Sex Scene Championship Round 5 :Dakota Trace Vs Regina Kammer

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Hello everybody and welcome to our Sex Scene knockout Championship!

The guise is simple; vote for your favourite out of the two scenes and the winning author will progress to the next round and be in with a chance to win the Sex Scene Championship Crown. Each person will be in with a chance of winning prizes from our prize bag. At the end of the event, all of the entrants will be collated and then I’ll use random generator to pick a top winner (who will get their choice of 8 prizes from the prize bag limited to one GC), a second place winner (who will get their choice of 5 prizes from the prize bag limited to one GC) and a third place winner (who will get their choice of 3 prizes limited to one GC). I will then randomly draw names until all the prizes are gone.

You have to vote through the rafflecopter form for your vote to count. You can do this using FB or an email address … none of these are visible to anyone but me and I will not use them. 

We have 50 eBooks to giveaway (some of which are listed on the Intro post here), 2 signed paperbacks, 2 INT paperbacks, 4 Gift Cards (Amazon & All Romance, a necklace, some pens and more swag to give away.

So for our second round, we have the fabulous ladies Dakota Trace and Regina Kammer

Execerpt One –

The Pleasure Device – Regina Kammer ©

Regina’s Website | Twitter 

He said nothing as he came toward her, tearing off his jacket and loosening his tie.

Oh God. What debauchery did Julius introduce you to?

Nicholas pulled her up to standing, took the Post still in her hand, folded it and placed it neatly on the table. One hand cradled the back of her head while the other arm snaked around her waist. Her insides fluttered as they always did when he took control.

She looked up beseechingly. “Nicky? Darling?”

His mouth crushed down on hers, their tongues tangling before he plundered her depths even further. She steadied herself against him, gripping his shoulders, her body weakening under his demanding desire.

He came up for air, panting as if exhausted. “I need you,” he murmured. “But…but I need to pleasure you first.” He seemed uncharacteristically abashed, perhaps even a little ashamed.

“Yes, of course.” What else was she to say to that?

He drew her to the sofa, laying her back against the pillows, then pushed up her skirts. His hand reached inside the split in her drawers, tickling her delicate flesh. The earnestness on his face contrasted with the gentleness of his touch.

“You’re wet,” he said as if he hadn’t expected her to be. He eased her legs open, licking his lips as if she were a treat before him, then bent over and began his ravishment.

He was a man possessed.

Lavinia closed her eyes to concentrate on the momentary well-aimed flicks of his frenzied tongue, his lack of focus confusing her senses. She moaned her appreciation, smoothing his hair in encouragement, soothing him until he slowed his pace. His fingers dallied deliciously in her folds to uncover her clitoris before he sucked the pearl into his mouth, the tip of his tongue frantically stroking the sensitive spot, his pointed attentiveness sending her into spasms of vexatious ecstasy. As her body writhed against him, he followed her every move, digging his nails painfully into her butt cheeks, not wanting to let her go.

She cried out his name, grabbing handfuls of his curls as she thrust her crotch against his mouth, his smug chuckle vibrating against her as he feasted. He was relentless, he was determined. She felt the buildup, the coiling of energy deep in her belly, the tingling in her toes, the anticipation hovering in the air, waiting…

He sucked harder, his tongue tormenting and teasing until she—

“Oh God! Nicky!”

Lavinia opened her eyes and tried to calm her shallow breaths. She had never spent so hard. He had never pleasured her with so much enthusiasm.

But he wasn’t finished yet.

With one hand he pulled her from the couch, urged her across the room and thrust her against the door, all while his other hand worked his buttons to free his cock. He was rampant, the prepuce already cowled below the glistening purple head. He bunched up her skirts and impaled her with a satisfied groan.

His movements were slow and even at first. Her body, sated and weak, found new resolve with the changed erotic assault. She clenched his shaft, sending tingling thrills through her, then released him with a tilt of her hips demanding he repeat his invasion. His thrusts picked up with determination until he was slamming inside her, meeting every moan with a vigorous lunge, holding her tightly as her arms and legs limply clung to his taut form.

His breathing grew ragged, his rhythm changing to a syncopated beat. He was going to spend.

She wasn’t prepared.

She unwrapped her limbs and squirmed against him, her struggles eliciting startled protests. He let her go, pulling out, dejected annoyance clouding his face. She dropped to her knees and swallowed his wet, engorged cock.

Nicholas let out a curse as his hands slapped against the door for support. In mere seconds, her skillful mouth brought him to orgasm, his warm ejaculate spurting down her throat.

The sounds of his heavy breathing filled the silence of afterglow.

“Vinny,” he panted hoarsely. “Did I pleasure you?”

Excerpt Two –  

Dakota Trace –  Wyk’s Surrender ©

Dakota’s Website | Twitter

Venus held the flogger in one fist as she stared down at him. She could only hope his desire for her had reached its peak, because she couldn’t wait much longer. His breath was fast, and every so often his hips rocked up. The idea that she, Venus Spinazzola-Navarro, had pushed the great and mighty Wyk Havas to this point stroked her own desire higher. Her blood raced in her veins. Still, she’d caught his slip. How had he known? She’d thought the shadows had hidden her identity, but perhaps they hadn’t. Now torn, did she finish this? Or back off? Logic said she should let him free and send him on his merry way, but the dominant part of her wanted what she’d created. When he released another moan, his distress registered on her lust-dazed senses, and she decided to hang onto the illusion as long as she could, because tomorrow he’d be gone.

“Better answer, slave.” She pulled a condom from her pocket. “I’m going to remove the cock ring, for a moment, to put on a condom on you. Do not come.”

She crouched between his thighs, ripped open the wrapper with her teeth. After pulling the sheath out, she rolled it down the swollen length of his shaft. Meeting his eyes, she tugged on the quick release snap. He groaned above her head, his torso twisting. A quick glance at his groin surprised her as he seemed to swell before her eyes. Damn, that baby looks ready to burst. “Do you think you can last long enough for your Mistress to find her pleasure?”

His chest heaved, and he shook his head. “Too close, Mistress. Put it back on. I have to last as long as you need.”

Surprise filtered through her. She’d expected him to brag about his stamina, not to ask for a return of the ring. Her heart melted a bit. “Fine.” She re-snapped the device, then checked to make sure it wasn’t pinching anything important. She rose to her feet. Yanking the tank top the rest of the way off, she dropped it to the floor before reaching for the snap on her shorts. She ripped open the fastening and shucked her shorts and panties in one smooth move. Dammit, if this was the only time she would get to fuck him, she wouldn’t waste it by having half of her clothing on.

“For honesty, slave, you get a small reward.” Delving inside her wet pussy, she gathered her juices and painted his lips with them. “Suck.”

His tongue curled around her finger and tugged it inside the hot cavern of his mouth. “Mmmm.”

When she drew away, he groaned. “You taste so good, Mistress, that all I want to do is eat your pussy.” His panted as she climbed back on his lap, this time facing away from him.

“Later,” she promised as she centered herself over his cock. Pressing the head into her opening, she lowered her body onto his shaft. She groaned as his thick length stretched her. It had been so long since she’d taken a man inside her, and he was long and hard. It took several long minutes before she sank all the way down on him. The room filled with her gasps and her slave’s groans.

“So tight, Mistress.” His breath puffed over her shoulder. He rocked upward, sliding along her sensitive tissues.

“You fill me,” she agreed. Using her strong legs for balance, she began to slowly ride him, careful not to buck too hard and knock him off the ottoman. Ever-spreading tingles buffeted her each time she rose and sank. She needed more, but her sadistic nature wanted, no needed to drag it out. Against her neck, his heavy pants teased her sensitive skin.

“Please, Mistress.” His lips skittered over the base of her neck. Gooseflesh raced down her arms, coaxing her need higher when he sucked on the flesh.

“No hickies, slave. My boss will ask questions.” She bounced a bit faster at his growl, but slowed once more when he moved with her. “Be still. Let me have my fun.”

He froze and for a second, Venus though he would dump her from her perch, but he didn’t. Instead he braced his legs and leaned back enough to give her more room to move. “As you will, Mistress.” The words were tight with need.



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