Sex Scene Championship Round 9 : Laura Kaye vs Anne Kane

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Hello everybody and welcome to our Sex Scene knockout Championship!

The guise is simple; vote for your favourite out of the two scenes and the winning author will progress to the next round and be in with a chance to win the Sex Scene Championship Crown. Each person will be in with a chance of winning prizes from our prize bag. At the end of the event, all of the entrants will be collated and then I’ll use random generator to pick a top winner (who will get their choice of 8 prizes from the prize bag limited to one GC), a second place winner (who will get their choice of 5 prizes from the prize bag limited to one GC) and a third place winner (who will get their choice of 3 prizes limited to one GC). I will then randomly draw names until all the prizes are gone.

You have to vote through the rafflecopter form for your vote to count. You can do this using FB or an email address … none of these are visible to anyone but me and I will not use them. 

We have 50 eBooks to giveaway (some of which are listed on the Intro post here), 2 signed paperbacks, 2 INT paperbacks, 4 Gift Cards (Amazon & All Romance, a necklace, some pens and more swag to give away.

So for our second round, we have Laura Kaye Vs Anne Kane

Execerpt One –

Dare to Resist – Laura Kaye ©

Laura’s Website | Twitter 

Colton whispered into Kady’s ear and met her gaze in the bathroom mirror. “Tell me you want me inside you, Kady. Tell me you want me so deep I might never find my way back out again.”

She leaned her cheek against his. “I do, Colton. I want you inside me. I want you everywhere.” Maybe it was wishful thinking, but the look on her beautiful face told him her answer was bigger than just this moment.

And it was all he needed to hear. Holding her arms behind her back, Colton bent his knees, tilted his hips, and slid his cock into her tight, wet heat. “Fuck, you are so small. Don’t let me hurt you,” he growled.

“You won’t.” She moaned and bore down on him, taking him in deeper.

Colton wanted to hold back, to resist, but she was too damn hot and wet and good. And his need for her could only be denied so long. He bottomed out inside her, his balls settling against her sensitive flesh. “That’s a good girl, taking all of my cock.” He bit down on the soft tendon that ran between her neck and her shoulder.

“Oh, God. Please, please move.” Molten green eyes pleaded with him in the mirror. Her hips wiggled and tried to make him.

“Careful what you wish for. Now, brace your arms on the counter.”

Kady moved like her life depended on it, and her urgent need escalated his.

Grasping her hips, he slowly withdrew almost all the way to the tip, but then he snapped his hips and drove back in, shoving her whole body forward. More of those slow-then-hard, punctuated thrusts followed, knocking a moan out of her every time.

It was all the adjustment he could allow her before the heat in his head and his chest and his gut demanded total abandon. Colton grabbed her hips and fucked her hard and fast. Her rhythmic moans turned constant at the harsh pace. Wanting her absolutely wild, he angled his thrusts to hit her G-spot. Now that he knew she was capable of coming so forcefully, he wanted her doing it on him every damn time.

With his other hand, he reached around and pinched and rolled her nipple. And then he wrenched her up into an almost-standing position, one hand across her breasts, the other dragging down to find her clit. He circled his fingers there and she screamed.

Her orgasm fisted at his cock and her slick wetness coated him.

“Fuck, yeah,” he roared, fighting back his own release. He wasn’t done with her. Not by a long shot. “I want you under me,” he said as he pulled out and kicked his pants off the rest of the way. He turned her around, then he lifted her into a fireman’s carry over his shoulder.

She let out an indignant cry and beat at his back. “Put me down!”

Colton chuckled and swatted her on the ass. Kady screamed and laughed as he threw her onto the bed and crawled up over her, his hips and legs pinning hers, his hands manacles around her wrists. “You’re mine.” He grasped his cock, forced her thighs apart, and slid home again. “This body. This pussy. Mine.”

“Yes, yes,” she said, her mouth dropping open and her eyes closing.

“Tell me, Kady. Mean it.” Holding her wrists, he fucked her in an alternating pattern of fast and shallow and slow and deep.

“I’m yours, Colton. Make me yours.” She lifted her head, seeking a kiss, and he was only too happy to give her what she wanted. It was rough and possessive and fucking delicious.

He pushed her arms up straight above her head and held her there, completely trapped beneath him. Damn, this was where he wanted her to stay forever.

“Oh my God,” she moaned when he really started to move, making sure to grind against her clit with every thrust. Sex filled the air, their scent, the wet sound of their fucking, the slap of skin on skin, and harsh, panting breaths.

Slamming his hips down on hers, he knew he was probably going to bruise her with his hip bones, and he fucking loved the idea that she’d wear him on her skin, too. That days later, she’d see the evidence of their lovemaking and think of him.

Lovemaking. Was that were they were doing? You really have to ask that, Colton? No. Not really.

And that realization shoved him hard toward his orgasm. He released her arms and curled his hands around the top of her head, giving him leverage to drive into her hard and fast. Her arms came around him, gripping and clawing and holding him. Damn, how he hoped she marked him, too.

Hunching himself around her, Colton kissed her with his eyes wide open. “You’re going to make me come. Where do you want it?”

“Inside. Don’t leave me.”

The words kicked him in the spine and had him driving into her. In a fast motion, he lifted one of her legs, opening her up so he could go deeper. One arm holding her leg, he braced his weight on the other again her collarbone.

“Here it comes,” he rasped, feeling her swallow beneath his hand.

On his second thrust, Kady came. Her face crumpled in pleasure and her pussy went painfully tight and maddeningly wet around his cock.

Colton’s orgasm plowed through him and he jerked and poured himself inside her. “Fuck, Kady,” he growled, moving helplessly through the almost-violent release.

The minute it was over, the haze of aggression fled from Colton’s mind. It was always that way, as if a pressure valve had been opened and drained. Until next time.

Excerpt Two –  

Mercenaries 1 : Private Skirmish by Anne Kane  ©

Anne’s Website | Twitter

“You can’t force me.” She bit the words out between clenched teeth.

“I won’t have to.” The supreme arrogance in that statement sent a new surge of anger washing through her. The worst part was, he was right and they both knew it.

She held out for an eternity while his arms moved up to crush her against his unyielding body. He slid his hands up under her shirt, and the feel of his callused palms on her skin had her melting against his hard body. It was so easy, almost inevitable. All the damn man had to do was touch her and she turned into a melting pool of lust. Damn him to hell and back!

She caught his lip between her teeth and bit down, hard. The coppery taste of blood filled her mouth, but Kaeden just laughed. Picking her up, he threw her onto the bed and followed her down to straddle her hips. Grasping her arms, he drew them up over her head.

His eyes gleamed darkly as he stared down at her, and Dee could feel the desire coiled tight in her belly. It didn’t take long for lust to replace the anger and she rolled her hips, rubbing herself against the hard bulge in his pants.

“Damn, woman. Have you any idea of the hell you put me through?” Kaeden stripped off his shirt, tossing it to the floor as he reached for the fastening at the waistband of his pants. “If you ever even think about taking off like that again, I’m going whip you within an inch of your life.”

“Yeah, right.” The hurt in his voice made her feel just the tiniest bit guilty for the way she’d run out on him. “Shut up and get those damn pants off.”

“Yes, ma’am.” He complied with laudable speed, the pants and jockey shorts joining his shirt on the floor. “And now for you.”

It was amazing how quickly he managed to remove her clothing without actually tearing it off. Within minutes, they were both fully naked, and she had to admit this was the one part of their tempestuous relationship that she’d really missed.

She gave herself up to the heat coursing through her veins as Kaeden bent his head and sucked one nipple into his mouth, grazing the sensitive bud with his teeth. His big hands moved over her body, mapping every inch, and he slid one down to cup her warm mound.

Dee let out a soft moan, arching against him, and he chuckled softly. “Good to know you missed me.”

She ignored the comment, winding her fingers through his thick locks of hair. He had no idea how much she’d longed for his touch some nights, and she had no intention of telling him. The damn man was too cocky as it was.

He slipped one finger through the soft folds guarding her sex and scored it across her clit. Bolts of lust exploded across every nerve ending, sending coils of heat curling through her belly. She let out a wordless whimper, her fingers clenching and unclenching in his hair.

Kaeden lifted his head, his expression fiercely possessive as he gazed down at her. “You belong here. With me. Don’t you ever forget that.”

He plunged the finger deep inside her, and she lost all ability to think, to reason. Reason didn’t matter, only feelings mattered; the feeling of his finger scraping along the inner walls of her sex, the heat racing through her and sending her libido soaring. She moved her hips in time to the plunging of his finger.

It had been too damn long and she hadn’t lain with a man since she’d left him. In no time at all, she felt the orgasm bursting over her, washing away everything as her sex clamped down on his finger, and she buried her face in his shoulder to muffle her scream of fulfilment.

While the aftershocks still rippled through her, Kaeden lowered himself on top of her, his rigid shaft bumping eagerly at her damp entrance. “You. Are. Mine!” He seated himself balls-deep with one massive thrust of his hips.

Dee whimpered, unable to speak as yet another wave of sensual heat rolled through her. How had she ever thought she could live without him? Leaving him the first time had been hard. Leaving him again would tear her heart to shreds. She had to find Wren.

Kaeden braced his arms on either side of her head, pulling his cock almost all the way out of her, and then slamming it back in. A darkly wicked grin lit his rugged face as he settled in to shaft her with a steady rhythm. In and out. In and out. His massive shaft sent quivers of lust blasting through her with every movement.

She locked her heels behind his back, matching him thrust for thrust as she clung to him with every ounce of her being. She could feel another orgasm starting hard on the heels of the first, curling up from her toes. It washed over her with the strength of a tsunami, sweeping away everything and leaving behind an incredible feeling of fulfilment.

She let out an inarticulate scream, clinging to Kaeden as the world dissolved into a rainbow of incredible sensations. She could tell the exact moment he joined her, his thick seed spurting out in strong jets that bathed the inside of her sex with heat.


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