Sex Scene Championship Round Six : Julie Rains Vs Amber Belldene

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Excerpt One 
Julie Rains : Welcome to Dorkville;
His muscles tensed a moment before I was airborne and landing on the pillow soft mattress. Looking at him I could almost see the hunger pulsing through his body. How did I end up in an expensive hotel room with a sex god? He has black hair and chocolate eyes with the dark tanned skin of a Native American. Tall and muscular and all man he is my wettest dream come true. I can’t believe the state of my panties and we’ve only started, this must be a record. If I am honest though, they’ve been soaking wet since I first saw him at the party downstairs. He had been dancing with another woman at the time, if you wanted to call it that. It was closer to fucking and I knew I wanted some. Now I’m in his room watching him melt out of his clothes like they were never there. I openly admire his body nearly crying out when he releases his massive piece of man candy. He is truly perfect, this must be a dream.

I pinch myself, nope definitely awake.

“What was that?” He chuckles as he prowls up the length of the bed to hover over me.

“Just a minor reality check,” I say just before our lips connect in an electric frenzy of hunger and need.

My pulse quickens and my body heats as his hands deftly unzip my slinky black dress and slips it down my body. Before I know it I’m nearly nude, he left my thigh high stockings and fuck me heels in place. His mouth is on my large breasts making my nipples scream for more as his hands find my slick center and the pleasure button that is the key to my undoing. My hips move of their own accord as I cry out my first orgasm of the night.

“My little sex kitten you are a piece of work,” he growls in my ear just as I feel the soft cuffs wrap around my wrists. “This is only the beginning, you know. I’m going to take you places you never imagined tonight, you only have to let me.”

I smile up at him and nod, I can’t even think of talking right now. I feel too much and might say something I’ll regret. He shifts down my body, worshiping it with his hands and mouth as he goes until he reaches the core of my need and spreads my legs wide to accommodate his broad shoulders. I gasp when his mouth engulfs my button and I find my way to another climax.

With wild need he rushes up my body and into me with one swift stroke. Sinking and stretching and feeling like a gift from the gods. We rode the waves of ecstasy with pounding thrusts and a feral need that went deeper than we knew at the time. I wasn’t sure if hours or days past but eventually we slipped into deep sleep, satisfied for now.

Excerpt Two 
Amber Belldene : Blood Entangled

Kos lowered Lena’s feet to the ground and dropped down in front of her. His fingers grazed her supple legs as he slipped her panties down to her ankles. Taking a moment to get under control, he folded them and set them next to her feet.

She gripped her skirt in both her fists so that she was almost entirely bared to him below her waist, but her legs were only slightly parted—like she wasn’t expecting his mouth on her.

Under a tiny triangle of golden curls, her silky skin was lovely. But he wanted to see more, wanted to see her folds, wanted to see right inside her. He could have gazed all day, as if he’d never seen a woman’s sex before. Her skin was softer, her scent sweeter, everything about her was different from other women.

She wriggled under his gaze and he looked up at her. Her brow crinkled with worry. It was so cute.

“Kos, what are you doing?”

She had to know he was going to taste her. It had been ages since he was with a woman who feigned innocence. The nineteen seventies seemed to put an end to that nonsense. He didn’t want an inexperienced woman. It was a huge burden—one wanted to make things special for them. Too much work.

Lena obviously wasn’t an innocent, but she also wasn’t pretending. Maybe years of unmet needs and shame had made her forget this pleasure. He would remind her, lavish her with attention, make her scream and beg.

When he ran his tongue along her seam, she gasped. “Oh my God.”

Her knees bent and he placed her thigh over his shoulder. Finally, she was open to him. He was too close for a proper view, but still he noticed the rosiness, the slickness of her most private skin. Then he licked her everywhere, inside and out. He wished his tongue were longer so he could lick her womb. Yes, that’s where he wanted to be—all the way inside her. He needed more. He began to tease her open with his fingers.

“No!” Her fists clenched in his hair.

“What’s the matter?”

“Not yet. Don’t put your fingers—”

“Sweetheart, I just want to make sure you’re ready.”

“Kos, I want all of you. Don’t get me ready.”

Okay. So, she liked it hard and fast. Not what he would have chosen for her first time in years, but she should have what she wanted.

More pleasure would help. He already knew where she liked his tongue—he delivered long slow strokes and then fast short ones. Her mewls, her breath, the blood pounding in her veins—everything told him how much pressure she liked. Her thighs tensed on either side of his head; she was getting close. He sucked her into his mouth, and just like that, she was coming on his tongue. He held her as her trembles slowly subsided.

“Wow.” Her voice was husky.

With a wriggle, she pulled away. He held her hips, lapping at her. “You taste just like honey.”

All flushed and disheveled, she was gorgeous. And she was still skeptical, like she thought he was sweet-talking her. He stood up to kiss her, knowing she would taste her salt on his lips, but probably not the honey that was already tempting him back between her legs.

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