Sex Scene Championship Round 7 : Lucy Felthouse Vs Joely Sue Burkhart

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Excerpt One 
Lucy Felthouse : Testing Tom

Turning her attention back to the spread buttocks in front of her, she gripped Tom’s hips tightly and began to screw him in earnest. The care she’d taken with the lubricant paid off, as the dildo slipped in and out of the stretched hole with ease. It was a first time for her, too, in fact. She’d never fucked a man up the arse before, and she gazed in wonder at her temporary shaft burying itself inside Tom. The Dominatrix in her quickly overrode that wonder, and she played to the crowd, changing her rhythm so she pounded Tom’s arsehole in time to the music. The audience loved it, swaying and clapping, the occasional wolf-whistle and whoop piercing the air.

She grinned, then realized something. She’d been so busy thinking about what was going to happen, and making sure it went well that she didn’t give much thought to how it would actually make her feel. And she came to the conclusion it felt amazing. She’d had a great deal of power over Tom before, but nothing like this. She had control over his pleasure, his pain, his orgasm, and, like when she spanked him, she wasn’t even touching his cock. It was like a high-wattage light bulb had been switched on inside her, bathing her in heat. A great deal of that heat was coming from her groin, too. The base of the rubber cock was pressing against her own genitals, and sending delicious sparks up through her clit and into her abdomen. She figured that if she changed position slightly, she’d probably be able to get off as well as Tom.

A quick alteration later, and Katrina discovered she’d been right. Each thrust, each push and pull, ground against her swollen nub, and that, coupled with the extreme horniness of the situation sent her on her journey towards a delicious climax. She had no idea who would come first, or indeed, if Tom could even come this way, but she was too far gone to do anything about it. The familiar tightening in her tummy, the tingles, the way her cunt spasmed occasionally around nothing—she knew she was close.

Her response was to speed up. Hopefully Tom was feeling as lusty and blown away by all this as she was, and if so, he had to be near to climaxing, too. There was nothing more she could do, shy of grabbing his cock and wanking him off at the same time, but she feared she wouldn’t be able to do that and keep the rhythm of her thrusts going. And she was close… so fucking close.

Realizing the song was near to its end, Katrina gave it everything she had. She thrust the strap-on in and out of Tom’s arse fast, hard and rough. She hadn’t told him he had to be silent, so his moans, yells and expletives filled the air, as did hers.

“Baby,” she said, loud enough for him to hear her over the noise of the music and the crowd, “I’m going to come soon. Come with me?”

Excerpt Two 
Joely Sue Burkhart : Her Grace’s Sable

Arthur climbed onto the bed, as awkward and nervous as a virgin on his wedding night. So many limbs… He wasn’t even sure where and how to kneel. As soon as Cole felt the mattress dip, he groaned and arched his back, lifting those tempting buttocks. The sight of Cole moving above her nearly made him spill his seed then and there. She pulled her thighs higher toward Cole’s shoulders, giving Arthur an unimpeded path straight to Cole’s arse.

Hesitantly, Arthur laid his palm on that sleek curve. Part of him wanted to simply grip the man’s hips and plunge to the hilt like he’d done that first time. Mindless, savage, lost in lust. But Cole deserved better this time. They all did. If I’m going to marry her and join their relationship permanently, then I need to know him as well as I know her. I have to control myself.

He smoothed his hand up Cole’s back, tracing the shape of his spine. He quivered beneath Arthur’s hand, so responsive and receptive. Cole didn’t thrust—he simply lay on top of her and waited to see what Arthur would do. She didn’t direct him either, as though she wanted him to simply feel and act on those feelings.

She made no protest when Arthur stroked her calf and thigh. With one hand on her and the other on Cole, he marveled at the differences. She was soft and silk, Cole was lean and hard. Arthur pressed closer, leaning down over them both. He’d never felt so much muscle beneath him before. She was certainly a strong woman in more ways than one, but having a man between them made her curves all the more feminine.

“Am I doing this right?”

Cole groaned again, making her laugh. “Judging by the sounds you’re drawing from him, I’d say yes.”

“No,” Cole growled. “You’re not going fast enough. I’m going to die before…”

Gritting his teeth, Arthur pushed inside enough that Cole’s words turned into a strangled groan. “Better?”

“Better,” she purred, arching beneath them. Somehow she managed to reach around Cole and grab a handful of Arthur’s backside, hauling him closer.

Cole sounded like he was dying. “Please, Violet, don’t let him stop!”

She leaned up and kissed Cole, and then pulled his head to one side so she could see Arthur over his shoulder. At the beckoning look in her eyes, he bent down lower over Cole’s back, bracing on his hands so he didn’t crush them both. She kissed him, too, sucking on his tongue until he thrust deeper, fighting through Cole’s body to get closer to her.

Shuddering, Cole pushed back against him, taking him to the hilt on a low whimper that made sweat bead on Arthur’s brow. Control. Slow. I’m a man not an animal. “Am I hurting you too much?”

“Never,” Cole panted. “I love it.”

She dug her nails into Arthur’s buttocks, drawing his attention to her face. “I want to hear him scream.”

Involuntarily, he jerked back enough to make Cole writhe beneath him. “What?”

“You heard me.”

Arthur stared down at her, his stomach quivering so hard he was sure Cole must feel it. His hands clenched on the bedding, his blood thumping a frantic cadence in his head. It’d be so easy to rock and thrust and slam himself over and over, lost in the heat in her eyes. But he held on to the last corner of sanity, afraid he’d lose himself for all time.

“Where’s my stallion, Arthur? Where’s the man who fucked me senseless in the dirt today? That’s who we want in this bed, this and every night. We want you, the full you, burning with unbridled need for us.” She reached up and grabbed enough of his hair to force him back down so she could lick his ear. “Fuck Cole, and through him, fuck me too.”

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