Sex Scene Championship round 15 : Danni Price vs Misa Buckley

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Hello everybody and welcome to our Sex Scene knockout Championship!

The guise is simple; vote for your favourite out of the two scenes and the winning author will progress to the next round and be in with a chance to win the Sex Scene Championship Crown. Each person will be in with a chance of winning prizes from our prize bag. At the end of the event, all of the entrants will be collated and then I’ll use random generator to pick a top winner (who will get their choice of 8 prizes from the prize bag limited to one GC), a second place winner (who will get their choice of 5 prizes from the prize bag limited to one GC) and a third place winner (who will get their choice of 3 prizes limited to one GC). I will then randomly draw names until all the prizes are gone.

You have to vote through the rafflecopter form for your vote to count. You can do this using FB or an email address … none of these are visible to anyone but me and I will not use them. 

We have 50 eBooks to giveaway (some of which are listed on the Intro post here), 2 signed paperbacks, 2 INT paperbacks, 4 Gift Cards (Amazon & All Romance, a necklace, some pens and more swag to give away.

So for our second round, we have Misa Buckley vs Danni Price

Execerpt One –

Danni Price – Roadside Assistance ©

Danni’s  Website | Twitter


Jack tore off his shirt, apparently impatient with her gawking. What he uncovered was not the body of the boy she’d known. Oh, he was still lean and hard, but now he looked like a man who could lift a car off someone should the need ever arise. She rubbed her hands together to warm them, eager to explore every inch of him, licking her lips in anticipation.

She drew her hand down his chest and past his tightly muscled abs until she reached his velvety soft cock. With the rough edge he used to beg for, she stroked once more before lowering her mouth to lick at the now glistening tip.

He sank his hand into her hair with the right amount of pressure to let her know he wanted more but not make her feel forced. Her cheeks hollowed as she worked on him with her mouth, tongue and hand. Her fingers could barely wrap around his fat cock. When she gave him the tiniest bit of her teeth on his shaft, he responded with a gratifying moan.

The hand he’d shoved in her hair tugged her up and pulled her off his still granite-like erection.

“What’s the matter?” She tried to mask the hurt, but it was still there. A person could only handle so much rejection in a day. Did he not find her attractive now that she wasn’t eighteen?

He bit his bottom lip. His hand covered hers and squeezed. “Nothing, Renie. But I’d rather come inside you.”

“Oh, me too.” She winced at the eager breathy tone of her reply, but straddled him anyway, pushing her skirt up and out of the way.

The head of his cock pressed into her already damp panties as he fumbled with her blouse. Sliding her hand between them, she rubbed herself against him, pressing his cock against her aching clit. The thin, silky fabric of her panties created an extra level of friction that nearly made her come.

“Damn, I forgot how wet you get.” Her shirt finally unbuttoned, he pinched her nipples through the thin cotton bra she wore. “You want me to fuck you now?”

She reached behind her back to slam a hand down on the condom resting on the dash. “What do you think?”

A smile spread across his face, as he slipped his hands into her bra and freed her breasts. He lowered his head and sucked one nipple into his mouth. After several flicks of his tongue, she grabbed his hair and yanked it back. “Stop being a damn tease.”

With a chuckle from deep in his chest, Jack grabbed the condom out of her hand and ripped it open with his teeth. He passed it back to her. “You wanna do the honors?”

She angled herself back until her ass rested on the edge of his knees. His CB radio dug into the small of her back. She slipped the condom over his swollen cock.

Eyes dark with passion, he slid a hand from the side of her neck past one peaked nipple until he reached her pussy. Wet, nearly dripping, she shoved forward onto the fingers that circled her opening.

“Mmm you feel ready, but I better make sure.”

As he drove two fingers inside, her pussy clenched. His strokes were even and slow as his thumb teased her clit.

Her pussy pulsed with need as she rode his fingers. A body-numbing orgasm built inside her. She leaned forward and pressed her mouth to his ear. “What are you waiting for?”

With a smirk, he slipped his slick fingers out of her and cupped her face. “Say please.”

Please? Her lust-fogged mind registered that he still must be pissed she’d dumped him. Begging wasn’t going to happen. Not today. The smell of sex filled the truck. With a tilt of her head, she drew two of his fingers into her mouth and sucked hard while staring straight into his eyes.

“Aww, come on, that’s not fair.” He stared at her mouth like it could offer him salvation.

She smiled as she ran her hands ran down his chest. He could have pulled away but instead he looked on, memorized, as she circled the tips of his fingers with her tongue. Poised above him, she nudged her panties to the side and rested her opening against the tip of his cock. His fingers slipped from her mouth. “What did you want me to say?”

His gaze shifted away from her face with a flash of annoyance. “You always did get what you wanted.” With one hand on her hip, steadying her, he thrust up.

Excerpt Two –  

 Misa Buckley – Archangel ©

Misa‘s Website | Twitter

It was a relief to take my jeans off. I sighed as my hard-on sprung loose of its prison. Dropping my jeans, I kicked them off and rubbed my balls. They were slightly tender but that wasn’t going to impede my performance. Not when I wanted in Abigail so badly. Given the way she gazed at my dick, that want was mutual.

She licked her lips and again I got the urge to fuck her mouth. It was a fantasy that rose even as I rolled a condom on—her kneeling on the floor, my fingers tight in her hair as she sucked me off. Crap. I bit the inside of my cheek and suppressed a shudder. Pulling myself together to be serious a moment, I stood at the edge of the bed and gazed down at her.

“You sure about this?”

She rolled her eyes. “What does it look like, Gabe?”

Her legs were wide open, her nipples hard and pink. It looked like every fantasy become reality, but I didn’t think that was a sensible confession to make. “I need to hear you say it.”

I’d no idea where the sudden chivalry came from, but it could fuck right off again. Still, I waited for permission, my eyes on her face.

“I’m sure, Gabriel.” Her voice was velvet over iron, her gaze locked with mine. “Very, very sure.”

“Oh, thank fuck for that.”

Clambering onto the bed, I stretched out on top of her and claimed her mouth. I kissed her for a good while, dick hard as hell and throbbing a demand, but she was no one-night stand to just nail. I didn’t want to simply fuck her, I wanted…I’d no idea. Something more. Something meaningful. I wanted—needed—to connect, to belong, to…love.

The thought startled me, but as I pulled back and looked into her eyes, I knew I couldn’t take it back. I couldn’t quite say it, though, either. Given her smile, I decided she knew enough. I shifted my hips.

Even through the latex of the condom, she was red hot. I groaned as I sank into a furnace, burying my dick deep within her tight walls. “God, you feel good,” I murmured and kissed her. It involved a lot of tongue. When I broke for air, I gasped out, “You okay? I didn’t hurt you?”

“I’m fine,” she sighed. “More than. Hmm, Gabe, you fill me right up.”

“You’re so fucking tight. You feel amazing.”

Her eyes were dark with passion. “Fuck me. I want you to make me come.”

I grinned at her, having no difficultly whatsoever with that request. I slid out slowly and we moaned in unison. Then I slammed in and she made a soft “oof” sound that made me slam in a second time to hear it again. And again.

But Abigail didn’t lie beneath me and just take. Her hands stroked my arms and back, her nails grazed my skin. She murmured dirty words I never expected to hear from her, voice husky with

encouragement to take her harder, faster, to make her fucking scream.

I reached one hand down and bent her right knee up, did the same to the left. It opened her further, let me plunge in that bit deeper. She whimpered and grabbed a hold of my upper arms, eyes

squeezed tight as she panted out my name.

“Gabe. Oh, God, Gabe.”

No man alive could hear the woman he cared for say his name like that and not come undone. I buried my face in the hollow of her neck, tasting the sweat on her skin with my tongue, and gripped her shoulders. Fucked her for all I was worth. I slammed in hard and fast. Her airy cries filled the cabin. I don’t know if the waves rocked the yacht or if I did. Didn’t care; I was fucking Abigail.

“Oh, my God,” I muttered as she tightened around me. “Fuck, Abby.”

Her back arched and she moaned. Right at the edge and I thrust her over it. She cried out, a yell I echoed as her climax triggered mine.


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