Sex Scene Championship Round 14 : Ivory Quinn Vs Jodie Griffin

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Excerpt One 
Ivory Quinn : Obsession

He sucked her breast into his mouth, flickering his tongue over the nipple as she rocked beneath him.

“Easy.” He whispered, laying a kiss over her heart as he moved to the other breast. “I’ll get there.” Beneath him, she twisted and gasped, trying to ease the ache between her thighs.

“Please!” She whispered back. “I need more.”

“Settle down.” He kissed her gently, fluttering his lips around the corners of her mouth. She huffed in frustration and he burst out laughing. “We can’t rush this.” He laid a trail of kisses down between her breasts, past her navel. “If this is the only time we get to do this, it has to be worth it. I don’t often get to fuck for fun.”

“I’ll do it again! I jus-…” She arched off the sheets as he slid a large finger into her at the same moment his tongue swept through her folds. “Oh god…” She strained to breathe through the flames that lit up across every nerve ending she owned. She burned. Her hands clutched the sheets as he tongued her clit, driving her mindless with want. He licked and suckled, driving those gloriously masculine fingers into her, again and again. In minutes she was soaring into freefall, throwing her head back as her body shuddered around his fingers and tongue.

“That was beautiful.” Blue’s voice had gone hoarse. “Let’s do it again.”

She burst out laughing as aftershocks rippled through her. “Are you trying to kill me? Do that again in the next five minutes? I might pass out.”

“Duly noted.” He licked a fiery trail up her still quivering stomach, holding her still as she giggled.

“That tickles!” She protested, squirming away from his mouth.

“But you taste so good.” He grinned. “Better than any other woman I’ve fucked.”

“You haven’t fucked me yet.” She pointed out and the heat between them ignited again.

“Yeah.” He whispered huskily. “About that…” He moved over her, surrounding her with the sheer size of him. She felt tiny and fragile and so very hot as he kissed her. He tasted of her, but beneath that there was something deeper that was all Blue. His skilful tongue gently danced and duelled with hers, soft where before it had been fierce. When he slid into her, she broke away and cried out his name.

“I know.” He moved over her, stroking her hair as he slowly rolled their hips together. “You’re so beautiful.” He murmured. “So fucking sweet and soft. You’re perfect. So small and delicate…and so tight.” He slid a hand down between them to play with her clit and she made soft noises of pleasure. “Come for me again, Red.” He pleaded.

“Only if you come with me.” She gasped, rising into him as he picked up the pace.

“Then this’ll be over soon. I don’t want to make you wait.” He drove into her again and again, until she came, crying out his name, and he spilled into her.

Excerpt Two 
Jodie Griffin : Forbidden Fires;

“You’re doing such a good job, Delia. Keep those hands on the floor until Colin says you can move,” McConnell instructed. “Is she wet, Reardon? Hot and slick inside, pulsing because she needs to come? Or does she need some more warming up before you let her go over? Your woman, your choice. Unless she uses her safe word, you decide where this goes next.”

Colin squeezed his eyes shut and wished he could do the same with his ears. It was damned uncomfortable how the man’s words ratcheted his desire even higher.

With her feet held apart by the spreader bar, her legs were open, wide enough for him to gain easy access to her most intimate parts. Wide enough that instead of one finger, he plunged two inside, and she cried out, throwing her head back. She was so hot she scorched him, so slick he added a third finger, stretching her, reveling in the feel of her body after the long drought without her.

“Oh, please!” She twisted on his lap, trying to get closer, using her body to beg him to fuck her harder with his hand.

“Listen to me, Delia,” McConnell said, shifting to a position closer to her ass. “These last two are going to sting, because, with Colin’s permission, I’m going to deliver them while he keeps your mind on something else, so I can show him exactly where he should hit you for maximum effect.” He raised an eyebrow in Colin’s direction, waiting.

Unwilling to deny Delia this when she so obviously wanted it, Colin nodded. But when he moved to withdraw his fingers, McConnell halted him.

“No, keep doing what you’re doing. This will make it hotter for her, harder to resist coming. And no coming without permission, Delia,” he ordered. “Remember, Colin decides when you get to have an orgasm.”

“Please, Sir, may I come?” she begged, panting.

“Not yet.” The surge of power from that was mind-boggling, and Colin’s throat tightened with emotion. “Soon.”

McConnell smiled tightly, then raised his hand. Just as Colin plunged his fingers inside Delia’s sheath, McConnell brought his palm down against the lower curve of her backside, brushing against the edge of Colin’s hand.

Delia screamed, and flooded Colin’s fingers with moisture. She clenched around him, on the verge of a violent orgasm.

She started pleading again, pushing up onto her toes, trying to get closer to his fingers and McConnell’s hand, which hovered just above her. Her nails made a scratching noise on the floor as she fought to follow the rules.

“One more, love,” Colin said, slowing the pace of his hand. He stroked a finger across her anus, and she shuddered.

Delia’s breath rasped in and out, her back heaving. She was ready. He nodded at McConnell, who nodded back. Once again, the man waited until Colin had plunged his fingers deep inside Delia’s body before spanking her again in the same place, so loud the smack echoed in the room.

“Come for me, Delia,” Colin said.

She exploded, screaming his name, twisting, trying to bring her legs together, but the spreader bar prevented that, making her work that much harder for her orgasm. Her breath rasped in and out, and his heart thudded in response. Jesus, he’d never seen anything like her release, as if it was torn from her very soul.

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