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cooltext129748819578231Julie Rowe – Deadly Strain 

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 His mouth was hard and hot on hers, his tongue stroking past her lips, his taste waking something cold and alone inside her.

So good.

Oh God, no kiss had ever felt this good before.

A voice in the back of her head whispered that this was bad. This would change things between them.

A whip of pleasure silenced the voice, blinded her to everything else, and she kissed him back, groaning, needing this connection to the real world. To him. Her hips rocked against the erection confined to his pants and she lapped up the growl that came out of him as a result.

“Grace.” He jerked her closer, pressing her pelvis against him with one hand on her lower back as he rocked upward.

She wanted that.

She needed him. Now. Her hands clawed at his body armor, trying to rip it off. When that didn’t work she shimmied backward far enough to work her hand between them to find the long length of his cock, then squeezed.

He wrenched his head away, breathing hard. “Fuck.

Grace nipped and sucked at his neck, but his hands pushed her away so he could catch her gaze with his.

“Grace, honey, slow down,” he crooned to her.

She blinked, desire a fog clouding her mind. “What?”

“Tell me you’re with me, sweetheart.” His words were spoken with the same gentleness a man might use to coax a wary animal or small child.

The fog lifted and reality, with all its cold, harsh truths, intruded.

They’d survived a helicopter crash, killed extremists who would have killed them, and there was no guarantee they would survive the next twenty-four hours, let alone get rescued.

Oh, and her best friend turned out to kiss like something out of her most intimate fantasies.

She still had his cock in her hands.

She stroked him through his clothing. “I don’t want to slow down or stop.” She did it again and got a groan out of him. “Are you with me?”

“Oh, holy fuck, yes,” he hissed between gritted teeth.

She nibbled on his neck again and was rewarded with hands cupping her ass, his fingers curving under her bottom and stroking her through her pants.

Her breathing had become as ragged as her pulse. What he was doing with his fingers had to be illegal.

“What,” he growled into her ear, “will get you off?”

At that moment, he stroked over her, his fingers finding her clit through her clothes, his thumb rimming the sensitive tissues of her body. It didn’t matter that there were several layers of clothing between them. It felt like they were skin to skin.

She shuddered and whispered in his ear, “Penetration.”

He reacted like she’d shocked him with an electrode. He jerked her up and took her mouth in a kiss so carnal she was surprised they hadn’t self-combusted. His tongue fucked her mouth while his hands shifted her back until he could open her pants and get his hand down the front of them. His fingers found her clit and began to circle it.

Then he put the other one down the back of her pants. One long finger entered her and began fucking her hard and fast.

She ground and rocked against him until she thought she was going to lose her mind. The orgasm that resulted blew every circuit she had.

He was still kissing her when she finally came down from the high enough to recognize it was his turn to lose it.

She sucked his tongue into her mouth, opened his pants and took him in hand. Not a small job. He filled her palm, a handful and then some, his length a delicious tease.

He growled into her mouth, took over the kiss, and his hands were everywhere. Touching her, grasping her, making her wish they were naked in a bed with a locked door between them and the rest of the world.

When he came, his whole body shook, his head falling back as he gave himself over to it. She stroked him until the shaking stopped.

His head came down and he looked at her like she was someone he’d never seen before. “Penetration, huh?”

His question cleared the haze clouding her mind.

“Oh my God,” she breathed. She was plastered to him, his taste in her mouth, his lips so close to hers she could feel every breath he exhaled on her face. Her hand full of his cock. “We just…”

cooltext129750505189949D.K. Silver. – Like Thunder

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Like thunder, the sound of my whip cracked in the air, potent as lightning. A trail of red marked her body. Her voice lifted and shattered like glass. This was my perfect storm; my exquisite wife, her delicate wrists bound, her arms tethered above her head, her legs spread and sex open for Davi, my sometimes lover. He closed his lips against her swelling clit, pulling her glistening pearl closer as the whip rained down on her white skin.

Crystal bucked and twisted, the combination of pain and pleasure soaring through her. Davi lifted his mouth from her beautiful pussy when I dropped the whip to the floor. Focused on me now, he stared as I unbuttoned my fly. As much as he enjoyed loving my wife, I was the eye of his storm. I had the power to rip them apart by merely turning away and blowing out of town. But that wasn’t going to happen, not tonight.

“Davi, stand behind my wife and ease your cock between her sweet thighs.” Hugging them both, my cock slid alongside his, our embrace lifting her off her feet—a wave of heated sweat sluiced down our bodies, erotic and messy like a wet dream.

It has taken much effort and many years to create my world so I have control. I’m not the storybook control freak you read about, that’s for neophytes; I don’t tell my wife what to wear or how to sit, I don’t need to. We’ve been simpatico from our first meeting-that has been our guide.

Because I can, without warning I shifted upward, my cock teasing Davi’s asshole as I leaned back to cup my wife’s breasts.

“Padrao, por favor!” groaned Davi.

“Please what? What do you want?”

“Padrao, I’ve waited so long for you to come back. I want your cock in my mouth, in my ass; I want you. Please don’t make we wait any longer.”

“Mmm, Davi, waiting intensifies pleasure. My sweet kitten is just learning how denial works; she’s a fast learner, a very apt student.” To make my point I stepped away, a ghost of a smile on my lips as they listed towards me. Frustrated, Davi hugged Crystal tighter, squeezing her breast with one hand, palming his cock with the other, thrusting it along her heated seam.

“Jon,” purred Crystal. “Jon, it’s—please touch me,” she begged.

“Oh baby I plan to, believe me. But right now I’m so hard for you both, the view so spectacular; Davi pinching your nipples while thumping his hot cock on your clit. I could cum now just watching, but I won’t and neither will you.”

I placed a chair behind Davi.


With rapt attention, their gaze followed me as I stretched, reaching up to unbind Crystal’s wrists from the knotted rubber loops at the ceiling; she gazing into my eyes while Davi focused on the metronome motion of my cock as I walked to my metal chair.

Sitting opposite them toe to toe with Davi, I spread my legs and took my cock in hand. I stared at her pert tits, her round derriere pushed up against Davi’s firm belly while his glorious cock pulsed against her swollen sex.

“Fuck, Padrao,” growled Davi, scrubbing his hands over his face. “Crystal— he is trying to kill me, making me wait, the way he teases.”

She laughed. “Can that happen, being teased to death?”

“Ah, sweet Crystal, you have yet to experience how lethal a tease can be. Davi, tip her forward, but hold her shoulders so she can suck my cock. You’re going to wait for yours.”

Crystal shuddered in Davi’s grasp, rubbing her clit along his stiff shaft. All the while she sucked me down, Davi stared at me licking his lips, waiting for his turn.

“That’s right sweetheart, just like that, take it in, deeper.” Weaving her long hair through my fingers, the fragrance of her damp hair, her glistening skin and her luscious sex filled my nostrils. Davi was so turned on he looked lost. “How does it feel to have my bride squirm beneath you, hear her suck me deeper down her throat? You remember how it feels to have me in your mouth. You know I love to play the voyeur and right now, as she’s eating me, I’m getting fucking harder just watching you writhe.”

Groaning, Davi leaned toward me, practically prostrating his body onto Crystal’s back, begging for more. Reaching for Davi’s chin, I pulled him closer, breathing into his open mouth.

“Jon, beija me, kiss me!” Davi moaned as the kiss landed, our tongues meeting, setting me on the edge of control.

Breaking the kiss, I lifted Crystal’s head from my cock, her lips deliciously ripe, her hair wild. I forced myself to push them both away from me and strode over to the low settee at the fireplace. I leaned against one of the armrests, my feet firmly planted, my legs straddling the seat.

“Crystal,” I said, “come here, knees on the cushion, hands on my thighs. Davi, I want you to slip behind my wife and fuck her. I want to see you, I want to hear you, I want to watch you as you plow through her wet heat. I want you to keep your eyes on me as you fuck her hard and if I cum, maybe I’ll stop teasing and give you what you want.”

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