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cooltext129748819578231Summer Heat : Triple Hijinks – Lia Violet

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Angela’s mouth melded with Ty’s, and she tasted chocolate. “Um, chocolate.” She pulled his shirt up until it went over his head. “Yum.” She said again, running her tongue over his nipple.

“Hey, sweetheart.” Kurt was rubbing his hair with one towel, while another wrapped around his waist. “You two are always starting things early.”She eased back from Ty to find that Kurt was putting the Do Not Disturb sign on the doorknob.

She took them each by the hand then pushed them into the soft armchairs facing the couch. She pulled her dress over her head, standing in front of them in her new green g-string.

“Damn.” Ty started loosening his shorts. “This is going to be a fast lap dance.” He slid them down so he was wearing nothing but his black knit boxers.

She pulled the mask from her bag, careful not to bend the feathers. A she slid it on, she winked at Ty.

Kurt moaned and leaned back in his chair. “Okay, that is really hot. Ty’s right. This is going to be quick.”

Ange started playing a sultry jazz number on her phone.

She walked around both of them, trailing hands over their shoulders and chests. She twirled around, cupping her breasts. Both men moaned, and confidence spurred her on.

She straddled Kurt, sliding her body up his, tickling his chest with the feathers in her mask before she put a hand on his shoulder and arched back while grinding down on his cock. He groaned while pulling down on her hips. His mouth found her breast and sucked hard, making her lose her rhythm. She laughed, and pulled away from him.

She backed onto Ty’s lap, grinding on him while her nails raked his thighs lightly. His hands slid to her breasts, her nipples caught between his fingers. She leaned her head back against his shoulder while his lips slid over her neck. His hand slid down into her g-string, and she pulled away from him before he got too far.

She returned to Kurt, backing into him this time. For the next fifteen minutes, she alternated teasing them, pulling away before their hands could get her any more excited. She knelt in front of Ty this time, pulling his shorts down and sliding her tongue over the head of his cock while her hands rubbed it up and down.

His hands thrust in her hair, unseating the mask. She pulled it off and threw it on the floor behind her while she took more of Ty’s cock into her mouth. After a moment, she pulled away, then crawled over to Kurt.

“That’s right, baby, come suck my cock.” Kurt had his towel open and was ready for her. As she sank her mouth down onto Kurt, she felt Ty crawl up behind her. His hands slid up her thighs until he had a finger from each hand inside her. She pressed her rear against him as he started sliding them out, wanting more.

She sucked harder on Kurt’s long length, her hands massaging his balls. She felt Ty’s cock at her entrance, and he slid in with one firm thrust. He felt so good inside her, and they moved together. As he moved into her, she slid her mouth further onto Kurt.
The sounds of their moans and lovemaking filled the room. Ange felt swept up in the emotion and intimacy of the moment. It felt like a current drew them together as they moved faster together.

She felt Kurt’s legs tense up before she felt his cum shoot into her mouth. She swallowed and lapped every bit of it as Ty’s thrusts into her increased. He gripped her hips tightly as she felt him cum deep within her.

Her nerve endings were tingling and Ty slipped a finger around to caress her clit as she licked around Kurt’s cock. She pulled off of Kurt as Ty’s arm wrapped around her, holding her flush against his chest. The change in position sparked off new nerves and she convulsed around his semi hard cock, still within her.

Kurt leaned forward and kissed her nipples, scoring them lightly with his teeth. This set off more sensations in her, and her orgasm seemed to go on and on.

Finally, her heartbeat slowed down. Ty picked her up and lay down on the couch with her, holding her flush against himself.

The silence in the room was comforting. Ange felt so relaxed and at ease with these two men. She felt a rush of tenderness towards them.

cooltext129750505189949Playing With Forever – Amy Andrews

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He spun her around and yanked the dress down, leaving it to pool around her ankles, a lace thong the only thing between her and naked.
“Fuck.” His breath hissed out at the sight of her bare breasts, the two pale triangles of flesh glowing like a torch in the subdued light. His gaze locked on the slight swing of them and Juliet’s gut clenched.

So did her sex.

He swooped down, his mouth opening over a nipple and Juliet almost screamed it felt so good. Hot and wet, the suction almost brutal. His hand squeezed the other breast and she arched into it, his fingers pinching the diamond hard tip.

It hurt. It hurt so freaking good.

“This what you want, huh?” He pulled her hips off the wall with his spare hand to fit snug against his body. “Me using you like this?”

His head lowered to her other breast, replacing the pinching with suction, soothing the stinging tip as his fingers tortured the other.

Yes. This. Them using each other. That was what she wanted. What the hell was wrong with that?

“Fuck you,” she panted, her left hand ploughing into his hair, her fingers twisting hard.

He didn’t even flinch and that just made her madder.

She shoved his jacket off his shoulders, pushing it half way down his arms, deliberately restricting the movement of his hands. But his mouth was still free. Free to lick and nip and suck, relentless on her breasts, ravaging them until she thought she might just die from the flood of pleasure and the tiny daggers of pain as he grazed his teeth against the sensitive tips.

She groped in his back pocket for his wallet, pulled it out and quickly located the condom he always stashed there. Blindly, she reached for his fly, not bothering with buttons or press studs, not caring whether his trousers were on or off, just needing access to his cock.

She found the metal tab and reefed it down. He grunted at the noise then groaned as she quickly freed his dick from his underwear. Her nipple slipped from his mouth, his forehead pressed to her chest.

He was smooth and big and lethal and hers and Juliet’s heart sped faster at the thought of him being inside her. “This is what I want.” She ripped the condom open and groped between them, fumbling. A guttural noise of triumph escaped when she finally managed to sheath him.

“Now –” Her hands slid to his hips. “Fuck me, damn it.”

He didn’t need to be told, his hands trapped at her hips, were already rolling her underwear down, pushing the itty bitty thong as far as he could reach before sliding the hard, thick length of his cock through the slickness between her legs.

He notched himself at her entrance and Juliet lifted her leg, gripping his hip with her inner thigh. “Ryder.” She panted into his neck in frustration, rutting against him as he held still, trying to wiggle herself on to him. Her heart was beating so hard she thought it might burst through her chest. “Do it, damn it.”

He did it. Flexed his hips and in one quick thrust, ploughed straight in to the hilt. He groaned and she gasped, her head rocking back against the wall. “Yesss.”

It was perfect. Just right. Just what the raging, frothing she-demon inside her needed. The demon that had driven the stupid argument between them and nothing short of his possession was going to drive her out. Revenge sex had taught Juliet that it wasn’t possible to screw the angry out, but if anyone could, it was Ryder.

She moved restlessly against him as he held himself high inside her. “Again,” she demanded. “More.”

“Christ.” His breath was hot on her neck. “You’re so fucking bossy.”

But he gave her more, his hands clamping hard on her hips, locking them into position, using them for purchase as he pulled out and slammed into her again.

And again. And Again. Over and over.

His hips bucked with precision, like a machine, pistoning in and out, ramming his cock right to the hilt, her entire body jerking with every thrust.

He didn’t try to kiss her. She probably would have bitten him if he had. This wasn’t nice sex. It wasn’t considerate. This wasn’t the kind of sex lovers had. It was two angry people trying to fuck each other into submission.

And she’d never been more turned on in her life.

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