Sex Scene Championship Round Four : Vanessa North Vs Harlie Williams

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Excerpt One 
Vanessa North  : Hostile Beauty 

“Good morning.” Levi’s voice was rough with sleep, and the sound of it was as potent a turn-on as anything Andrew had ever heard. He smiled at Levi, rolling him onto his back. The glint of metal in Levi’s chest beckoned his lips, and Andrew heeded that call, sending his tongue skating across the nipple ring, teasing at it with his teeth before he sucked it into his mouth.

A reedy, gasping sound skipped out of Levi’s throat and he arched off the bed. Andrew smiled, releasing the nipple to kiss his way down Levi’s body. When he reached Levi’s hard, already dripping cock, he nuzzled his face into the place where it slapped against Levi’s belly, inhaling the earthy, musky scent of Levi. His tongue stole out, licking along that silky shaft, and he sucked the bitter-salt pre-come into his mouth. Remembering the glorious blowjob Levi had given him against the door the night before, Andrew determined to pay him back with one just as perfect.

Andrew devoted himself to the task at hand, squeezing and stroking as he sucked and swallowed around Levi’s dick, letting Levi sink both hands into his hair and push him closer. He wanted to drive Levi insane. Pulling back, he slicked one finger with spit and pressed it against Levi’s asshole, sinking it past the tight ring of muscle just as he took Levi’s cock in his mouth again. What he lacked in experience, he made up with enthusiasm, and he hummed in appreciation of finally having this man spread out before him.

A rush of harsh, gasping words spilled from Levi’s mouth, half of which were barely more than incoherent grunts and moans as he fucked forward into Andrew’s face, then back onto his probing finger. A thrill went through Andrew as he found the tight little bump of Levi’s gland and was rewarded by a bitter splash on his tongue. He found a perfect rhythm then, rubbing and sucking as Levi bucked and groaned. The hands in Andrew’s hair tightened and he knew Levi was on the verge of coming. He ignored Levi’s whispered warning, only letting him slide out enough to ensure that Levi’s come would land on his tongue.

Levi’s chest heaved as he tugged Andrew up for a sticky kiss.

“You’re one hell of a cocksucker,” he whispered into Andrew’s ear, palming his dick with one big hand.

Andrew grinned, the praise as exciting to him as the hand now working his cock with a steady stroke. “You make me greedy,” he whispered back, arching into Levi’s hand as heat built with that sweet friction. “I would get hard imagining what you’d taste like. Now, I’ll get hard every time I remember it. God, Levi, it’s so hot the way you grunt and gasp when I suck you down.”

“Fuck, Andrew, you’re gonna make me hard again if you talk dirty like that. Do you want me hard and hot, sliding inside you? I’ll make it good, do you right, make it burn just a little, make you ache when you think about me.”

Levi’s words accelerated Andrew’s climb to orgasm. He let out a low groan and shook from desire as he let Levi’s dirty talk spill over him, imagining how it would feel to let Levi inside at last. Just that flash of fantasy was enough to push him over, the burst of come splattering between them onto Levi’s six-pack abs. Levi kissed Andrew as he stroked him down, teasing with his lips even as his grip loosened and he eventually let go. He swiped a finger through the drops of Andrew’s spunk collecting on his belly and touched it to his tongue, winking at Andrew.

“Guess I need a shower now,” he teased. “Want to scrub my back?”

Excerpt Two 
Harlie Williams : The Couple

Ignoring her plea, he unsnapped her jeans, easing them down her luscious legs and onto the floor. Nibbling his way back up, he stopped by her supple thighs. The aroma of her visibly abundant arousal enchanted him. The scrap of lace she called panties barring his access was soon torn and tossed. With his hands on her waist, he began to lick, nip, and sip from her sumptuous core. The woman was a wildcat as she writhed around under his ministrations. He could tell it was sometime since she’d been tamed and he looked forward to doing just that. He wasn’t going to let her eagerness deter him from his plans though. Bringing her to the edge over and over until she begged for mercy was the first part. Even then, he had no plans to stop. Time and again, he brought her close to orgasm with his tongue on her clit and then pulled away, denying her the release she was desperately begging for. Shoving two fingers into her, she whimpered and pushed her hips up trying to get him to penetrate her further. Her desire only drove him to show her who was in control.

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18 responses to “Sex Scene Championship Round Four : Vanessa North Vs Harlie Williams

  1. Ohhhh Myyyy Excerpt One was soooo HOT that it's cold shower time….I Love heat-producing, drool-worthy ManLove 😉
    I just HAVE to read this Book!!!! I searched EVERYWHERE, I can't find any information on this Book???
    Vanessa North is a new-to-me Author, I LQQked through her Website & Blog for anything listed on this book, "Hostile Beauty", but there was no

  2. Hi Vanessa, thank you for seeing my comment & replying back to me…you sure received my vote as well as giving me HOT flashes 😉 I'll be sure to LQQk for "Hostile Beauty" on Oct. 18th. I'm going to see if you have a Blog sign up or Newsletter to stay informed. Congrats on your Steamy upcoming release!
    Take Care & Stay Naughty,

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