Sex Scene Championship #SSceneC2015 : Evelyn Shepherd (@eveeshepherd ) vs Allie Ritch (@AllieRitch )

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            Was she really doing this? It felt like her body was possessed. She was hot all over. Her heart thumped erratically. Zelda shifted in her seat, trying to find a comfortable position. Pytor studied her from across the table, his cobalt eyes smoldering. She pressed her foot against his groin, rubbing his hardening cock with her toes.

The fact that anyone could catch them made her pussy wet. She glanced around the restaurant, checking to see if anyone noticed her motions. The tablecloth draped to the floor, providing the perfect cover.

Zelda rolled her foot up, digging her heel into Pytor and rotating her foot clockwise. Pytor’s breathing shortened.

“We’ll,” Pytor said, slightly tense, “have to fix that.”

He removed her foot, to her bafflement. Zelda opened her mouth, ready to ask what was wrong, when Pytor pushed his chair back. “My napkin fell.”

The single sentence sounded so ridiculous that she almost called him on it, but then he vanished beneath the table in a flash. In the back of her mind an alarm went off, saying this wasn’t a good idea. If they got caught, there could be serious repercussions—for both her and Pytor. But rational thought vanished when Pytor—hidden by the thick white tablecloth—slid his hands up her bare legs and pushed her skirt up her thighs.

A shudder ran through her. Her labia tingled, swelling with arousal. Zelda picked up her wineglass and took a drink, trying her damndest to look casual.

Pytor slowly kissed up her inner thigh. She resisted the urge to squeeze her legs together as Pytor scraped his teeth against her upper thigh. For the sake of normalcy, Zelda forced herself to take a bite of food. She nearly choked on the breadstick when Pytor wrapped his lips around her clitoris through her panties.

Zelda grabbed onto the edge of the table. He pressed his broad tongue against her swollen nub. Fire bloomed inside her stomach. She closed her eyes, trying to concentrate on not moaning, and forced herself to take another sip of water.

Pytor licked at her, alternating between small kitten strokes and long broad swipes. Each stroke of his tongue caused her legs to quiver. The waiter appeared with their salads. He set one in front of her and one at Pytor’s empty spot. Zelda almost said he was in the bathroom, when the waiter asked, “Would you like another glass of wine?”

Pytor pulled her underwear aside. His hot breath hit her moist lips. Zelda smiled shakily at the waiter and said, “Yes, please.” She lilted at the end of ‘please’, caught by surprise when Pytor’s searing tongue licked her exposed clit.

The waiter took no notice and walked off. Pytor gripped her thigh, his rough hand massaging her muscles as he lapped at her. Pressure built deep inside Zelda. She shifted, and Pytor moved her leg so it draped over his shoulder, giving him better access to her cunt. She bit back a moan.

Pytor slid his tongue down, drawing a path from the button of her clit to her clenching hole. His tongue pierced her, and her eyes grew wide, pleasure exploding in her gut. Zelda shuddered, the hand gripping the side of table slipping.

The waiter returned, brandishing a bottle of wine. Pytor fucked her with his tongue, using his free hand to stroke her clit. A cry built in the back of Zelda’s throat. She was so close. She could feel her orgasm barreling ahead.

The waiter refilled her glass. “Would the gentleman like another beer?”

Zelda glanced at Pytor’s draft, which was only half filled. “Ah, I don’t think—so…oh.”

She clamped her mouth shut tightly. The first tiny climatic detonation began. Pytor stopped tongue-fucking her and clamped his mouth over her clit and sucked, creating an excruciating seal.

The waiter eyed her, and she hoped he couldn’t read the guilt on her face. “Your food should be out shortly,” He said and thankfully left.

Zelda picked up her napkin and covered her mouth like she was coughing, trying to muffle the moan that leaked out of her. Her orgasm slammed into her, her inner walls convulsing as Pytor sucked her off. She tightened her one leg around him, pulling him closer.

When her climax subsided, she slid her leg down. Pytor licked her oversensitive nub a few more times and cleaned her tangy juices from her lips. Zelda whimpered and squirmed. He placed a feathery light kiss against her clit one last time, then slid her panties back into place and pulled her skirt down.

Zelda struggled to catch her breath, face burning. She took a long gulp of wine.

Pytor rose from under the table, brandishing his napkin. He flashed a cheeky grin, his lips glistening with her fluid. “Satisfied now?” He cleaned his mouth.

cooltext129750505189949Drinking Partner – Allie Ritch

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Her gums grew tender as her fangs descended. She opened her mouth around his other nipple and let the very points prick him on either side.

“Alex!” Lucas said her name on a gasp. “Take what you need. Sink your pretty fangs into me.”

Oh, she intended to, but not quite yet. She wasn’t done playing.

Alex kept her bite light, only piercing him enough to draw twin beads of blood. Then she pulled back and watched his face as she licked each drop with the very tip of her tongue.

“You’re such a tease.” His voice was rough, but judging by his expression, he enjoyed the foreplay.

His cock was certainly happy about it. His shaft rose high and straight and proud from its nest of dark curls. The plump head was flushed, and a pearl of precum gathered at his slit. If she listened closely, she could hear his blood racing through the engorged organ.

Lucas was strong enough he could have taken control from her at any time, yet he stayed where he was, pressed against the shower wall as she knelt at his feet. Although she was the one in a position of supplication, she felt an intoxicating sense of power. Whatever other agendas Lucas might have, she knew his desire for her was honest.

Alex took the evidence of that desire in her hand and stroked it from root to crown. She sipped the drop of precum from the tip and rolled the bitter taste on her tongue. Did all women enjoy a man’s flavor as much as she did, or had she developed a different palate since becoming a vampire? If blood was nourishment, then this man’s essence had to be the equivalent of some exotic dessert.

More precum spurted from him under her ministrations. She licked his cock clean but refused to devour him. Instead she continued her torment by working licks and kisses down his shaft and then sucked on his balls. He made a guttural sound that caused a flood of moisture to gush from her pussy.

Bloodlust and animal lust fought for supremacy as her stomach muscles tightened and tension coiled in her womb. She let convenience dictate which would be satisfied first. With her face between his legs, she couldn’t miss the steady thump-thump of his femoral artery. She turned from his sac and sank her fangs into his inner thigh like he’d done to her last night.

His blood was like ambrosia. Layer upon layer of flavor hit her, each more complicated than the one before. She felt like she could taste his personality in his blood. Wine connoisseurs could probably describe it with panache: a bold bouquet with dark undertones and a smooth finish.

Lucas cried out and went rigid. She thought at first she’d bitten too hard and hurt him, but then she felt a warm splash that wasn’t from the showerhead. He was coming.

Alex waited until he was done before she withdrew her fangs and sealed the wounds. She felt almost drunk, though whether that was from his blood or the satisfying triumph of having made him lose control, she wasn’t sure. Her sex was so sensitive that just getting to her feet sent zingers of sensation through her clit. She wanted his cock inside her, but if he needed time to recover—

Lucas swung her around toward the opposite wall of the shower. Her hands hit the cold, smooth wall, and she found her nose pressed to the tile. The spray of water fell full force on her back, and his fingers bit into her hips where he held her in place. She felt the hard knob of his cock kiss her opening, which was the only warning she got before he tunneled inside her with a steady push.

He was huge! His dick felt every bit as long and fat tonight as it had this morning. Her vampire healing had ensured she wasn’t sore, but it was still a tight fit. If he’d been any bigger, he would have hurt her. Instead he filled her to capacity and seemed to know just how to angle his shaft to hit the sweet spot deep inside her.

“There are benefits to sleeping with an older man,” he informed her.

Alex squeezed her eyes shut and shoved back against him. “Especially one with a young man’s recovery time.”

Lucas’s chuckle sounded salacious.

She yelped when he withdrew and slammed back in. The head of his cock rang some secret cluster of nerves, and the slap of his balls against her backside was a tactile reminder of his potency. His second thrust was as slow and deep as the first, and then he really got going.

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