Sex Scene Championship Round 15 : Mary Hughes Vs A.S. Fenichel

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Excerpt One 
Mary Hughes : Bite My Fire
I smiled into Bo’s warm blue eyes. “I want to show you my thanks.” I started stripping off my shirt.

Bo’s eyes riveted on me, started glowing red. I slowed, took my time raising the sweatshirt’s hem, put a little wow-chicka-wow-wow into it. Gave my breasts a shake while I slipped off my gun, set it aside. Turned with a smile, bent over and wiggled as I peeled down my jeans.

Everything felt different with a sexy guy watching. My breasts felt fuller, heavier. My clothes rubbed coming off, rasping against my skin.

Even the air felt different. Hot, moving. Currents ran along the curves of my breasts and belly, streamed between my thighs.

I crawled back onto the bed, directly onto Bo. Retaking his hands, I lowered myself onto his hot washboard of a tummy. Bump, bump, bump. Oh, yeah. The friction of his rumblestrip belly burned into fire.

Urgently now, I kissed Bo’s gorgeous lips. Thrust my tongue into his mouth. Swiped the entire length of a fang.

He reacted like a bronco. His muscles clenched, his body arched up off the mattress, wrenching so hard he nearly threw me. I seized his torso with my thighs to keep from being unseated. He bucked at the tight pressure, his belly rasping hot against me.

“Mmm. More.” I licked fang again.

He arched like a wild stallion. “Elena,” he gasped. “You’re killing me, sweetheart.”

“That’s the idea.” I squirmed on his stomach, slipping in the moisture between us.

“You’re going to fall off.” He was panting, hoarse. “Maybe you should anchor yourself.” “What a great idea.” I reached behind and pulled up his hot anchor. Raised my hips.

Planted myself on his long, hard shaft.

He sucked in a lungful of air. Swallowed several more times. Let his breath out slowly, a long, hissing groan.

“Ready?” I asked sweetly.

“Stars above, Elena. I wasn’t ready for that. You’re burning.”

I flexed my pussy. He shrieked. I smiled. Kegels did wonders for the woman on top.

Slowly, I took the tip of a long, luscious fang into my mouth. Sucked lightly.

Bo roared. His hips drove up, hard enough to impale me to my eyeballs. He nearly bucked me off.

At the last second his arm wrapped around my waist. His chest was mottled red. His cock throbbed heavily inside me. His eyes were clamped shut, his nostrils flared. His mouth was wide open in a silent shout of agony—or ecstasy.

He was ready to come. But I wanted more. I grabbed his ears and licked both fangs. He made a throttled noise, like he was dying. His control, I could tell, was almost gone.

Almost wasn’t good enough.

I pulled the whole length of fang into my mouth and suckled.

Bo screamed. Both thick arms shot around me. With great, muscular strokes, he began to beat up into me, hard.

I could only hang on for the ride. Clutching at his mighty pectorals, I closed my eyes, loving the feel of his strong hot body undulating between my thighs. “More. Oh, more.”

Excerpt Two

A.S. Fenichel : Kane’s Bounty

She screamed again. Sensations pulsed from her clit and her pelvis tightened. Her arms shook from the strain and she sank to her elbows. The new angle exposed more of her to his mouth and his tongue dipped inside her, fucking her sopping pussy. He sucked and licked her clit, then plunged his tongue inside her.

Her body bucked against his face and she cried his name and maybe called for god too. She wasn’t at all sure what came out of her mouth. She only knew her climax was building and she wanted more.

His hands gripped her ass, but she felt them moving just before his thumb pressed inside her. He sucked her clit hard and she cried out again, fucking his face by pressing her thighs against his shoulders and digging her heels into his back. His thumb probed deeper and he licked around her sensitive cluster of nerves before pulling it back inside his mouth and sucking again and again.

Pure rapture descended on her and shot outward. Her pussy pulsed around his thumb while he continued to suck her clit. She bucked and twisted while the orgasm crashed around and within her.

As her climax subsided, Kane lifted her ass back onto the table. It was cold again against the heat of her pussy. She watched him move the chair he’d been sitting on to the right just below her foot. Then he took a second chair and placed it under her left foot. She put one foot on the corner of each chair with her legs still wide, and pressed her hands against the table, lifting her bottom past the edge. Kane moved forward into the space between the two chairs. He tore the condom open and rolled it onto his cock. He was once again at her apex, his thick head touching her pussy. He gripped the shaft and slid the head through her wetness. While he held himself at her opening, she eased herself onto his cock. He stretched her deliciously.
She was gasping for breath.

“Look at me, Lena.” The rasp in his voice got her attention more than the words.

She looked up into those stunningly blue eyes. A bead of sweat trickled from his temple. She straightened her elbows and looked down as the base of his shaft slid from inside her, then bent them again, swallowing him to the hilt. He gripped her ass and helped her find a rhythm. She watched his eyes grow darker.

“Lena, you are so fucking hot.”

He gripped her ass tighter. At her core, she could feel her orgasm building again. She quickened the pace. Kane groaned as his orgasm racked his body. He kept thrusting into her, brought one hand around and rubbed her clit. She threw her head back and screamed as she came for the third time. Her sheath clutched at his cock and she bucked one last time.

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