Sex Scene Championship #SSceneC2015 : C.W. Nightly (@CWNightly ) Vs Tina Christopher (@TinaChristopher )

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cooltext129748819578231Free to Trust : C.W. Nightly

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The leather wrapped around her wrist, the buckles tinkling as his hands worked to secure them. Her pulse jackhammered in ears. Every fiber in her body craved the intense euphoria he released on her when he restrained her. The divine boundaries between pleasure and pain that he paid no regard to, and that shattered her. He repeated the process, checking the binding at each limb until she could barely move. She lowered her cheek to the soft leather.

“Angel, you look gorgeous on my sofa like that.”

He pressed his arm between her legs and against the toy. The sensations became much more intense. Then he let go, and she moaned in disappointment. Her body cried out for the release. Release from the stress, from the worry, from the need for this reconnection with Cole.

She whimpered with need.

“Shh, I’ll let you come. Just not yet. Calm down a little and enjoy.”

His words dripped with promise. The humming between her legs vibrated harder, and at the same time, his fingers began stroking over at her back passage. His touch disappeared a moment but then returned slippery as he pressed against her puckered entrance. Her body parted, allowing his finger to slide past her defenses, and with slow patient strokes he worked her passage open.

“Later, I am going to claim you here too. All of you will belong to me, Kate.”

Her body shivered, his words adding another layer to his seduction of her entire being. She tingled with desire as the familiar lust induced haze settled over her, freeing her of inhibitions, freeing her of guilt, freeing her to submit everything she was to Cole.

A new pressure prodded as he stretched her. She let her eyes drift closed and focused on the new sharper demand. He slipped in what she believed was a plug, pushing forward and retreating, taunting her. With each pass, he pressed a little deeper. She took deep breaths and arched her back, trying to manage the tangle of sensations, somehow needing more. It slipped into place, and his touch disappeared.

Kate shifted her hips, trying to increase the contact of the dancing butterfly, but found herself helpless to affect anything. A strangled moan erupted from somewhere deep inside her while she floated in her cocoon of arousal that overwhelmed everything.

“Angel, I need you to answer me. If you want me to stop something I’m doing, all you need to do is tell me to stop. Do you understand?”

His reminder penetrated the thick fog clouding her thoughts and she nodded her head to affirm she understood.

“No, tell me.”

“Yes, Cole. I understand.” Her voice cracked as she whispered the words on a half moan. The pressure between her legs increased momentarily but then stopped again, bringing her even closer to the sharp edge of climax. He fluttered something over the opening of her sex and over the head of the plug in her ass. She pressed her body further into the teasing sensations needing more. The object disappeared, leaving her desperate, but came down instead on the softskin of her behind.

The slight sting radiated outwards, sending electric shocks to her already throbbing clit. Several more swats rained down over her ass and upper thighs, lighting her whole body on fire. She lay there, mouth open, moaning and panting, seconds from a body-shattering detonation. She craved the next lash with her whole being…but it never came.

The sound of whatever instrument Cole used hitting the floor echoed in the quiet room. Seconds passed without another sound except the hum of the device strapped to her. The sudden rustling of clothes from behind her promised Cole had reached his own limits of torment. His hands stroked over her heated skin, reigniting her fevered need.

“Your pleasure is mine, Angel. I love watching your body vibrate with need. So close and yet so far from what you want. Tonight you may orgasm as many times as you like, but only while I am inside you.”

He pressed the tip of his erection to her delicate folds and thrust forward. Filled beyond words, she raised herself to meet him as much as the restraints allowed. She welcomed him into her core, burying him as deep as her body allowed and urging him to take more. His hands wrapped around her hips, immobilizing her as he glided in and out of her with slow measured strokes.

Her body climbed towards the precipice of pleasure. Lost to anything but the sensations Cole wrung from her. As the heat of her impending orgasm blossomed in her body, everything stopped. The toy, his delicious penetrations…all the sensations disappeared. She groaned as her body clutched fruitlessly, seeking more stimulation, anything that would release this pent-up need.

“Angel, are you okay?”

“Cole, Cole, I need…I need to finish.”

“Of course you do, and you will. And it will be so much better.”

His hand smoothed over the heated skin of her behind again, causing her body to quiver. She released a frustrated groan and tried to relax, but she was coiled too tightly. Her body and her mind ached for the pleasure he could deliver.

“Do you know why we are in this specific scene, Kate?”

“Because I am yours, Cole.”

His deep chuckle filled the quiet room while his hand continued to taunt her, gliding close to but never touching her core.

“Good answer, Kate. God, I love your smart mouth, but that is not correct. You are getting a taste of your own medicine, Angel. The desperate need and helplessness you feel right now is exactly what you did to me when you cut me out.”

A loud crack shattered the silence in the room as his bare hand made contact with her already scorching flesh. So much harder than his earlier licks with the crop. Flashes of heat sped through her followed by tendrils of pleasure as he smoothed over the spot he slapped. After a few seconds, he swatted the other cheek, driving her to the edge but not enough to relieve her.

“I’m sorry, Cole. I’m so sorry.”

The words poured from her mouth and she sobbed them in frenzied urgency. She meantevery syllable to the core of her being. She’d never been sorrier. Sorry for misjudging him, for not trusting him, for not listening to him. But most of all for not communicating with him. This was the apology she couldn’t bring herself to give him, but he enabled her to deliver.

“I’m sorry, Cole,” she whispered, the last words from her heart.

“I know, Angel. This one is for you.”

He slammed his body into hers impaling her on his massive erection. Already overly aroused and reaching, every inch of her sex responded to his possession rocketing her to the first crest of her orgasm. With each powerful stroke, her climax grew until she faced a tidal wave crashing over her, carrying her away. Surrounded and swathed in everything Cole, she floated.

Every movement, designed to push her higher, building the high only he provided.

His strokes gentled and his hand traced the length of her back until he reached the curve of her ass. His fingers traced her cleft and played with the head of the plug.

“This one is for me, Angel.”

The humming over her clit returned stronger than before, sending tremors through her. The plug slipped from her and a new more insistent pressure replaced it. She gulped air as she tried to catch her breath. The pleasure bordered on painful, and the pain bordered on pleasurable. The two sensations collided and created something entirely new.

A strangled cry erupted from her for the second time with the burn of him pushing past the outer ring and into her untried passage. He burrowed deep, stretching her with each shortened thrust. The sudden sting stole her breath but the idea of asking him to stop never crossed her mind. She wanted him to possess her at this moment, needing to be everything to him. Like he was for her.

He slid the last of his length into her and stilled as his pelvis pressed against the tender skin of her ass. For seconds, he didn’t move or speak. Kate continued to pant through the intense stimulation, fighting the second orgasm that threatened to overwhelm her.

“You feel so fucking good like this, Angel. I need to just feel you for a minute. I feel you clenching, but wait for me. Hold it off.”

A pressure continued to build at her core. A force of its own, over which she had absolutely no control, threatened to shatter her. When he withdrew and plunged back into her body, the tension peaked and her orgasm barreled into her, contorting her body and ripping strangled screams from her throat. Her body pulled at the restraints while her pleasure-suffused cries filled her own ears, blocking out everything else.

Her body clenched as spasm after spasm wracked her, until her muscles softened. The darkness of unconsciousness closed in on her, swallowing the words she wanted to say. Blackness stole her sight and hearing as she let go, reassured she could trust everything to Cole.



Diringibles Are Forever – Tina Christopher
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 Holly pressed the speaking tube against her chest as he used the hot moist washcloth to clean away the marks of their lovemaking. She wanted to moan when he rubbed the rough cloth across her sensitive inner thighs. He pulled a second towel out of his back pocket and stroked the dry fabric in the wake of the wet.

Then he leaned forward and kissed the skin he’d just cleaned.

Her head fell back and the speaking tube dropped out of her hand. He retrieved the tube and passed it to her. His complete silence and knowing smile elevated the tension.

She had no idea what he planned.

And it excited her beyond belief.

Jack gently pushed her legs wider and kissed his way from her knee to the curve where hip and thigh met. He licked the crease where her leg ended and her pelvis began. She’d never known how sensitive that stretch of skin was.

When he pressed the moist towel directly onto her pussy, she jerked and whimpered. Her hand clenched around the speaking tube. The wet heat after the cool room air was a shock, but an exciting one.

Jack slowly pushed one finger covered in the cloth inside her, cleaning her thoroughly. The slightly rough material scraped along her inside walls, raising the sensitivity level higher and higher.

He moved his finger back and forth and her arousal skyrocketed. He pulled his cloth-covered finger out and dropped the towel. Then he leaned forward and blew on her.

Her hips jolted and she screamed.

Jack held her hips down and licked her pussy from one end to the other.

Noise echoed in Holly’s ears, but she couldn’t place it until he lifted her hand still holding the speaking tube.

Holly froze. Heat filled her cheeks. It was the navigator of the Nimrod shouting in her ear. She thrust a hand into Jack’s hair, trying to make him stop, but he only disentangled her hand and held it to the side. “Jack.” She gestured with the speaking tube, reminding him they weren’t completely private.

But he continued to lick her opening, making her wetter and wetter. Holly wanted nothing more than to turn off the Long Range Visualization Terminal, but she couldn’t in good conscience do that. And with the speaking tube in her other hand, she had no way to make him stop.

Jack licked across her clit, freeing it from the protective skin cover.

She pushed her hips into his face and panted, desperately trying to even out her breathing so the Nimrod wouldn’t notice anything. She swallowed and lifted the tube. “Nimrod, this…this is…is Tower One—Oh Lord! “

Jack tapped her bundle of sensitive nerves with his tongue and she lost all concentration. He pulled back the tiniest bit and looked up from between her splayed thighs. “I believe they require coordinates.”

She clenched the speaking tube against her chest again. “Stop while I talk to them. I can’t focus while you do this.”

One brow rose, and his smile turned dark. “No,” he said and went back to licking her.

She slumped against the back of her chair, sinking her teeth into her lower lip to keep the excited moan from escaping her. She should be shocked, should be pushing him away and assisting the Nimrod with her landing.

But a part of her, a part she had never seen before, was excited at the picture of them. The picture of her talking on the speaking tube, giving the dirigible instructions, pretending everything was in order while at the same time Jack licked and sucked her in the most intimate manner.

Her core was so wet. The calling in her ears grew louder.

She swallowed and lifted the speaking tube once again. “Nimrod, this is Tower One. Ap-apologies for the…the intermittent connection. W-we are having transference issues…issues due to the b-bad weather. Jack.” The last word escaped her before she could drop the tube.

He thrust his tongue inside her and used it like a cock. A wet, muscular cock.

Holly forced her eyes open again. She grabbed a handful of Jack’s hair and pulled. He gazed up at her. She swallowed. “I love every single thing you are doing.” He gave her clit a quick lick, making her moan. “Lord, do I love it. But I need you to stop for just a moment.” She tightened her grip when he was about to shake his head. “Just…just while I give them the coordinates. It’s their safety at stake.”

He studied her for a moment and nodded. “Do it.”

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