Sex Scene Championship Round 16 : Kit Rocha Vs Erykah Wyck

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Excerpt One 
Kit Rocha : Beyond Shame

It was like one of her dark fantasies come to life. Jasper, looming over her bound, helpless body, rasping dirty commands. Orders that absolved her of any complicity in her own defilement. Shuddering, she sealed her lips tight and sucked, and she’d almost forgotten about Ace until he hissed out a breath. “Fucking hell, Jasper.” .

“I know.” He glided the pad of his thumb over her tongue. “She’s beautiful.” .

Drunk on the look in his eyes, on the buzz trembling through her body, Noelle scraped her teeth over his thumb. .

He pulled free of her mouth with a pop and smiled approvingly. “That’s good, honey.” The smile lingered as he tugged lightly at her silky shirt. “Is this Lex’s too?” .

“Yes. I didn’t buy much yesterday.” Mostly just the corset, the one he’d liked so much. .

He drew something from his pocket, but she didn’t get a good look at it until it clicked and light glinted off the blade. A knife. He teased the tip under the already-plunging neckline and slit the fabric clean away from her skin. .

Her breasts spilled free, unbound and heavy. She twisted so hard that Ace grabbed her forearm with a warning noise, but she couldn’t sit still. Her pulse pounded in her ears and between her legs. She was painfully aware of her clitoris, of the way it seemed as hard and hungry as her nipples. .

If he cut off her skirt, she might come from that alone. .

But he folded the knife and put it away. “Stay still, honey. The longer it takes, the longer you wait.” .


Before he could say anything, Ace tweaked her nipple, pinching hard enough to force her breath out in a moan. “Jesus, she’s hot for it,” he murmured as he went back to the tattoo. “One more line, honey, and then we’ll play with you.” .

“She’ll want the cuffs too.” Jas sounded certain. .

“That so?” Ace drawled. .

As if there was any question. Noelle felt as if every day stripped away a layer of numbness, a layer of respectability. The girl who’d stumbled out of Eden might have bowed beneath the hard work and endless rules of the commune. .

The girl she wanted to become could only live here, in the darkness of the sector slums. “Yes. I want cuffs.” .

Ace hummed. “What do you say, Jasper? How much more can she take without someone working her off?” .

He stroked the same nipple Ace had tweaked, a gentle touch instead of a rough one. “Not long. Finish blacking out the bar, and we’ll give her a break, make her come. Then you can start on the rest.” .

Noelle groaned and rocked on the seat, so hungry she didn’t care if she looked shameless. “Have you two done this a lot? Tied a girl up and made her listen to you talk dirty about what you were going to do to her?” .

“Oh, she’s cute, Jas. She thinks we’ve been talking dirty.” .

“Ace isn’t dirty,” Jas observed conversationally as his hand drifted down, over the waistband of her skirt. “He’s obscene.” .

Lower. Lower. If she thought it hard enough, maybe he’d slide his fingers over her wet panties and realize how close she was to shaking to pieces. “What’s the difference?” .

Ace finished the final line with a flourish and reached out to catch her chin, forcing her to look at him. “Dirty’s saying I’m going to make you come. Obscene’s saying I’m going to spread your pretty pink pussy lips open and spank your clit until you come all over my face.” .

Oh God

Excerpt Two 
Erykah Wyck : Learning to Submit

Even though she enjoyed her new submissive streak, she couldn’t alter years of programming over the course of a few hours. She spread her legs a little for better balance and slammed back into his groin, forcing him deeper before retreating just the slightest bit, making sure he never came out of her. With gentle strokes, she allowed him to get used to her rhythm and give her control.

His hands squeezed her hips, and when she pushed back, she could feel his balls tighten against her pussy. “Hold on tight, Sir,” she purred, edging forward, then taking him deep into her with a powerful bump back. He groaned and picked up her pace until both were sweaty, and she was oblivious to their surroundings.

She tightened around him as each thrust rocketed her toward the ultimate goal, his complete surrender to her. Inching away from him until he rested just at her entrance and pushed back with vigor. His grunt told her she’d reached endgame. She repeated the movement, careful to concentrate on his cock twitching. She knew if she gave even an inch to him now, her complete submission would be a given. The Dominant part of her bucked the dismissal, even for the last few minutes of its existence. If she was going to give up that side of her, she’d send it out with a bang.

His vice like grip on her hips dug into her skin. She welcomed the pain; it kept her focused. It held her growing climax at bay. He sucked in air quickly and let out a curse before she felt his body collapse over her, his torso shuddering as his orgasm wracked his body. He held her tight, preventing her from moving.

After what seemed like minutes but she knew were seconds, he straightened, took a few steps away from the railing, bringing her with him, careful never to leave her body. He pushed her over so her hands all but hit the floor. “Grab your ankles.” His voice told her that, although she had won the battle, the war belonged to him.

Semi erect but still deep inside her, he shifted just enough, not to leave her but to make sure she knew he controlled their play. She moaned, aware of every movement he made in this position. She thought it felt even better than when he had been fully erect. Every sensation amplified. He thrust deep into her. Reaching around, he grabbed her breast, squeezing the nipple hard.

She hissed through clenched teeth, as he worked her to a frenzy then withdrew almost all the way at the very moment she thought she might come. His cock pressed hard against the balls in her pussy.

“Are you ready to become truly mine, Belinda?” His soft voice belied the power he had over her.

“Yes, Sir.”

“Then you have a new set of rules. Rule number one: You never orgasm without my permission.”

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