’s  Website | Twitter | Facebook

Finally, they faced each other nose to nose. Apologies and declarations of love and lewd intentions swirled in his mind like the frenzied lyrics of a punk song. His lips parted to speak, but no words completed the journey to his tongue.

Damn it. Her bottomless brown eyes rendered him speechless.

“I know all of it, Bel. You do not need to speak.” She smiled like a woman who had watched empires rise and fall, but saw the sun and moon set with him. Whether she had chosen it or not—she wanted him and it shone on her face.

His heart erupted with tenderness, and he kissed the tip of her nose. Then, his cock parted the hot silk of her pićka, and he slid home. Yes. That’s what she was—had always been—his home.

Her chin lifted and she tried to throw back her head.

“Don’t you dare look away from me, Uta.”

Her breaths came irregularly, her lips pressed together, and she nodded her acquiescence. At least he wasn’t the only one undone.

Then he began to move.

Her core clenched around him instantly—she was already coming. Just barely, he resisted spilling inside her and gentled his thrusts. When her spasms subsided, he pressed her harder, driving her into the bed with everything he had. She met his force, slamming herself onto him and making feminine groans each time he stroked her core. He reached between them to touch her clit, and she squeezed him with even more force. Damn, vampires were strong everywhere.

“Oh gods of Illyria, Bel, please do not stop.”

“Never, Uta. Now that we’ve started, I will never stop.”

He hadn’t planned to say it, hadn’t even been sure until the words spilled out. Tears shimmered over the surface of her eyes, and one pink bead trickled down her temple into her hair.

He knew exactly how she felt, could very nearly have cried with his own relief. Together at last. The emotions overwhelmed him, and tipped him over the edge. He closed his eyes as the pleasure washed over him, and he collapsed on top of her, reveling in the fullness of their reunion.

The belt tore from the head board with a soft rip. Then her arms circled his shoulders, her hands tangling his hair. She pressed her lips to his ear and whispered. “Thank you my love. I cannot possibly tell you how grateful I am for this gift. Please believe me when I say it was the greatest moment of my life.”

Silly old girl, getting all sentimental on him. Not that he wasn’t indulging in a little mush himself.

He squeezed her tight and rolled her on top of him. “You don’t say?” He smoothed her gorgeous hair off her damp forehead and smiled up at her, expecting an amused look in return.

But instead the corners of her mouth turned down, and a furrow appeared between her eyes.

“Forgive me, my love.” She brushed a kiss across his lips, and disappeared in a blur of motion.


Excerpt Two –  

Katriena Knights – Blood on the Ice   ©

Katriena’s Website | Twitter

The neutral zone is no place for a vampire.

A right wing for the Chicago Blackhawks, all Travis Payne wants is to see his name on the Stanley Cup. He certainly doesn’t expect to be attacked by a vampire on the eve of the Finals. But when he wakes up in the Warm Room of the Cook County Morgue, he knows his life will never be the same.

Fortunately, Travis can still play hockey with the Chicago Cobras, the local vampire league franchise. Cobras captain Marcus Antonius, a former Roman gladiator, is more than willing to help Travis adjust to his new life, his new team, and the erosion of his formerly flaming heterosexuality. Travis is a difficult student, though—all he wants is his life to return to normal.

Unfortunately, learning to be a good vampire is even more complicated than following concussion protocols, and Travis will have to let go of everything to find a new normal.

The first edge of the hunger had eased off, but Travis still wanted more. Needed it. In the wide bed, Travis pinned Marc to the mattress, dragging his dick along the pebbled contours of Marc’s abdomen until the hunger rode him high and hard again. Marc arched under him, his hand rising to press Travis’s cock more firmly against his stomach. His other hand closed on the back of Travis’s neck, holding him there.

“I want you in my mouth,” he said, the words blunt and breathy. “God,” Travis muttered. “God, yes.” So much for baby steps. He started to wonder about the logistics, but Marc didn’t let him do so for long. He

grasped Travis by his hips and dragged him up along his body, until Travis’s dick landed against Marc’s lower lip.

“Fuck my face,” Marc told him, and sucked Travis in.

Travis froze for a moment, just absorbing the sensation. Marc’s mouth wasn’t hot, but it was deep and it was wet, and Travis had never had anyone suck him off quite like this before.

When he didn’t move, Marc swatted his ass. Travis looked down to see Marc rolling his eyes, as if to prod Travis to just get on with it already. So Travis, as ordered, fucked his face.

There seemed to be no end to the depth of Marc’s mouth. Travis felt the head of his cock press against the back of Marc’s throat, deep enough to set off even the most jaded gag reflex, but no matter how deep or how hard Travis pulsed, Marc just swallowed him, fingers digging deep into Travis’s hips.

His balls drew up, tight and hard, and Travis started to draw back, but Marc dragged him closer, swallowing on the head of Travis’s cock so that he had no choice but to let everything go. He let out a grating moan and made a few more jerky thrusts before he came again. Marc swallowed, and the rhythmic pressure against Travis’s over-sensitized skin made him shudder out another ejaculation, another rough, throaty sound.

Marc bit him as he drew out, not hard, but enough to make Travis hiss. Marc grinned at the reaction then, before Travis had time to wonder what came next, Marc sat up abruptly, catching Travis by the shoulders and flipping him to his stomach.

Travis tensed as Marc dropped onto him, his hard dick stabbing into the top of Travis’s thigh. Was Marc going to fuck him? Surely he’d ask first, but then the thought stuttered into broken breath as Marc pressed his face against Travis’s shoulder blade, teeth pricking into his skin. He licked up the blood, his teeth dragging along the skin as he did, opening another line. Travis could smell his own blood as it burst through, then Marc’s tongue scraped over him again.

He left thin lines of pleasure-pain all over Travis’s back, holding him down as he did it, hands clasped like iron cuffs on Travis’s upper arms. Travis shoved his face into the pillow, his back arching, and Marc scraped his teeth along the curve of his lower back. Travis was certain he could orgasm again, his cock still riding hard against the mattress.

When Marc’s hand slid between Travis’s thighs, though, Travis clenched. Marc cupped his balls, squeezing a little. “Relax,” he said. “I’m not going to fuck you.”

Travis drew in a breath to release the tension. He felt the thick length of Marc’s cock slide between his thighs, and Marc rode him like that, hard enough to bruise both of them, until his release came, cool and wet on Travis’s skin.

Marc stretched out full-length on Travis’s back, pressing him down into the mattress. He kissed the back of Travis’s neck, the action more like a sample taste than a gesture of affection. Then he reached out along Travis’s arm and wove their fingers together. They lay like that, melded by a thin layer of blood and come, until the sun overtook them.


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