Sex Scene Championship Round 8 : Erykah Wyck Vs Susan Mac Nicol

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Excerpt One 
Erykah Wyck : Learning to Submit

Even though she enjoyed her new submissive streak, she couldn’t alter years of programming over the course of a few hours. She spread her legs a little for better balance and slammed back into his groin, forcing him deeper before retreating just the slightest bit, making sure he never came out of her. With gentle strokes, she allowed him to get used to her rhythm and give her control.

His hands squeezed her hips, and when she pushed back, she could feel his balls tighten against her pussy. “Hold on tight, Sir,” she purred, edging forward, then taking him deep into her with a powerful bump back. He groaned and picked up her pace until both were sweaty, and she was oblivious to their surroundings.

She tightened around him as each thrust rocketed her toward the ultimate goal, his complete surrender to her. Inching away from him until he rested just at her entrance and pushed back with vigor. His grunt told her she’d reached endgame. She repeated the movement, careful to concentrate on his cock twitching. She knew if she gave even an inch to him now, her complete submission would be a given. The Dominant part of her bucked the dismissal, even for the last few minutes of its existence. If she was going to give up that side of her, she’d send it out with a bang.

His vice like grip on her hips dug into her skin. She welcomed the pain; it kept her focused. It held her growing climax at bay. He sucked in air quickly and let out a curse before she felt his body collapse over her, his torso shuddering as his orgasm wracked his body. He held her tight, preventing her from moving.

After what seemed like minutes but she knew were seconds, he straightened, took a few steps away from the railing, bringing her with him, careful never to leave her body. He pushed her over so her hands all but hit the floor. “Grab your ankles.” His voice told her that, although she had won the battle, the war belonged to him.

Semi erect but still deep inside her, he shifted just enough, not to leave her but to make sure she knew he controlled their play. She moaned, aware of every movement he made in this position. She thought it felt even better than when he had been fully erect. Every sensation amplified. He thrust deep into her. Reaching around, he grabbed her breast, squeezing the nipple hard.

She hissed through clenched teeth, as he worked her to a frenzy then withdrew almost all the way at the very moment she thought she might come. His cock pressed hard against the balls in her pussy.

“Are you ready to become truly mine, Belinda?” His soft voice belied the power he had over her.

“Yes, Sir.”

“Then you have a new set of rules. Rule number one: You never orgasm without my permission.”

Excerpt Two 
Susan Mac Nicol : Stripped Bare

“Christ, you are so beautiful,” Shane’s fingers caressed Matthew’s stomach, his shoulders, his hips, as the man hissed in pleasure at his touch. “When I first saw you, that was the first thing I thought. Such a beautiful man.” He leaned over and his mouth trailed across the other man’s abdomen, his tongue tracing the ridges of muscle, finally heading down lower to his hips and the curve where his hips met his groin.

Matthew moaned, his hips thrusting up his hands clenching the duvet.

“And now I get to taste you at last.” Shane’s mouth closed around Matthew’s erection and the man uttered a deep cry, pushing himself deeper into Shane’s mouth. Shane moved his mouth up and down the shaft, his tongue licking and circling all the sensitive areas he could find. He knew what he liked when someone was sucking him off so he imagined Matthew would appreciate the same treatment.

He swirled his tongue around the tip, piercing the opening and causing Matthew to make small noises like a kitten mewling. His hand cupped Matthew’s balls, squeezing gently and the kitten noises grew louder. It was a complete turn on hearing the man lose it.

Shane sucked and prodded and twirled and lathered and there was a great sense of satisfaction when he realised the man in his mouth was completely undone.

“God, Shay, that is so good, don’t stop. I’m not going to last much longer. It’s been too long since I was with anyone like this.“

Matthew’s new name for him spurred Shane on. Men had used it before but he had never enjoyed it as much as from this man’s lips. He sucked, feeling Matthew pushing at the back of his throat as he took him deeper. The kitten sounds had turned more into lion roars by now as Matthew bucked and tossed on the bedspread, his hips punching upwards as he thrust himself in and out of Shane’s mouth, his hands twisting feverishly on the bed spread.

Shane teased him unmercifully, driving him to the brink then bringing him down. It had been while since he’d had such a willing and incredibly responsive participant like the delectable Matthew Langer. Finally Shane felt the man swell and throb in his mouth and Matthew gave a great growl as he came, his semen spilling out in hot spurts into Shane’s mouth and down his throat. He swallowed it as it erupted, loving the taste of this man and the tang of the fluid in his mouth.

Matthew’s body jerked like a puppet on the end of a couple of strings. Shane looked up at him as he moved up over his body, his hand caressing his skin, causing Matthew to shiver.

The man’s eyes were unfocused and dazed.

Shane found his lips and thrust his tongue into his mouth, feeling him sigh as he returned the kiss.

“Can you taste yourself, Matty?” he whispered, wanting to have a special name too. “I loved how you tasted. So bloody good. And now it’s my turn.”

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  1. OMG the Excerpt from Susan Mac Nicol's "Stripped Bare" was sooooo Scorchin' HAWT, it sent my heat rising!!!! Definitely has my Vote & is on my to-buy list.
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