Sex Scene Championship #SSceneC2015 : Chie Alemán (@ChieAleman ) vs Heather Long (@HVLong )

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cooltext129748819578231In/Exhale (Online Fiction Season One) – Chie Alemán

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Neither of them said a word the rest of the trip, and Nikki had been convinced Kai was going to drop her off and drive into the night. Instead, she found herself thrown up against her apartment door, Kai leaning into her, kissing her hungrily, bracing himself with one hand, the other roaming her body feverishly.

He pressed against her, and she sunk into his touch, the taste of his mouth, her fingers fumbling at the buttons of his shirt. Kai broke the kiss to nip at the base of her neck, the delicate skin of her shoulder, tentative bites in a line from her ear to her arm. She squirmed, slipping his shirt off one arm at a time, tossing it away and lolling her head to one side to expose herself to him. He sucked at the skin, licking the marks with his tongue, his breath hot and warm against her.

His hand gripped her hip hard enough to leave bruises; she knew if she asked him to back off he would, but she didn’t. She’d never seen him like this: so hungry, possessive; it was incredibly sexy. She moaned as he continued to swipe his tongue over her skin, a powerful yet delicate tingle coursing through her body. Her fingers smoothed over his bare chest, nearly hairless, falling into his sternal scar.

Together, they unbuttoned her dress, and she let it fall away from her, leaving her naked. He pulled back to admire her, still bracing himself with one arm, the fingers of his opposite hand trailing lightly over her skin, down through the soft space between her breasts, over her belly, finding the beginning of the tattoo that curled around her navel.

A phoenix, brilliant red-and-orange flames and feathers contrasting sharply against her pale skin. They were breathing in unison, eyes filled with lust as his touch trailed along the tattoo toward the small, neat landing strip of hair nestled above her slit. His index finger traced it, dipping down.

“You let those fuckers finger fuck you?” His voice was nearly a growl.

Her only answer was a laugh, deep and throaty.

He pressed into her, grip shifting to an arm, head bent, eyebrows furrowed. “Bed. Now.”

She stared into his eyes, grown dark and steely, like the sky before a storm, and licked her lips. Once his grip released, she dashed off toward the bed, stopping only to grab a condom before hopping onto the mattress with a bounce, spreading her legs for him, propping herself up with two hands, knowing she had to watch him, uncertain of exactly what he would do next, but excited rather than nervous.

Kai approached her, determined, but visibly favoring his right leg. Nikki observed him, touching herself absently, her head tilted slightly back. She resisted the urge to moan for him; most guys loved noise, but she could see in the fierceness of Kai’s gaze that tonight would be pure and raw without excess. When he stopped at the foot of the bed, she inched forward, wiping a cunt-moistened finger on his belly before popping open his jeans and sliding them and his boxers down, down, toward his ankles.

Before she could say or do anything, he pushed her back onto the bed and crawled on top of her, pants around his ankles. He could easily crush her, but he kept most of his weight on his hands as he leaned forward toward her ear.

“Bite me,” he breathed, the arch of his neck hovering over her mouth.

His body bobbed slightly with each inhalation, his cock rubbing at her leg. She wrapped an arm around the back of his neck, pulling him closer, tasting him, sucking the skin before biting, just hard enough to leave a mark. She could see the red rim from her teeth in the dim light. He groaned and managed an awkward thrust, grazing the skin of her thigh.


She steadied his body, shifted her mouth down, and bit again, this time harsher; he grunted, but she didn’t relent, clamping down until she tasted iron, pulling back and licking at the blood. Not being exclusive, she knew she shouldn’t, but she couldn’t resist. They’d played a little rough before–a nip or two here, a twist of a nipple there–but never anything hardcore. Nikki’d done it before, not like that was really her scene, but right now she’d do just about anything he wanted.

He shifted, tried to press toward her; he was harder now; she could feel him.

“Fuck,” he said in frustration.

She felt blindly for the little foil packet, tearing it open and tossing it aside, then lightly stroked him before rolling it on. He rarely topped her, not like this, but she was ready for him.

Nikki spread her legs, grabbed him, pulling him in and biting down forcefully on his opposite shoulder, sinking her teeth in until he arched his back and sank inside her. She held the bite, digging in her teeth before finally letting go.

He let out a low moan, shifting his hips, pulling himself deeper with his arms. She wrapped her legs around him, pressing him against her, aiding his movements. Fuck, this feels fantastic, she thought, eyeing the thin stream of blood filming over his skin near the marks on each shoulder.

“Kai–” she said, smoothing a palm over his chest, her other pressed against his back–anything to draw him closer.

“Don’t. Just don’t,” he said through clenched teeth, echoing his earlier comments from the car, dipping his head.

She could smell the sweat, nearly taste it, expecting it to drip off the tip of his nose onto her face. Nikki rocked her hips up against his, squeezing his cock, moving with him, pulling him toward and away from her, reveling in the sweet hum of friction between them. Seeing him like this made the party worth it, she thought, two fingers tracing over his pecs and finding a nipple, squeezing it hard between them, making him emit a loud, low grunt. His stomach spasmed, his elbows faltered as he rode out his orgasm.


Rogue Wolf : Heather Long
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Troubled, she glanced over her shoulder to find Salvatore a pace behind her. Despite his patience, his desire cloaked him in a tantalizing musk. Another whine worked its way up her throat, but she snapped her teeth rather than give into it. Mating required a choice, and the worst of it was—she wanted to choose. The law said she couldn’t, and she enforced those laws.

Her wolf didn’t give a damn about the laws or the rules. All it understood was the male gazing at them, waiting for them. This male was a fine, wonderful man and they could have him. All they had to do was act. If they acted, they violated the law and signed her death warrant.

Some choices were worth making. Releasing her wolf, she let the fur slide away and the transformation take her, utterly confident in Salvatore’s protection. Her shift took far longer than his, but when she finally knelt before him, she had her answer.

Raising her chin, she met his gaze. “Outside, would work for me.”

The corner of his mouth kicked a little higher, though a trace of disappointment slipped over his expression.


No sooner did the word leave her lips than he pounced and she was in his arms. His mouth slammed onto hers. Possession stamped every motion of his lips on hers. When his tongue swept across the seam of her lips, demanding entrance she opened to him. Every defense she possessed shattered under the onslaught.

He’d warned her all she had to do was say the word, and he’d meant it. His fingers dug into her hips and lifted her so his thick cock could rub against her sex. Exquisitely sensitive from her shift, she wanted to arch a little higher and take him in one wild thrust—to hell with play. When she attempted to put thought to action, however, Salvatore broke the kiss and unwound her from him.

Setting her on her feet, he wrapped his arm around her middle and pulled her back to his chest. His teeth grazed her ear and then his trail of kisses went to her throat. The hard press of his cock against her ass and his teeth on her throat—panic fluttered in her belly and her heart hammered until she thought it might slam its way free from her chest.

Every glide of his tongue against her skin sent another wave of heat to her sex. She gripped his forearm, but he stroked his fingers over her belly before gliding up to cup her breast. Her nipples tightened, the ache unfurling with electric speed.

“I want to sink my cock into you,” Salvatore murmured against her throat, his tone dark and sensual. “I want to thrust into you until your body comes apart around me, and you are blind to all but the feel of me taking you.”

His hips bumped forward and the stiff length of his cock rubbed against her ass. She parted her lips and all that came out was a groan. Her pussy clenched, imagining the heated length of him filling her. Catching her nipple between his thumb and forefinger, he gave her a little twist and she trembled. Liquid heat rushed between her thighs.

“I want to be gentle, but you don’t want gentle do you, bella?” His teeth scraped against her skin, and she leaned into him, rubbing against the cock she longed to have inside of her. “No, you are a fierce, vibrant wolf who needs to know she is taken, aren’t you?”

Her mouth watered at the images he painted. His dominance wasn’t in question. She was only on her feet because he held her there. A part of her wanted to take her time, explore the gentle offer he intimated. The rest of her wanted him, swift and furious, while he pounded his scent into her skin.

The nip of his teeth to her shoulder combined with his fingers massaging her breast threatened to drive her mad. “Nothing to say, bella?” He teased her and his free hand smoothed over her hip. He’d already stroked her sex once, caressed her to orgasm with his fingers alone.

Swallowing hard she raised her arms, reaching behind her to slide her fingers into his hair and arching her head to bare her throat. “Stop teasing me…” The words came out broken. “Please, Salvatore.”

Hooking his fingers against her sex, he gave her clit a hard pinch and pleasure welled up at the harsh touch. “Anything you want, bella.” The last words he whispered before he nipped her shoulder. The teeth sank into her but didn’t draw blood, and she ground her ass against his cock, almost desperate. Everything was so sensitized. Even the skin of his chest against her back was like an erotic caress. He continued to circle her clit until she didn’t know whether to writhe or scream. Captive to his carnal torture, she wasn’t prepared for the first orgasm to crash over her or the second.

When his hands fell away from her, she was bereft. Then she went to her knees as the arm around her middle lowered her. Turning, she wanted to show him the same affection, but his hand fisted her hair. She glanced up and saw pure gold in his silver-ringed eyes, all wild predator and powerful Alpha.

“Not this time,” he all but growled. She understood the demand. He kept her back to him for his control, not hers. He needed it as much as he needed her surrender. Obedience wasn’t in her nature nor was submission. She never felt the urge to give into another wolf, not even the more powerful ones. They could wield their power, force her to obey, but he’d earned her willingness.

Dropping her gaze she went to her hands and knees and arched her hips toward him in invitation. For Salvatore, she could give him every inch he needed. Awareness of him swept aside every other instinct. Bowing her head, she curved her spine, utterly vulnerable to him.

He released her hair then glided his fingers down her spine. Closing her eyes, she concentrated on his scent, his actions, his touch, and the harsh sound of his breathing. He was a wolf on the edge, and she’d driven him there—she and the wild craving between them. The soft weight of his knees hitting the grass reverberated through her. He gripped her hips and she fought the call to raise her head. Utter submission, it was all she could offer him if he wouldn’t allow her to return his caresses with her own.

The tip of his cock brushed her entrance, and a moan slipped free. An unfamiliar quivering began at the base of spine. Another stroke as he rubbed the head of his cock from her too sensitive clit to her entrance, so slick with need she wanted to thrust backward and take him inside. His fingers dug into her hip, halting her action. He pulled away then she felt his teeth on her ass and she cried out.

Power shimmered over her, he wanted her to stay still and though he didn’t say the words, he didn’t have to. She’d tried to take what she wanted, and he denied her. His lips massaged the spot he’d bitten and her core went pure molten. The scent of their desire bloomed under the night sky, filling her lungs with pure animal heat and musk. All she could scent was him.

Kissing a trail along the base of her spine, he slid his hand between her legs and began toy with her. Another whimper left her throat and he chuckled. “So stubborn, bella. So hungry.”

Her teeth snapped together.

Bella, bella, bella.” The rawness in his voice combined with his fingers dancing against her clit, stroking her, threatened to tear apart her control. Her claws broke free and she dug them into the earth in her fight to stay still, to not thrust against the finger he eased into her.

She didn’t want his hand. She wanted…

“Enough,” he whispered, his lips so close to her ear. “No more teasing, bella. I promise.” Then his cock slammed into her and she loosed a howl, the thickness of his dick stretched her to the point of pain and yet she came with a shuddering jolt, her orgasm ripping from her without any semblance of control.

Good to his word, he stopped teasing her. He thrust with force and demand, every glide in and out of her a wicked reminder of his ownership. She half-expected to feel his teeth at her throat, his bite to take her even as his body drilled into her over and over. When the next orgasm crashed down, she didn’t fight it and threw her head back to howl. His fingers tangled in her hair and his mouth took hers in a kiss as he growled his release.

The world shattered and she went to pieces, collapsing back in on herself only to feel him wrapped around her, inside of her and with her. Shaking from the force of it, she clung to him as he stroked her hair and murmured to her in Italian. She didn’t know the words or what they meant. All she knew was Salvatore had her and she didn’t want him to let her go.

She was so screwed.

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