Sex Scene Championship Round 17 : Eden Bradley Vs Robyn Mackenzie/Gayle Donnelly

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Excerpt One 
Eden Bradley : Sanctuary 

He began a slow pumping rhythm, fucking her with his hand, and at the same time he began to spank her.

It didn’t hurt at first—she was too full of pure pleasure from what he was doing to her needy pussy. But soon he began to smack harder, and it became more difficult to keep quiet. But she would do it. For him.

He kept up the spanking, raining blows over her ass, her thighs, and all the time fucking her with his thrusting fingers. She was lost in pleasure—even the pain was pleasure. Lovely.

And then he hit her with something.

She smelled the leather even as she felt the wide strap across her bottom. She was too shocked to cry out.

He hit her again with the strap, and this time she did yelp.

“Come on, Devin. You can take it.”

And she could. She felt a certain pride well within her as he smacked her ass over and over with the leather strap, as she felt the welts rising on her skin. She knew she could handle the pain. And somewhere between the hurting strap and the lovely sensation of his fingers plunging inside her, the line began to blur. Sensation became one thing—pleasure and pain—and her service to him, that she was doing this to please him, but as she’d said, it was what she craved most now, as well.

It went on and on, until she felt her pussy swell with need, felt her climax trembling in her body, waiting, waiting.

Shaye must have felt it, too.

“Hold it back,” he ordered. “Don’t come until I tell you to.”


He began to fuck her harder with his hand, really slamming into her. At the same time he kept smacking her sore and stinging skin with the strap. Something about the sharp scent of the leather was driving her crazy. Needing to come was driving her crazy. Her legs began to shake.

“Oh, baby, this is beautiful,” he told her, his voice a little breathless. “You can do it. Hold it back for me.”

He hit her harder, and pleasure surged, making her pussy ache, her clitoris hardening until she could barely stand it.

“Shaye…I can’t.”

“You can. And you will. Because I need to be inside you when come, baby. I need you to come all over me.”

She groaned as he slipped his fingers from her—at the loss of sensation. At the knowledge that he would fuck her now.

In moments he was behind her once more, and she felt his strong, naked thighs against hers, the slight tickle of the fine hair there. Then his sheathed cock was poised at her entrance. She surged back against him, trying to take him in.

A low, rough chuckle from him. “Little Devin, you are not the one running this show, are you?”

“No, Shaye.”

“I like that—the way you say my name. I want you to ask for it.” His voice was rough with desire.

“Ask me by name, Devin.”

“Please, Shaye.”

He pressed his thick cock against her, the tip just slipping inside. She could feel the cool metal of his piercing even through the condom. “Please, what?”

She groaned. “Please fuck me.”

“Say it again. The right way.”

“Oh…please fuck me, Shaye.”

Excerpt Two

Gayle Donnelly & Robyn Mackenzie : Infinite Surrender
Talon helped her recline, his jacket protecting her back, then lifted her arms up and to each side to rest on the handle bars. His heart nearly stopped at the picture she made.
He traced his hands up her toned thighs and to her slender hips, still amazed at the silky softness of her skin. He continued his path, stopping his progress only long enough to massage and caress her generous breasts. She moaned softly as he grazed her tight nipples with his thumbs. 

He leaned forward, the movement placed the underside of his cock in between the dewy wetness of her folds. Her hips began to move, sliding her juices up and down over his shaft. He had to grit his teeth to fight for control, especially when he felt the swollen bud of her clit glide over the engorged head of his cock.

She was grinding harder against him now, her hips rotating and undulating, making him fucking insane.

“Talon, please.” She whispered.

He lifted his torso and stood upright, straddling the bike. He draped her legs over his thighs, held her by the hips, and drove his shaft into her center in one hard stroke. Talon watched as her eyes flew open in surprise. He leaned forward and took her lips in a kiss that ignited the fire in his veins to a fevered pitch. He tightened his hold on her hips.

Deep, driving strokes into the tightest pussy he’d even known had him gritting his teeth with the need to mark her.

Chloe’s hips met his with every forceful stroke. “Talon. It’s so good.” She cried out as she wrapped her hands around his wrists.

He stood straight, his gaze locked on where they were joined as he continued his driving thrusts.

“Sweet baby. You’re so tight, so hot. I need to feel you come on my cock.” He lifted her hips with his hands as he thrust harder, deeper. “Come for me, Chloe. Now baby!”

She screamed, arched, and her hands flew back to grip the handlebars once again. Her long legs came up to wrap around his lower back in an effort to drive him deeper. Talon continued to grind and thrust for several strokes until he felt the tremors of his own release shoot through his spine. His balls tightened and with a final thrust, he threw his head back and roared, the sound echoing through the trees, the intensity of his release nearly bringing him to his knees.

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