Sex Scene Championship Round 13 : Lydia Michaels Vs Lexxie Couper

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Excerpt One 
Lydia Michaels: Breaking Perfect

She cried out and her body moved as Mason pumped inside of her, twice, hard. “Prettiest little nipples you’ve ever seen, aren’t they, Sean?”

Sean groaned his admiration. “They sure are. So tight and pink. Makes me want to stretch those little breasts tight around my cock and fuck her there.”

He sucked the other nipple into his mouth and sat back to admire the two wet tips. They were slightly redder than they had been. Mason released her arms and they fell to her sides. His hand fed through the space over her hip and traveled down to the delta of her pussy.

“And here, Sean, look here. See how she keeps herself so smooth and pretty for me.”

Sean grunted in acknowledgement and agreement. “Very beautiful.”

“Liberty, how would you feel about Sean licking that sweet little clit of yours while I fuck your pussy nice, slow, and deep?” She began to pant and moan. “I think that’s a yes. What do you think, Sean?”

“Let’s see.” Sean took the tip of his finger and swirled it over her breasts and down her narrow torso. She was so soft and delicate, hanging by a thread on the verge of complete ecstasy. His finger eased over her smooth mound and he noticed the tiny tip of her clit peeking past her flesh stretched taut over Mason’s wide cock. God, he wanted them both.

His finger pressed over her clit as if he was flicking a switch and she jerked in Mason’s hold.

“Can you take it, Liberty? If it’s too much, we’ll stop,” Mason whispered. She breathed hard and Sean flicked and toyed with her clit. “Tell me, Liberty. Should we stop?”

“No!” she answered almost frantically.

“Do you want to feel Sean’s mouth on you there?”

“Yes, please.”

“Then ask him nice.”

Sean saw the battle she faced to simply open her eyes and form words. When she looked at him breath slipped past her pouty, full lips and a trickle of cum slipped over the head of his cock. The tip of her pink tongue licked over the full curve of her lower lip and she swallowed.

“Sean, will you please lick my pussy?”

“Gladly.” He dove down and fastened his mouth around that little bud and she screamed. He wrapped his hands around her, then kept moving past her delicate hips and held onto Mase’s tight ass as Mase slowly thrust his cock deep inside of her. Liberty cried as Sean licked her clit and Mason fucked her tight little cunt.

Unable to help himself, he extended his tongue and licked a firm line from the top of Mason’s sac, up the wide base of his cock and planted his tongue deep under Liberty’s hood just over her hard little clit. Mason jerked and groaned in pleasure as Liberty began to convulse and thrash as the beginnings of an intense orgasm took hold of her reflexes.

“Hold her, Mase.”

Mason wrapped his arms around his wife and clutched her tightly to him. His broad fingers plucked and pinched her nipples as Sean made a feast out of her pussy and Mason’s cock. His hands traveled over Mase’s firm ass and gripped him hard. The three of them became a trifecta of frenzied need and lust.

Excerpt Two 
Lexxie Couper : Guarding Desires;

Chris stepped toward him. “I want you, Liev Reynolds.” He reached out with his hand, feathering the tips of his fingers over Liev’s pecs, across one taut nipple. “I’ve never been more sure of anything in my life.”

Liev’s nostrils flared again. “Good. ’Cause I want that thick, hard cock of yours in my mouth now.”

He snatched at Chris’s wrists, hauled him back to his body and dropped to his knees.

Ungentle fingers wrapped Chris’s length. He cried out, liquid need surging into his balls.

“Tell me to suck your cock, Chris.” Liev’s order was hoarse. Strained.

Chris dropped his head, gazing down at Liev kneeling at his feet. The man’s hot breath fanned over the distended head of Chris’s penis like a million licks of warmth.

A shudder rocked through Chris and he pulled in a wobbly breath. “Suck my cock, Liev.”

Without preamble or hesitation, Liev closed his lips around the bulbous rim of Chris’s cock and sucked.

Concentrated pleasure scorched through Chris’s body. He groaned, tangling his fingers in the thick strands of Liev’s hair, holding Liev’s head to his throbbing organ. The man’s mouth was nothing like Bethany’s on his flesh. Nothing was like the man’s mouth on his flesh. Holy fuck, how could a simple seal of lips around a dick be so exquisite?

Fresh pleasure surged through him as Liev painted the tip of his cock with his tongue.

He bucked his hips forward, wanting to bury his length deeper into the man’s talented mouth.

With a pop of releasing suction, Liev flicked him an arrogant look. “Tell me what you want me to do with your cock now, Chris. I’ve sucked it. Tell me what—”

“Fucking suck it all the way to my balls, goddamn it,” Chris ground out, his belly hitching from consuming tension and need. He was trembling. And impatient. Every second Liev’s mouth wasn’t fucking his dick was torturous. “Please?”

A ravenous hunger flared in Liev’s eyes at the plea. He took Chris’s cock in his mouth again. Circling its tip with his lips, he cupped the heavy weight of Chris’s scrotum in one hand, gripped the root of Chris’s shaft with the other and slowly, slowly inched down its length.

Chris barely remained standing for the exquisite duration.

He groaned, the honest sound tearing from his constricted throat.

When he stumbled back a step, Liev released his balls and held him still with a powerful grip, digging his fingers into Chris’s ass cheeks. So close to his anus swirls of intense, licentious need filled his vision.

Keeping him still, Liev withdrew up his length, swiping his tongue over the underside of Chris’s shaft as he went. He paused at the head, tormented the tiny knot of sensitive nerve-endings beneath the crown with the tip of his tongue and then, faster this time, slid down Chris’s cock again. Farther.

Once again, Chris’s knees trembled. Once again, Liev dug his fingers into his butt.

A ragged keening sound vibrated in Chris’s chest. He slammed his hips forward, driving his dick deeper into Liev’s mouth. Deeper. When he felt the head of his organ push against a soft wall, he couldn’t control himself anymore.

Liev was deep throating him. Control was futile.

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